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10 Best Outdoor Dog Toys 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Jolly Pets Romp-n-RollSpending a few hours outside playing fetch with man’s best friend is always a great time. Their wagging tails and pup smiles are enough to melt your heart. The trouble is dogs have far more energy and stamina than we do. They can go on playing with a ball or rope toy for hours while we sit by and plan out the most direct route to the nearest seat.

While we love to watch our furry friends having a great time, there is nothing they love better than to play with us. As that is the case, you want to make your time with them worth it with great outdoor toys that won’t break, get lost, or sink to the bottom of the lake. If you have not been to a pet store lately though, there are many many options available.

To make sure you have the most fun with your pal, we have reviewed the ten best outdoor dog toys. Take a look below at the durability, safety, and fun-inspiring research and find out which toys get the bark, and which ones are paws down amazing. As a bonus, we will give you some stats on what makes a good product and what options are available for you and your pet.

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A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites of 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Chuckit Chuckit
  • Soft and durable design
  • Bright colors for easy visual
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Nerf Dog Nerf Dog
  • Durable rubber
  • High bounce
  • Floats
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Tumbo Tumbo
  • Great for solo play
  • Has an additional rope toy
  • Adjustable height
  • Franklin Franklin
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • High bounce
  • Jolly Pets Jolly Pets
  • Multi-use
  • Durable material
  • Floats
  • The 10 Best Outdoor Dog Toys

    1. Chuckit Kick Fetch Outdoor Dog Toy Ball – Best Overall

    Chuckit 251201

    Check Price on Chewy

    In case you are ready to run out to buy the best toy, we will save you the suspense and pony up the info. The Chuckit kickball is the best overall toy for fun with Fido. This is a large tennis ball/baseball design with raised soft stitching to make it soft on your pal’s mouth, plus super easy to carry. You have the option of a small or regular size that will accommodate all breeds and pup sizes.

    The orange and blue colors make it easy to see in low light or tall grass. You can kick or toss the ball, and it floats for fun in the water. Also, the raised grooves create a random bounce that is exciting for your pet to chase. The durable canvas material will last through the most rambunctious play, and the foam and rubber material will keep your dog’s mouth and teeth in perfect condition.

    This toy also comes in a glow in the dark option if you are a night person. It is 9.8 ounces and is made of safe and non-toxic materials. The only drawback to this option is you do not want to leave excess chewers alone with the toy. Otherwise, this is the best toy for outdoor play.

    • Soft and durable design
    • Bright colors for easy visual
    • Safe and non-toxic
    • Floats in water
    • Great for all breeds and sizes
    • Multi-use
    • Careful of excess chewers

    2. Nerf Dog Rubber Football Outdoor Dog Toy – Best Value

    Nerf Dog 6997

    Understandably, not everyone has the means to purchase any dog toy that catches their eye. If you are looking for a great and affordable option, the Nerf squeak football is the best outdoor dog toy for the money. This football-inspired model comes in either bright orange or green for easy visibility in low light, water, or under bushes.

    The grip-friendly edges let your pup run around with it without hurting their mouth. The durable rubber construction stands up to tough chewers and makes a high random bounce great for chasing. The buoyant toy also floats, is easy to throw and catch, plus it is non-toxic.

    You can purchase this toy in either a single or double pack, and it doesn’t contanin BPA. It is also FDA approved. This option is six inches long and good for most medium and large dogs. Also, note that this football has an internal squeak which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on you and your pup. While some dogs consider it to be an anomaly that needs to be killed immediately, it merely excites others.

    • Bright visible colors
    • Durable rubber
    • Safe and non-toxic
    • High bounce
    • Floats
    • Okay for heavy chewers
    • Not for small dogs
    • Squeaks

    3. Tumbo Tugger Exercise Dog Toy – Premium Choice

    Tumbo LDBUNGEE

    If your pooch is having an upcoming birthday, or you just feel the need to spoil your tyke, our premium option is a great choice. This rope tug toy is great for the times when you can’t get away from human life to play with your pal. The hanging bungee rope comes in three sizes including a small and large outdoor model plus a small indoor option.

    The solo pet play-pal hangs from a tree or support beam so your pet can tug and pull as much as they like. The inner cord is over-stitched so it won’t break or snap back to harshly which could possibly hit your pet. Along with the simple installation process, you also get an adjustable height of between 8 and 13 feet. There is no metal to cause injuries, and it also comes with a rope toy.

    As this toy is not laying on the ground, it is good for excess chewers. The only downfall is it is not meant for pups that like to swing, and it can become boring for your pup, so a toy attachment is recommended.

    • Great for solo play
    • Has an additional rope toy
    • Adjustable height
    • Indoor/outdoor
    • Good for all breeds and sizes
    • Safe and durable
    • Not for swinging
    • An extra toy is recommended

    4. Franklin Pet Dog Launcher Balls

    Franklin Pet Supply 90042

    Up next we have an outdoor toy that is a more durable form of the classic tennis ball. While the old-school green felt toys will rip apart easily, this durable option is made of TPR material so it won’t rip as easily. This option is slightly bigger than the average ball, although it is a bright green color so it won’t get lost.

    You can have fun with your pup waterside with the buoyant hollow design that will not sink. It has a high bounce and weighs under six ounces. You want to keep in mind that this toy is not recommended for heavy chewers or small dogs. Also, it is best used with the launcher which is sold separately.

    • Bright color
    • Floats
    • Durable
    • Lightweight
    • High bounce
    • Not for heavy chewers
    • Not recommended for small dogs
    • Better with launcher

    5. Jolly Pets Outdoor Romp-n-Roll Dog Ball Toy

    Jolly Pets 606

    In the number five spot, we have a large tennis ball rope combination that is fun for everything from throwing, tugging, and catching to kicking and tugging. This toy comes in one size but has four different colors to choose from. It is also designed to stay afloat in the water even if it’s punctured.

    The easy-grip rope is durable, and the rubber ball will provide a crazy bounce for four-legged friends to chase. You can use this to play with dogs weighing anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds although it is better suited for medium and large breeds.

    Also, the material is blueberry scented which can make it an inviting toy to chew on. If you have a pooch that is rather toothy, this may not be the best option. Also, the colors are not as bright as some other options, so it can get lost in low light.

    • Multi-use
    • Durable material
    • Floats
    • Blueberry -scented
    • Better for medium to large dogs
    • Not for heavy chewers
    • Not great for low light

    6. RUFFWEAR Hydro Plane Floating Disc

    RUFFWEAR 60151-601

    Our next review is on the RUFFWEAR flying disc that is great fun in the water or snow. The soft material and lightweight design make this a great toy for playing fetch or catch as it easily sails through the air. The standard size comes in blue or red, which is easily seen in the water, snow or dying light. The pontoon design will also make the toy float higher in the lake or ocean so it is easier to spot.

    This round disc is oversized for easy pickup and tug-of-war games. Keep in mind, however, that the foam construction is not as durable as other toys, and strong or extra rambunctious players can damage the toy. Not recommended for extra small or extra-large breeds, you are going to want to supervise playtime to prevent choking.

    • Great for snow and water play
    • Bright colors for visibility
    • Oversized for easy handling
    • Floats higher in the water
    • Not for rambunctious dogs
    • Not as durable as other options
    • Not recommended for extra small or extra-large dogs
    • Requires supervision

    7. Chuckit! 17001 Ultra Ball for Dogs

    Chuckit! 17001

    Moving right along we have a two-pack tennis ball-like set that comes in either orange or green for visibility. The high bouncing toy has a durable rubber construction for long-lasting play. You want to keep in mind, however, that this toy is better with the launcher that is sold separately.

    You can choose from five different sizes that will accommodate all breeds and sizes. Be careful of this option for excess chewers or any pups with teeth issues as the material can wear down the enamel. Beyond that, the lightweight option is great for catch and has a slobber-free pickup.

    On another note, the outer fabric holds dirt and other debris, and it does not float well in the water. Lastly, this ball has a squeak that can drive you nuts under the right circumstances.

    • Various sizes
    • Bright colors
    • Durable
    • All breeds and sizes
    • Doesn’t float well
    • Otter fabric holds dirt and grim
    • Better with launcher
    • Squeak
    • Can damage teeth

    8. All for Paws Outdoor Dog Soccer Ball

    All for paws

    This next option is a soccer ball with two handles on either side. It is fun for playing tug-of-war, fetch, or just for kicking and running around. This toy comes in one size in either green or orange which is sent to you randomly. The ballistic soft outer material will not hurt your pup’s teeth or cause any injury, however, it is not durable. The inner construction has more strength, though, and the handles fall off easily under little pressure.

    With that being said, this brand is better suited for medium and less excitable dogs who are not heavy chewers. Extra-large and small breeds are not recommended. The 3.52 ounces are very light so it does not bounce well. Also, this option can not be used around the water as it will sink. Finally, this is another toy that has a take it or destroys it inner hidden squeak.

    • Safe and soft construction
    • Multiple-use
    • Decent inner material
    • Doesn’t float
    • Handles rip easily
    • Only for medium to medium/large dogs
    • Doesn’t bounce well

    9. Tether Tug Outdoor Tug Toy

    Tether Tug

    Coming up to the number nine-point we have a tether tug toy that is great for solo outdoor play. This model has a rod on one side that needs to be secured in the ground with a pull rope on the end for your pups to tug and wrestle with. The construction also allows for 360-degree rotation and will stand 4.5 feet when implanted in the ground.

    The fiberglass pole and nylon rope are durable and won’t snap back. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to install, and typically, the rod will need to be reinforced and secured to something solid. You have the option of three sizes, although small breeds and extra-large dogs are not recommended.

    Another drawback to this model is the rope snaps back with force and can cause injury to your pup. Also, a lot of dogs do not get a lot of use out of this toy and tire of it quickly without human interaction. Note that while the initial construction is durable, the long-term sustainability is not great.

    • Three sizes
    • Good for solo play
    • Initially won’t break
    • Snaps back
    • Needs to be secured and hard to install
    • Not for small or extra-large breeds
    • Poor long-term performance
    • Can be boring

    10. PAWISE Outdoor Dog Jump Ring

    PAWISE Pet Dogs

    Our final review is on the PAWISE agility ring set. This toy is not always fun for dogs as they can view it as a training exercise and become bored quickly. In fact, some pups eye the contraption with distrust and will not go near it at all.

    The hurdle hoop design is difficult to put together and falls apart easily. The “fuzzy fasteners” will not hold the bars and hoop in place and can startle your pet if it happens to fall on them. The plastic design is meant for medium-sized dogs only, and it comes in a blue and white style.

    To give some credit, if your pup does decide to give this toy a chance, it will be a great exercise for both of you. It is also adjustable for different heights, as well. Overall, however, most dogs could care less and would prefer a tasty shoe to chew on in a cozy corner.

    • Good exercise
    • Adjustable to height
    • Dogs are typically not excited by this toy
    • Breaks easily
    • Hard to put together
    • Recommended for medium dogs only
    • Can cause pup-stress

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Outdoor Dog Toys

    What Makes A Good Product In This Category

    Each dog and dog owner will have different tastes in outdoor toys and activities. Some pups prefer to give chase while others want nothing more than to swim. There is also the added diversity of size in determining which toy is going to give you and your pal the best playtime.

    That being said, there are a few aspects of outdoor pet toys that are universal to all dogs and owners. First, you want to find an option that has bright colors so it will not get lost in low light, under bushes, or lost in the water. Speaking of swimming, if you spend a lot of time at the beach, a waterproof floating toy is always a good idea. On the other hand, even if your pooch doesn’t like to get wet, accidents can happen.

    Durability and safety are two of the most important features you want to consider. Toys that have soft, yet durable construction will allow your pup to play and frolic unrestricted. There is nothing worse than paying a bundle for a toy only to have your mutt destroy it within a few minutes. This is especially true for excess chewers.

    Safety is admittedly the most important consideration. Any toy that bounces or can snap back like rope toys should be soft and light to prevent injuries. You also want to keep your pup’s teeth in mind as certain fabrics and materials can wear their teeth down. Finally though, you want to make sure the toy is non-toxic and does not have any pieces that could make them choke.

    Shetland Sheepdog playing with ball
    Image Credit: JackieLou DL, Pixabay

    What Options Are Available

    Now that the universal aspects are out of the way, you can concentrate on you and your pup’s fun. As mentioned, some dogs are content to play fetch all day while others like to tug on a rope or swing by their jaw as entertainment. Other fuzzballs will go wild over a good erratic bounce.

    Typically, there are four different types of outdoor dog toys. Tennis and footballs are great for being thrown, launched, tossed, caught, and fetched. They can also have added features such as handles or ropes for tug-of-war. The next type is rope toys. These can be hung from trees, used as a tetherball toy, or it can simply be a piece of rope for pulling.

    The third option is frisbee-like options that are great for the beach, snow, and open spaces. This is one of the best fetch-playing toys for almost any atmosphere. Meanwhile, soccer balls are better for kicking. Some dogs do not like to catch but prefer to chase. This type of play pal is great for sending your buddy careening across the yard.

    Finally, there is the dreaded squeak toy. As mentioned in the reviews, play things that have this feature can go one way or another. Some dogs love this and will get extra excited to chase it down. On the other hand, certain pooches can be very wary and quickly determine it needs to be snuffed out by all means necessary. There is also the added consideration of whether a squeak toy will drive you bananas or not.

    Your Activities Matter, Too

    You can also decide which toy is right based on your activities. If you spend a lot of time stomping through the snow, a flyer or light ball would be fun. If you live in the city and have to travel to the dog park, a launcher ball or football may be in order. Also, solo toys are great for letting your pup let off some steam when you do not have the time to toss around a ball. Regardless, there are great options for every dog and owner.

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    We hope you have enjoyed the reviews on the ten best outdoor dog toys. With many options available, it can be hard to narrow it down to the best option for you and your pal. If nothing else, we hope this article gave you a better idea of the type of plaything your pup will like most.

    If you want to test the waters with your new pup, try our top choice the Chuckit 251201 Kick Fetch Toy Ball which is the best overall outdoor option. If you are looking for a more affordable option, give the Nerf Dog 6997 Squeak Rubber Football Dog Toy a try. Just make sure your pup is not going to declare war on the noise.

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