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10 Best Leather Dog Collars in 2024 – Top Picks & Reviews

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Your dog’s collar stays with them wherever they go. It’s more than a piece of equipment to hold identification and important tags — it’s part of your dog’s overall look and appearance. While many collars come in flashy nylon designs, there’s something elegant and classic about a leather collar.

As a dog owner, you may also prefer the safe, natural, and organic choice of a leather collar. But when searching for one, you’ll find a variety of prices, leather qualities, buckles, colors, widths, and styles.

To help you out, we’ve selected the 10 best leather dog collars this year and included detailed reviews of each product, highlighting both their positive selling points and possible areas of concern. To help you make the best purchase for your beloved dog, there’s also an informational buyer’s guide.

A Quick Look at the Winners of 2024:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
  • Comfortable
  • Metal alloy
  • Two D-rings
  • Best Value
    Second place
    AOLOVE Classic Collar AOLOVE Classic Collar
  • Fashionable look
  • High-quality leather
  • Multiple size options
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Soft Touch Leather Soft Touch Leather
  • Comfortable padded interior
  • Attractive appearance
  • Convenient D-ring leash attachment location
  • chede Luxury chede Luxury
  • Handmade
  • Padded interior
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Warner Cumberland Warner Cumberland
  • Free engraved brass tag with purchase
  • Genuine leather
  • Adjustable length
  • The 10 Best Leather Dog Collars:

    1. DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar – Best Overall


    For its high-quality materials, attractive appearance, and comfortable fit, we chose the DAIHAQIKO leather dog collar as our best overall leather dog collar. Made with 100% genuine full-grain leather and rust-resistant metal alloy buckle and D-rings, this collar is made for durability. The heavy-duty hardware comes with two D-rings, which allows you to attach identification and tags on one ring and a leash on the other. You also have the option of purchasing a matching leash.

    You can choose from four styles: two color choices, brown and black, and either single or double stitching. Also, this leather collar comes in multiple sizes and best fits medium, large, and extra-large dogs. It’s built to last for three to five years of regular use and is listed as having enough strength to withstand 350 pounds of pulling power.

    Additionally, this collar comes with a 60-day warranty, which you may need to use, depending on your dog’s size and strength. In our research, we discovered that this collar may snap or the hardware may bend with a larger, more powerful dog. Also, some of the collars may emit a chemical odor. However, we still think that this is one of the best leather dog collars this year.

    • Attractive appearance with color and stitching choices
    • Comfortable fit and multiple size options
    • 100% full-grain leather
    • Metal alloy, rust-resistant hardware
    • Two D-rings
    • Option to purchase matching leash
    • Built to last for three to five years of regular use
    • 60-day warranty
    • May have a chemical odor
    • Not as durable for larger, stronger dogs
    • Not for small dogs

    2. AOLOVE Padded Leather Dog Collar – Best Value


    We chose the AOLOVE basic classic padded leather collar as the best leather dog collar for the money. For a low price, this leather dog collar looks fashionable and is made with high-quality leather and nickel-plated hardware.

    You have the choice of 10 vibrant color choices and multiple sizes to fit puppies and small to large dogs. With five adjustment holes, this collar can expand with your growing puppy or be shortened or lengthened for a more comfortable fit.

    Be aware that dogs with sensitive skin may experience irritation or a rash with this product. Also, the AOLOVE collar fits best on medium-sized dogs. The stitching may pull apart and the leather may break when this collar is used roughly.

    • Best value
    • Fashionable look with 10 color choices
    • High-quality leather and nickel-plated hardware
    • Multiple size options
    • Five adjustment holes
    • May irritate your dog’s sensitive skin
    • Not for extra-small or extra-large dogs
    • Issues with stitching and leather durability

    3. Soft Touch Leather Dog Collar – Premium Choice

    Soft Touch Collars

    If you’re looking for a well-made, attractive leather collar that pays careful attention to your dog’s comfort, then look no further than the Soft Touch Collars leather padded dog collar as our premium choice.

    The Soft Touch collar is both handmade and hand-stitched to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship. The padded inner ring of the collar is made to protect your dog’s neck from irritation and rubbing. It has an attractive appearance with a gray exterior, a blue interior, and rust-resistant, silver-toned hardware.

    This collar fits dogs with neck sizes between 18 and 21 inches and comes with four holes for fit adjustment. For your convenience, the D-ring for the leash attachment is located at the top of the collar, while a built-in smaller ring to hold identification and tags is next to the buckle. A matching leash is available for purchase.

    Considering the more expensive price, we did learn that this collar has durability issues. The color tends to fade, and the padded interior does not wear well over the course of several months.

    • Well-made, high-quality materials
    • Comfortable padded interior
    • Attractive appearance
    • Four adjustable holes
    • Convenient D-ring leash attachment location
    • Built-in smaller ring for tags and ID
    • Option to purchase matching leash
    • Color tends to fade
    • Padded interior does not hold up with use
    • Limited color choices and sizes
    • More expensive than other collars on our list

    4. chede Real Leather Dog Collar


    For a well-made collar with a stylish metal clasp, you may want to consider purchasing the chede Luxury real leather dog collar. Both handmade and hand stitched, the interior of this collar is softly padded for your dog’s comfort.

    This collar comes in four color choices: blue, black, brown, and red. While the colors are attractive, we did learn of a few collars having issues with the color bleeding and fading. However, this collar is easy to clean with a damp cloth and a gentle leather cleaner.

    You can choose from three sizes, small, medium, and large, which fits dogs with neck sizes between 9.4 and 14.1 inches. The length can be adjusted with a sliding buckle, though it may not hold securely and may loosen with wear, thus requiring frequent adjustments.

    • Handmade, hand-stitched real leather
    • Padded interior for comfort
    • Four color choices
    • Easy to keep clean
    • Three sizes and adjustable buckle
    • Metal clasp may be too heavy for small dogs
    • Buckle may not hold securely or break
    • Color may bleed

    5. Warner Cumberland Leather Dog-Collar

    Warner Cumberland

    If you prefer that your dog’s identification tag doesn’t hang and jingle, then you may be interested in the Warner Cumberland leather dog collar, which includes a free engraved brass tag with purchase. However, this one-inch wide collar is only designed to fit medium to large dogs, with five neck size options ranging from no smaller than 15 inches to a full 25 inches.

    Made with genuine leather and nickel-plated buckle, D-rings, and rivets, this hand-crafted collar comes in four color choices: black, golden tan, red, and rich brown. These collars are adjustable, with five different hole choices spaced 1 inch apart.

    While the Warner Cumberland leather collar is made with quality leather, we learned that they tend to scratch easily. Also, there are quality control issues with the construction of the brass tag.

    • Free engraved brass tag with purchase
    • Genuine leather and nickel-plated hardware
    • Adjustable length with five different hole choices
    • Five size options
    • Four color selections
    • Leather may easily scratch
    • Durability issues with brass tag
    • Inaccurate sizing chart when ordering
    • Will not fit small dogs

    6. Logical Leather Padded Dog Collars

    Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar

    Made with 100% genuine full grain leather, the Logical Leather padded dog collar is well-built, with a softly padded sheepskin lining for comfort. It incorporates a heavy-duty ring for leash attachment and ID, as well as sturdy metal clasp that employs military-grade construction.

    These collars come in a wide range of sizes, from extra small to extra-large, with a neck size range from 9 inches to 27 inches. You’ll also get to choose from a broad color range of 11 color choices. However, we did learn of instances in which the color bled and discolored fur.

    While overall well-made, be aware that there are durability issues, particularly with the strength of the clasp. We also found that a few of the collars gave off an unpleasant chemical odor. However, this product does come with a lifetime guarantee if you encounter such issues.

    • 100% genuine leather
    • Padded sheepskin-lined interior
    • Wide size range
    • Broad color selection with 11 choices
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • May lack durability
    • Color may bleed
    • May emit a chemical odor

    7. Moonpet Soft Padded Leather Dog Collar


    The Moonpet leather dog collar comes with the option for a customized engraving into its 100% genuine leather exterior. While the engraving is preferable over a jangling identification tag, keep in mind that it isn’t produced deep enough to last over time.

    This solidly built leather collar has a padded interior to prevent irritation and rubbing on your dog’s neck. It has sturdy, rust-proof hardware that includes a brass buckle and a D-ring for leash attachment, identification, and tags. Be aware that the buckle prong may be sharp and has the potential to be a safety issue. Also, it does not hold up well with larger dogs and heavy-duty wear.

    This collar comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, with a neck size range of 12.4 inches to 22 inches. It’s hand stitched and has an attractive two-toned color scheme with seven color options.

    • Option for customized engraving
    • Padded interior for comfort
    • Rust-proof brass hardware
    • Three length and width size options
    • Hand-stitched with two-tone color scheme
    • Buckle prong may be sharp
    • Nor durable for heavy-duty wear
    • Engraving lacking quality and doesn’t last

    8. Beirui Leather Personalized Dog Collars


    You can personalize up to four lines of custom laser-engraved information onto the golden nameplate of this Beirui leather dog collar. While it is an attractive addition, keep in mind that it will scratch easily and the nameplate itself may not remain fixed in place.

    This dog collar is made from high-quality 100% genuine cowhide leather, which is wear and crinkle resistant. Although it does not have a padded interior, the more this collar gets broken in, the softer and more comfortable it becomes. However, we did discover multiple reports of a strong chemical odor.

    The alloy buckle and D-ring are held in place by six nails for a sturdy leash attachment. A matching leash can be purchased separately. Unfortunately, we did learn of durability breakdowns with the buckle.

    Designed for medium and large dogs, this collar comes with six eyelets to adjust the neck size for comfortable wearing. You can choose from three neck sizes ranging from 15 inches to 24 inches.

    • Custom laser-engraved golden nameplate
    • 100% cowhide leather
    • Alloy buckle and sturdy D-ring for leash attachment
    • Option to purchase matching leash
    • Six eyelets for adjustable fit
    • Nameplate scratches easily and may fall off
    • May have a chemical odor
    • Buckle lacks durability
    • No padded interior
    • Not for small dogs (only medium to large)

    9. BRONZEDOG Rolled-Leather Dog Collars


    This rolled design of the BRONZEDOG leather collar is made to help prevent tangling and damaging your dog’s fur, particularly if you have a long-haired breed. We found that this genuine leather collar performs fairly well in this respect.

    The BRONZEDOG collar comes in vibrant colors, including pink, red, blue, green, teal, rose, and brown. While we found the colors to be appealing, they may bleed and fade over time.

    This collar comes in six neck sizes ranging from 7 inches to 21 inches. Be aware that the sizes may not run as accurately as needed. However, this collar does come with five eyelets to make adjustments.

    Keep in the mind that this collar does not come with a padded interior, which your dog may find uncomfortable. Also, the steel hardware is not solidly constructed. In particular, the D-ring may break easily when attached to a leash.

    • Rolled design to prevent fur damage
    • Vibrant color choices
    • Five eyelets for size adjustment
    • Lacking durability, especially with the D-ring
    • Sizing may be inaccurate
    • Color may bleed
    • Lacking in comfort for some dogs
    • No padded interior

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    10. BINGPET Leather Studded Dog Collar


    For a unique look, the BINGPET real split leather collar comes studded with two rows of rivets. Although it’s a cool look, be aware that the studs may fall out. This collar comes in five bright color choices, and you can choose from four neck sizes between 8 inches to 26 inches. It also has five eyelets for adjusting the fit.

    This product is last on our list for quality of construction. Although it is described as strong and durable, our findings reached the opposite conclusion. The leather seems to be of poor quality, and the hardware may fall apart after minimal use. Additionally, it does not have a padded interior for your dog’s comfort.

    • Unique studded design
    • Five bright color choices
    • Adjustable fit and wide size range
    • Poor leather quality
    • Weak hardware components
    • Rivets on design may fall out
    • No interior padding for comfort

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Leather Dog Collars

    Leather dog collars are as much about form as function. You want a collar that looks regal and stylish on your dog, and it needs to hold up to your dog’s everyday life, from walks in the park to rolling in the grass and cuddling up for a long nap. Since you love your dog like family, you want their collar to be comfortable.

    In this buyer’s guide, we’ll quickly break down what to consider before you purchase a leather collar for your dog. We’ll tell you what you need to know, from the quality of the materials to what to avoid.

    Beware: Not All Leather Is High Quality

    Before you purchase a leather collar, double-check the quality of the leather, the hardware, and any additional materials. Not all leather is produced with the same level of care. A high-quality leather collar will start out stiff. Over time, with proper break-in and gentle cleaning, the leather will soften and become supple enough to form to your dog’s neck while maintaining durability. Low-quality leather tends to snap easier, causes irritation on your dog’s skin, and gives off an odor.

    Be Sure the Hardware Is Heavy Duty

    Next, make sure that the hardware, which includes the D-ring and buckle, are made with sturdy metal that’s rust-resistant. Cheap metal D-rings can pull apart when you’re walking with a leash. Also, be sure that the buckle has smooth edges and holds securely. A collar only works well when it stays in place around your dog’s neck, not hanging freely off the end of the leash or lost somewhere in the yard.

    Comfort Counts!

    Finally, take your dog’s comfort into consideration. A padded or lined interior, as well as a rolled design, can save your dog’s fur. Also, make sure the leather collar has an appropriate fit. Measure both the length and the width for better accuracy. Short neck dogs need narrower collars. Many collars come with eyelets or an adjustable buckle to ensure a fit that’s not too tight nor too loose.

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    The DAIHAQIKO DKDC01BR-M Leather Dog Collar is our choice for the best overall product on our list. This 100% full-grain leather dog collar has an attractive appearance, a comfortable fit, and multiple size options. The metal alloy rust-resistant hardware includes two D-rings, one for your dog’s identification and tags and one to attach a leash. You also have the option to purchase a matching leash. This leather dog collar is built to last for three to five years of regular use and comes with a 60-day warranty.

    The AOLOVE 004 Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars took our second spot for the best value. For a great price, this collar has a fashionable look with 10 color choices. Made of high-quality leather and nickel-plated hardware, this leather dog collar has multiple size options, and each one can be better fitted by using the five adjustment holes.

    The Soft Touch Collars Leather Padded Dog Collar is our premium choice due to its high-quality materials, its comfortable extra-padded interior, and its attractive appearance. Each handmade, hand-stitched leather dog collar comes with four adjustable holes to ensure a better fit, a convenient D-ring leash attachment location, and a built-in smaller ring for tags and identification.

    We hope that after reading through our comprehensive reviews, helpful pros and cons lists, and informative buyer’s guide, you’ve narrowed down the choices for the best leather collar for dogs. With the right leather collar, your dog will look fetching and feel comfortable wearing it too. We wish you good luck with finding the best leather collar for your dog!

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