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Why Is the Internet So Obsessed With Cats? 8 Possible Reasons

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

By Rachael Gerkensmeyer

happy young caucasian woman with her cat using laptop at home

It’s no secret that people love cats. More than 25% of households in the United States alone 1 have cats living in them. So, it should be no wonder that we see cats on the internet. However, it is a little surprising that the internet seems to be completely infatuated with cats and has been since the inception of regular computer use within the home.

Why is the internet so obsessed with cats? There seem to be many reasons for the phenomenon. Let’s check them out here.

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The 8 Reasons Why the Internet Is Obsessed With Cats

1. Because Cats Are Cute, Of Course!

One big reason cats are so popular on the internet is that most of them are so cute, especially when they are still kittens. People love to show off their cute cats, so they share the photos on social media. Before long, those photos are shared far and wide over and over again. We find it hard to resist admiring photos of cute cats whenever we come across them online.

two ragdolls cats lying on the floor at home
Photo Credit: xixicatphotos, Shutterstock

2. Because Cats Sometimes Aren’t So Cute

Another reason cats happen to be so beloved on the internet is that sometimes cats just are not so cute. You’ve likely seen the famous Grumpy Cat online, which is a perfect example of a cat being shown in a not-so-favorable light. Whether it’s an “ugly” cat, a goofy-looking cat, or a cat that gets captured on camera while making a weird-looking face, you’re sure to find plenty of not-so-cute photos of cats on the internet.

3. Because Cats Can Be Funny

One thing most cat owners can agree on is that felines can be funny, at least occasionally. Cats often get silly and act funny when they are playing or get exposed to catnip. They might tackle another cat, get stuck in a paper bag, fall off the couch while goofing around, or jump in surprise when someone sneaks up behind them. Whatever the case, funny cat videos have a way of making us feel happy and more positive during our day.

cat making crazy face while playing
Photo Credit: Casey Elise Christopher, Shuttetstock

4. Because Cats Can Be Troublesome

Cats can be troublesome. They have a way of doing things that we don’t want them to do, even if we’ve made it clear that we dislike the behavior. So, when we see other cats online behaving badly, we know that we’re not the only ones who sometimes have problems with their kitty companions. Also, watching cats making trouble is usually entertaining if nobody or nothing is hurt in the process.

5. Because Cats Tend to Have Attitude

It’s not uncommon to catch a cat having an attitude sometimes, especially when we are trying to get them to do something that they don’t want to do. Cat owners don’t want to waste an opportunity to show off their cats’ attitudes online, and everyone gets to benefit from the entertainment. We also have an opportunity to share our support for the owners who seem to deal with plenty of attitude from their kitties.

cat having an attitude
Photo Credit: Skitterphoto, Pixabay

6. Because Cats Sometimes Remind Us of Ourselves

Sometimes, our cats remind us of ourselves. It makes sense because we spend so much time with them. But what’s weird is that we tend to see ourselves in other peoples’ cats too. Have you ever caught yourself laughing at a cat that does something funny, mean, or clumsy and thought to yourself or told someone else, “That’s me!”? Perhaps one reason we love cats online is simply that they remind us that we humans do silly things sometimes too.

7. Because Computer Geeks Tend to Own Cats

It might just be a rumor, but most people believe that computer geeks tend to prefer cats as pets over other options (like dogs). So, it makes sense that those who spend most of their time on the internet would be into cats and want to show off their cats online. Maybe computer geeks started the trend of posting cat photos online, but nowadays, almost everyone enjoys at least the occasional cat pic on the internet.

a tabby cat walking on a desk with computer setup
Photo Credit: FalkenOBR, Pixabay

8. Because Cats Are Adored Worldwide

Cats are popular everywhere in the world, so almost everyone who participates in online conversations at least knows someone who owns a cat if they don’t own one themselves. Therefore, with so many people interested in cats, it’s hard to avoid not talking about them on the internet. Maybe the reason the internet is so obsessed with cats is simply that cats are so well-known and adored worldwide.

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Cats will probably always be popular on the internet and for good reason. There never seems to be a shortage of photos, memes, videos, and anecdotes to uncover at any given time. As long as people keep posting cat content, which will likely be for as long as the internet is a thing, cats will probably reign supreme online.

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