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Cat Lingo: Guide to Internet Cat Talk

Chantelle Fowler

By Chantelle Fowler

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The Internet is a cat lover’s paradise, especially when you learn that there are whole sections of social media websites devoted specifically to cats. Take Facebook’s “aeroplane ear posting” group, designed specifically for sharing photos of cats with airplane ears, or Reddit’s r/OneOrange Braincell for sharing derpy orange cat behavior, for example.

Whether you use Reddit, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, chances are you’ve encountered some interesting cat-centric jargon you don’t fully comprehend. As a Millennial, I know I have my teenage daughter on standby for all new-fangled terminology I can’t wrap my head around, but if you don’t have a child at your disposal to send all your inquiries to, we can help. Read on to find common Internet cat lingo you’ll come across as you delve deeper into your favorite Facebook pages or subreddits.

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The Guide to Internet Cat Lingo

Word or Phrase Meaning
Absolute unit An impressively large cat
Airplane ears When a cat flattens their ears so they look like an airplane about to take flight; can symbolize that zoomies are about to begin or that they’re frightened or nervous
Angery Alternate spelling of “angry;” used when a cat is showing an angry face
Beans See toe beans
Blep When a cat leaves their tongue, usually just the tip, hanging outside of their mouth unconsciously
Boop A tiny, extremely gentle touch to the nose; also known as a “nose boop”
Cat taps When your cat taps on an object or their human as a way of requesting attention
Cat tax An image or video of one’s cat posted as a duty to be fulfilled upon introduction to a social media forum
Catio A patio for cats; typically built just outside a door or window that your pet likes to frequent so they can come and go as they please
Catmas Christmas, but with a cat theme in mind
Catto Another way to say “cat”
Chicken Naked cat (e.g., Sphynx)
Chonk/Chonker A particularly chunky cat
Derp A foolish or clumsy cat; can be used to refer to particularly silly facial expressions
Eepy Sleepy
Ekekekekek The chirping sound a cat makes when they observe birds
Elevator butt When cats raise their bottoms in the air when the base of their tail is scratched
Floof An exceptionally fluffy or furry cat
Frien Another way to say “friend”
Heckin’ Used to emphasize an action; e.g., “That cat had heckin’ zoomies.”
Hooman Common word that cats use when referring to their owner
House panther A domestic black cat
If I fits, I sits Refers to the tendency of cats to try to occupy tight spaces for little to no reason, mostly boxes far too small for them
Kitteh Kitty
Kitty glitter The tufts of fur cats leave all over their home, furniture, and humans
Loaf A sleeping pose that typically indicates relaxation when all four limbs are tucked under the cat
Long boi, long gorl When cats lay in an elongated position
Making biscuits Refers to the kneading action cats perform when they feel happy and secure
Mlem The sound a cat’s tongue makes when it moves in and out of their mouth
Monch To eat with enthusiasm
Mouser A cat that’s particularly excellent at catching mice
Murder mittens A cat’s claws
Oh lawd, he comin’ Slang used to describe obese cats on the move
Pantaloons The fur on the back of a cat’s hind legs
Pooch Droopy, swinging underbelly; also known as the primordial pouch
Purrito A cat wrapped up in bedding, much like a burrito
Smol An affectionate way to refer to something small in size
Snorgle To inhale the cuteness of the cat, usually done by taking a huge whiff of the belly
Sploot Refers to the position cats take when they lie on their stomachs with their legs stretched out behind them
Teefies, teefs A cat’s pearly whites
Toe beans The squishy part of a cat’s paw pads that resemble jelly beans
Void A black cat
Water beard When a cat dips their head into their water bowl, dampening the area beneath their mouths and giving themselves a wet bearded look
Zoomies A sudden burst of hyperactivity that often occurs in the middle of the night, mystifying cat owners worldwide
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Photo Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

We hope our cat lingo dictionary has provided guidance into the most commonly used terminology you will find in cat-centric online forums. Now you have the confidence to go forth, join all the cat groups you can find, share the obligatory cat tax, and connect with other void-loving, kitty glitter-wearing, heckin’ good hoomans that share your affinity for cat culture.

Featured Photo Credit: Fusso_pics, Shutterstock

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Chantelle is passionate about two things in her life – writing and animals. She grew up on the prairies in Canada surrounded by animals. As an adult, she chooses to share her home with five cats, two guinea pigs, and a bearded dragon. Chantelle, her husband, and their child take great pride in being THOSE kind of animal parents - the ones who spend a thousand dollars on wall-mounted cat shelves so that their cats can ha...Read more

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