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8 Best Dog Goggles & Sunglasses – 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

Codee Chessher

By Codee Chessher

dog with googles

Sunglasses and goggles are some of the silliest, goofiest, yet most photogenic accessories any dog can wear. They’re also super-practical to protect your dog’s eyes from harmful direct sunlight—those UV rays are just as harmful for canine eyes as they are for humans. No matter where your dog goes with you, high-quality eyewear is a must to keep their eyes in tip-top condition.

Some dogs are more susceptible to visual conditions caused by strong UV rays, like pannus in German Shepherds,1 and eye protection can help keep them safe. The other most notable benefit is that they physically defend your dog’s eyes from sand, dirt, wind, pool chemicals, questionable pond/lake water, and other debris.

Simply put, daring dog adventurers demand the best in eyewear. To help you decide what type of dog sunglasses or goggles are the perfect fit for your dog, we’ve reviewed and compiled the very best dog eyewear you can order today.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Doggles ILS Goggles Doggles ILS Goggles
  • Deep, wide, and comfortable padded eye cups
  • Can change the lenses
  • Shatterproof and fog-resistant
  • Best Value
    Second place
    NVTED Dog Sunglasses NVTED Dog Sunglasses
  • Weather resistant
  • Adjustable straps ensure a snug fit
  • Affordable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Namsan Dog Goggles Namsan Dog Goggles
  • Snug, wraparound-style goggles
  • Protect from wind, rain, debris, dust, snow, and more
  • UV400 lenses protect against 99% of harmful UV rays
  • QUMY Dog Sunglasses QUMY Dog Sunglasses
  • Easy to use
  • Protects against sun, fogging, and some moisture
  • Affordable
  • Enjoying Dog Sunglasses Enjoying Dog Sunglasses
  • Fully enclosed eye cup design
  • Two adjustable straps help keep the glasses snug
  • Strong UV resistance
  • The 8 Best Dog Goggles & Sunglasses

    1. Doggles ILS Goggles– Best Overall

    Doggles ILS Goggles

    Size: Medium
    Material: Tinted polycarbonate with elastic band
    Features: UV-resistant, fog-resistant, shatterproof lenses, padded eye cups, wide nose bridge

    Doggles makes some of the best eye protection for dogs out there, and they top our list today with this blue pair of ILS goggles. The ILS stands for interchangeable lens system, which allows you to change out lenses for darker or even prescription lenses at a whim. That means you can switch out clear lenses for improving night vision, dark ones for bright, sunny days, and prescription lenses for visually impaired dogs—major value for a single pair of goggles!

    We’re also big fans of the wide, deep padded eye cups, which give your dog a more comfortable and wide view compared to many other visually restricting eyewear. This pair is designed for medium-sized dogs, though there’s a wide nose bridge for various snout shapes. The elastic band is comfortable, but many reviews note that determined or untrained dogs can shake the goggles off quite easily.

    • Deep, wide, and comfortable padded eye cups
    • Can change the lenses
    • Shatterproof and fog-resistant

    • Eye cups might be too large for smaller breeds
    • Elastic band is lackluster

    2. NVTED Dog Sunglasses– Best Value

    NVTED Dog Sunglasses

    Size: Medium or Large
    Material: Polycarbonate lenses with durable PVC body
    Features: Adjustable chin and neck straps, vent holes to prevent fogging

    The best dog goggles for your money are the NVTED Dog Sunglasses, with a snazzy mirror-like appearance and reasonably sturdy construction. The lenses are strong polycarbonate plastic with shatter, water, and fog resistance, and 100% UV protection for those killer rays of sunshine. The body is your average PVC plastic, but the frame is specifically designed with padding to reduce pressure on your dog’s face—perfect for ensuring a comfy fit. The adjustable chin and neck straps up the ante in that department as well.

    The downsides are that several user reviews indicate the nose bridge is very narrow for wide dog faces, and that the soft frame isn’t as cushy as advertised. Their durability is also in question, considering the low price. Still, they’re a solid budget pick that does the job if your dog needs eyewear in a pinch.

    • Weather resistant
    • Adjustable straps ensure a snug fit
    • Affordable

    • Questionable durability
    • Frame may not be as soft as advertised
    • Narrow nose bridge

    3. Namsan Dog Goggles – Premium Choice

    Namsan Dog Goggles

    Size: Large
    Material: Flexible TPE frame, UV400 lenses
    Features: Windproof wraparound design, vented holes for moisture mitigation & dust protection

    If you want something a little pricier, Namsan Dog Goggles are a top-notch choice to clad your canine against all sorts of outdoor elements. Snow, rain, dust, and water alike are minimized by the wraparound design, and vented holes across the top and bottom of the frame help stop fogging. The lenses themselves are made of stout UV400 plastic, which stops 99% of UV rays in their tracks. It also helps protect from wind, like when your dog wants to look out the window.

    On the flip side, we don’t like that there’s no padding in the frame, which could make it uncomfortable after a while. Our other minor gripes are that many reviewers state these goggles run a little smaller than the provided size chart and the lenses are not scratch-resistant.

    • Snug, wraparound-style goggles
    • Protect from wind, rain, debris, dust, snow, and more
    • UV400 lenses protect against 99% of harmful UV rays
    • Wide eye cups reduce pressure on your dog’s eyes

    • Sizes run a little smaller than the size chart
    • Not scratch-resistant

    4. QUMY Dog Sunglasses

    QUMY Dog Sunglasses

    Size: Small (<15 lbs.)
    Material: UV-resistant polycarbonate lenses, elastic
    Features: Wear-resistant lenses resist scratching & cracking, simple elastic band

    For a simpler, cheaper approach to dog eyewear, consider these sunglasses from Qumy. The design is very simple to use, with a single elastic strap securing the sunglasses to your dog’s head. The integrated arc adjustment frame allows you to adjust the back of the sunglasses to fit snugly but not too tightly along your dog’s spine. There are some tiny vent holes in the corners of the frame to minimize fogging in wet environments. There’s also some interior padding to keep your dog comfortable, but it’s fairly thin.

    The lenses themselves are high-quality, but the adjustable strap can be annoying to fidget with. These glasses are definitely on the cheaper side, but they’re a great “disposable” option if you don’t expect them to last forever. They also don’t protect from stuff like wind or debris, just the eyes.

    • Easy to use
    • Protects against sun, fogging, and some moisture
    • Affordable

    • Strap can be finicky
    • Cheap material isn’t built to last

    5. Enjoying Dog Sunglasses

    Enjoying Dog Sunglasses (1)

    Size: Small
    Material: ABS plastic frame and UV400 plastic lenses
    Features: Dual-strap design for an adjustable fit, padded interior for comfort

    Made for toy and small breeds, these fully enclosed sunglasses from Enjoying come in three stylish colors to fit nearly any dog’s personality. They protect your dog’s eyes from all the elements, including sun, rain, snow, fog, wind, dust, and debris—perfect for rides or walks in the wilderness! The two adjustable straps are a bit tricky to figure out, and you may need to readjust them from time to time. Note that these are best for sunny days because the lenses get a bit dark.

    Sadly, these glasses are a little small, which makes them useless for bigger dogs or even small dogs with large eyes. They’re solid enough to survive some wear and tear, but not so solid that we foresee them standing up to daily wear.

    • Fully enclosed eye cup design
    • Two adjustable straps help keep the glasses snug
    • Strong UV resistance

    • Small eye cups
    • Flimsy construction

    6. Vbestlife Dog Goggles

    Vbestlife Dog Goggles

    Size: Large
    Material: Polycarbonate lenses w/ soft TPU frame
    Features: Anti-fogging lenses, carrying case, strong impact resistance

    These are some of the most comfortable dog goggles for big dogs, with a heavily padded soft nylon/TPU frame that makes it comfortable for long trips outside. The wide lens is not only UV resistant but helps shed water and snow. Small vent holes along the frame help stop moisture from turning into fog, keeping your dog’s vision unobscured no matter where you are—skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and more are all fair game when your dog’s equipped with these goggles.

    Our main problem with these goggles is that they don’t come with instructions, which makes putting them on and adjusting them a guessing game of trial and error.

    • Wide-angle, UV-resistant lens
    • Vented frame keeps the goggles free of moisture and fogging
    • Lots of padding makes

    • No instructions for fitting them

    7. Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles

    Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles

    Size: X-Small, small, medium, large, x-large
    Material: Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and nylon frame
    Features: Wide lens design for optimal peripheral vision, adjustable strap system

    Rex Specs are an unexpected but welcome underdog in the dog goggles game, and these new and improved goggles offer stiff competition to our other entries. The rounded frame-and-lens design maximizes your dog’s field of vision while protecting from the sun with UV400-coated polycarbonate lenses.

    The heavy-duty TPE frame stands up to all the abuse of daily wear and tear, headbutting, and head shaking your dog can throw at them. Lastly, the plush foam edge on the bottom creates a nice tight seal while also protecting from moisture-related environmental hazards like snow and fog.

    The main cons to be aware of are the lens popping out of the frame easily, and it’s challenging to get a perfect seal on your dog. If you don’t seal it well enough, it’ll constantly fog up.

    • 290-degree peripheral vision
    • Thick padding helps repel weather
    • Durable plastic frame
    • Comes in various sizes

    • Difficult to get a good fit on all dogs
    • Fogs up if the seal isn’t perfectly flush

    8. Petleso Pet Goggles

    Petleso Pet Goggles

    Size: Small and medium
    Material: UV400-coated polycarbonate lenses, stiff PVC plastic frame
    Features: Included dog helmet for safety, ear holes for comfort

    For a bit of added safety, these goggles from Petleso come packaged with an impact-resistant helmet. That makes them the perfect set for a biking buddy, hiking, or just dressing up. The two straps are standard stuff, but we like that it has a simple squeeze latch to disengage. You can adjust the straps to fit most small and medium breeds, but the product notes that it’s not compatible with small-headed Chihuahuas.

    The negatives aren’t too harsh but worth considering. We doubt the helmet is any sturdier than a regular old hard hat, so don’t count on it. Other than that, the helmet runs a little big and might not fit all dogs.

    • Included helmet
    • UV and wind-resistant coated polycarbonate lenses
    • Strap adjusts to a wide range of sizes

    • The helmet’s durability is suspect
    • Helmet may be too large for some smaller dogs

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing The Best Dog Goggles & Sunglasses

    When you’re not sure what to look for in the perfect pair of dog goggles or sunglasses, shopping can be confusing. Thankfully, there are just a few main things to consider before making an informed buying decision: training, protection, and sizing. Let’s delve a bit more into those down below.

    Young adult male Dudley Labrador retriever dog wearing brown lens color round sunglasses
    Image Credit: 9gifits, Shutterstock

    Training a Dog to Wear Sunglasses or Goggles

    Not all dogs will wear sunglasses, and even easygoing pups may have some misgivings about wearing them for the first time. Once you’ve ordered the right size of goggles for your dog, there are several essential tips you can use to help get them used to wearing them. Check those tips out below to get started ASAP.

    Tips for Training a Dog to Wear Sunglasses:

    • Practice putting the goggles on, then take them off and reward your dog for good behavior.
    • Incrementally increase how long you leave the goggles on, paired with a reward for positive reinforcement each time.
    • Immediately look at your dog after putting the goggles on—it’s important they know they can still see.
    • Try putting the goggles on in a bright, friendly area where your dog can roam and play right after.
    • If your dog paws or fusses with the goggles, redirect them to a toy or treat followed by a treat.


    Most dog sunglasses or goggles will feature UV-resistant lenses, typically a stiff polycarbonate plastic. These drastically reduce UV radiation by up to 99% to protect your dog’s sensitive eyes during intense sunlight and help make life with visual conditions more bearable. Some other dog goggles offer a snugger fit that can withstand fogging, moisture, and even small impacts from debris like rocks or branches.

    It’s always important to match the goggles you order with the conditions you expect your dog to face. Seasoned dog explorers might need heavier-duty protection than dogs who just need something for sunny afternoon walks, and dogs who swim may need more specialized gear as well.

    white dog sunglasses
    Image Credit: Simona Kidrič, Pexels


    The two most common measurements you’ll come across are for chin and neck straps. If you’re ordering goggles with just one strap, you may not need both, but it’s useful to have them just in case anyway.

    To take your dog’s measurements, simply take a soft measuring tape and measure all the way around your dog’s eyes and ears. This is your neck or back strap measurement. For neck straps, measure from underneath one ear, snugly around the jaw, and back up to your dog’s other ear.

    Note that most goggles or sunglasses online may offer their own tips on measuring, including different methods. In that case, we suggest trying to see if measuring their way gives you a different result. If so, you should go by their measurement system.

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    Not all dogs are willing to wear sunglasses or goggles, but they’re an invaluable accessory to keep your dog defended from the harsh sun and potentially other weather as well. We recommend the Doggles ILS Goggles if you just want the best of the best, but the NVTED Dog sunglasses are a solid pick that doesn’t break the bank. However, all of our reviews should be able to guide you in the right direction to find the perfect fit for your day.

    Featured Image Credit to: Annette Staff, Shutterstock

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