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10 Coton de Tulear Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2023 (With Pictures)

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

Coton de Tulear on grass

Coton de Tulears have long, curly hair. As you might imagine, it needs to be groomed often. Usually, this needs to be done by a professional groomer. Luckily, you do have many haircuts to choose from. Some of these are made to look as fancy and impressive as possible, while others are extremely low maintenance.

Though you can technically request that your dog be cut however you want, there are seven main styles of the year. These fulfill different needs and are suitable for different climates. So, it is essential to choose the best one for your situation!Divider 8

The 10 Coton de Tulear Haircuts & Grooming Styles

1. Full Coat

A straightforward haircut for Coton de Tulears is to avoid cutting their hair at all! This is called the “full coat” cut and is precisely what it sounds like. You don’t cut their hair and let it grow until it is full and fluffy. This cut shows off this dog’s fluffy coat.

However, it can be hard to take care of. The longer a dog’s hair, the more maintenance it needs. This coat will require daily brushing and regular bathing. It is not often used for companion dogs for this reason. It is just a lot of work!

2. Puppy Cut


While the puppy cut is used for puppies, it is a popular cut for adult dogs too. It makes dogs look like they’re puppies. The haircut itself doesn’t have many rules. Usually, the dog’s hair is cut to a manageable length of a couple of inches. Some people keep the dog’s ears long, while others cut them short. The face can be trimmed in many different ways, as well.

This cut is much easier to care for than the full coat. The dog will still need occasional brushing and bathing, but it won’t require daily maintenance. Of course, the dog will need to be taken to the groomer’s often to keep up this look. This takes time and costs money. Overall, though, this look is much lower maintenance than the previous one.

3. Summer Cut

The summer cut is much shorter than other options. As the name suggests, it is best for the summer months when the dogs need to be as cool as possible. It is also suitable for warmer climates. You do not want to give your dog this cut during the winter in colder climates, however. It is best suited for warmer weather.

At the same time, this cut is straightforward to take care of. There isn’t any brushing needed in the least, and your pup will only need the occasional bath. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance cut, this is it.

4. Slightly Trimmed

This cut involves just barely trimming the dog. It makes them quite puffy, but keeps their fur shorter and more manageable. This is a suitable choice for colder climates or for owners who want the full coat without all of the extra work.

5. Natural

When puppies are first born, their fur is not all the way grown out. If you let it grow out naturally as they age, this is referred to as the “natural” style.  As you might imagine, this style eventually grows into a full coat. However, as they are puppies, it is somewhat shorter than their adult counterparts.

6. Shaped

This is like a full coat, but the face and paw are also trimmed. The face area can be hard to maintain with a full coat and requires regular grooming. To avoid this, many owners decide to trim up the face and the feet.

This reduces the amount of maintenance the coat requires, while still keeping the glory of the full coat.

7. Short and Even

This is very similar to the summer cut. However, the fur across all of the body is kept the same length. This is common in puppies and warmer areas. It is easier to maintain than most options, which makes it perfect for those who do not want to spend much time grooming.

Of course, you will need to take them back to the groomers regularly to maintain this cut. Otherwise, their fur will grow out very quickly.

8. Evenly Trimmed

This haircut involves evenly trimming the dog’s fur along their entire body. Typically, it is kept the same length, which means the dog’s eyes may be covered by their fur. It is slightly rarer, as most owners prefer to keep their dog’s faces short.

The bottom of the paws may be trimmed very short, despite most of the body being kept longer. This is to avoid the puppy from scooting around.

9. Brushed Out

This is very similar to the full coat, but the dog’s fur is kept very brushed out. This eliminated the slight curl that most have in their fur. Their bellies may also be trimmed so that the fur doesn’t touch the floor, which can make it extremely dirty very quickly.

The face is often kept trimmed as well. There may be some shaping to the “beard”, or it may be allowed to grow long like the rest of the fur.

10. Puppy Cut with a Very Shaped Face

This Coton de Tulear haircut is technically a sub-set of the puppy cut. However, it is gaining in popularity and deserves its own category. The fur in this haircut is cut quite short, though it is longer than the summer cut. The face is very shaped, though. This is the main way you can tell the differences between this cut and the plain puppy cut. The mustache is very prominent and the beard may be allowed to grow out or may be trimmed in as well.

Divider 5Which Coton de Tulear Hair Cut Will You Choose?

There are countless Coton de Tulear haircuts to choose from. We went over ten of the most popular options on this list, but there are also quite a few options out there that we haven’t reviewed. Many of these have different purposes and are suitable for different climates.

With so many options, we’re sure to find one your puppy will love!

Featured Image Credit: JackieLou DL, Pixabay

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