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5 Cat Birthday Party Themes to Try: Fun Ways to Celebrate

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By Nicole Cosgrove

cat with party hat celebrating birthday with a cake

Whether child or adult, cats make a great theme for a birthday party. From cats in pop culture to Halloween-style costume parties, there’s no limit to how you can celebrate your love of cats on your big day.

Here are five cat birthday party themes to try, along with some ideas for party favors and decorations.

The 5 Cat Birthday Party Themes

1. Cats the Musical

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s feline musical about a tribe of cats has been a mainstay on Broadway for decades. With solid, memorable music that everyone can sing and lavish sets with vibrant colors, “Cats” is an ideal theme that you can have a lot of fun with.

Naturally, you’ll want to play the soundtrack throughout the party. For snacks, you can offer a cheese board with salami and an assortment of crackers but be sure to add some Goldfish crackers and mice made of cheese wedges and pepperoni. You could also add cat-collar wine tags and serve “Cats”-themed cocktails.

Musician Cat Sitting in Piano
Photo Credit: Jumpstory

2. The Aristocats

“The Aristocats” is a beloved Disney film about Parisian cats, but this theme works for children and adults alike. You could make it sophisticated with a Paris Café look with Eiffel Tower centerpieces, paper lanterns, and white café lights. For drinks, serve some Parisian-inspired mocktails.

For children, there are plenty of Marie-themed cat party favors and decorations. You can combine the two to capture the Paris feel with plenty of Disney party accessories the kids will love.

3. Jungle Cats

If you want more of a costume party for your birthday theme, jungle cats are always a good choice. Tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and lions make for excellent costume options for men, women, and children.

A masquerade-style theme with lavish costumes and elegant masks is sophisticated but makes it easy for your guests to participate, but a full-on costume party is also fun. For decorations, go with animal-print party accessories, tropical drinks, and cupcakes with safari toppers.

Woman in masquerade mask party
Image Credit: Hero Images Inc, Shutterstock

4. Cat Birthday for Kids

If your little one loves cats, a cat-themed birthday party is a fun and easy theme to put together. You can go all out with cat decorations, such as cat plates, cups, invitations, and banners. For favors, hand out cat ear headbands and cat collars. Better yet, turn it into a game and have your guests use ribbons, jewels, and stickers to decorate their own collars made out of cardstock. Stuffed cats also make a great party favor. For snacks, offer “cat treats” like Swedish fish or Goldfish crackers and cat face cookies or cake pops.

5. Cat Adoption Event

This one takes more planning, but if you really love cats, hosting a community adoption event for your birthday party is a good way to give back. You can reach out to local rescues or shelters and recruit some volunteers to help, plus a venue like a park or community center.

For the party itself, consider hiring a photographer or renting a photo booth to take pictures of people with their new pets. If your guests can’t adopt, suggest bringing leashes, cat toys, or cat food as a contribution.

Cat and woman owners holding cats in shelter to adopt
Image Credit: BearFotos, Shutterstock


If you want to throw a cat-themed party, there’s no limit to the themes, party favors, food and drink, and decorations. Get creative with it, have some fun, and you’re sure to give your guests a memorable experience.

Featured Image Credit: Anton27, Shutterstock

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