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5 DIY Cat Christmas Stockings You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

A cute kitten hiding inside a Christmas stocking

There’s something special about treating your cat at the holidays, and what’s more quintessentially Christmas than a stocking on the hearth? Making your own Christmas stocking for your cat (or any member of the family) can be amazingly fun and easier than you may think.

In this article, we’ve collected the most gorgeous DIY stocking ideas that’ll look fabulous on your mantle at different levels of difficulty, so there’ll be something for everyone.

These DIY stockings can all be personalized to suit your pretty kitty and appeal to even the most finicky feline.

The 5 DIY Cat Christmas Stockings

1. DIY Jingle Bells Cat Stocking by Lia Griffith

Image Credit: Lea Griffith
Materials: Two pieces of felt (any color) 12” x 18”, Ribbon (for hanging hoops), Black beads for eyes, Jingle Bells, Embroidery thread
Tools: Hot glue gun, Glue, Needle, Thread, Fabric scissors, Pinking Shears
Difficulty Level: Medium

The sweet jingle bells on this DIY cat stocking bring out its charm and offer up a unique stocking that your cat will be captivated by. Big, sturdy, and not too detailed to be crowded, this simple stocking is fully customizable with the image of your cuddly cat on its front. The clever use of colored felt shows off the simple yet intelligent appearance of this stocking, so go ahead and grab those scissors.

2. DIY Googly Eyes Stocking from Design by D9

DIY Christmas stockings
Image Credit: Design by D9
Materials: Two Felt squares 12”x 15” in the primary stocking color, White felt, Green felt, Pink felt, Googly eyes, ½” wide satin ribbon, Spray glue, Pom-pom
Tools: Hot glue gun, Glue, Fabric pen, Fabric scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

The step-by-step guide to creating this stocking is fantastic and easy to follow, making this one of the quicker projects on our list.

The impressive yet simple design uses objects around the home for measuring and templates, with minimal sewing making it a quick gift for your furry friend. The cat on the front even comes with its own scarf and ears. Cute!

3. DIY No-Sew Stocking by 3 Little Greenwoods

Image Credit: 3 Little Greenwoods
Materials: Pre-made felt stocking (any color), Felt sheets, Ribbon, Pet silhouettes
Tools: Hot glue gun, Glue
Difficulty Level: Easy

This project is fantastically quick but looks amazing when finished. It is perfect for those pet parents who may not have the time to sew a whole stocking together yet still want to give their cat a personalized, homemade stocking for Christmas.

Starting with a pre-made shell gives this DIY plan an edge against the others, along with minimal materials and tools needed.

4. DIY Faux Fur Luxe by Do It Yourself Divas

Materials: ¼ yard faux fur- any color or design, Gift tags
Tools: needle and thread/sewing machine, Fabric scissors, pins
Difficulty Level: Medium

This fluffy, furry stocking is one of a kind. An ingenious take on the luxe design would be to find faux fur that resembles your cat’s fur, so when they’re gifted the stocking, it’ll be like looking in a (funnily shaped) mirror! The finish on the stocking is sublime and looks professionally crafted and strong.

5. Gorgeous DIY Mouse Stocking by Handmade Charlotte

Image Credit: Handmade Charlotte
Materials: Printable templates, Three pieces of felt 8 ½” x 11”, Felt for mouse applique, Ribbon for the tail, Pom-pom, Black beads for the eyes
Tools: Paper scissors, Fabric scissors, Hot glue gun, Glue, Pins, Needle, and thread/sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Easy

This stunning mouse design looks impressive and is one of the easiest crafts on the list. The mouse on the front of the stocking is a reminder of exactly who the stocking belongs to. It can be customized with any combination of colors, as well as designing the mouse to your liking.

The 3 DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Now you’ve found the perfect DIY craft for your pretty kitty; the question is: what to fill it with?

We’ve searched the internet for some amazing and quick crafts to fill your cat’s stocking, making each present much more meaningful since all can be homemade.

1. DIY Paw Print Ornament by Cats Herd You

DIY Cat Paw Print Keepsakes
Image Credit: Cats Herd You

This keepsake ornament is made of salt dough. It’s a quick and non-toxic craft that makes a beautiful ornament to hang on the tree

2. DIY Cat Grass Toys by Prodigal Pieces

DIY Cat Grass
Image Credit: Prodigal Pieces

These veggie toys look like they’d be sold in a boutique pet store, and we can see why! They’re beautiful, safe, and entertaining to play with (if you’re a cat), so why not try to make your cat a grass carrot to chase?

3. DIY Home-Made Cat Treats by Batter Sea

DIY Homemade Cat Treats
Image Credit: Battersea

For simple, nutritious, and tantalizing cat treats, look no further. This recipe from Battersea Dogs and Cats home guides you on how to bake these lovely nibbles from just three ingredients, making your cat’s Christmas extra special with treats from the heart.

Ready to Go Stocking Stuffers

If you’re pleased with your DIY stocking but would rather buy something to fill it for your kitty than make it, then take a look at these fun feather toys and tasty treats that fit perfectly into your superb stocking:

Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide to fill your stocking with, these DIY cat stocking ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to make them your own. Will you make just one for your furry friend or make a few, so you have gifts for other furry felines in your life? Either way, these easy-to-understand guides use items and materials commonly found in the home or at craft stores everywhere. Have fun making these gorgeous stockings for your cat!

Featured Image Credit: Tony Campbell, Shutterstock

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