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10 DIY Dog Couches You Can Build Today

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Dogs love to lounge and relax just as humans do. Unfortunately, this often means that our dogs take up most of our couch space! Since we love our furry companions, we don’t want to kick them off the comfy couch and relegate them to the hard floor. Luckily, if you have a bit of DIY capability and a few materials and tools available, you can build your dog an excellent couch or bed so that they have some personal space to call their own. Hopefully, they’ll love their new couch so much that you’ll get your old space on the full-sized couch back!

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The Top 10 DIY Dog Couches

1. DIY Dog Couch by Lazy Liz on Less

  • Difficulty: Advanced

Our first DIY dog couch is from petdiys.com. This great DIY Dog Couch looks great and it’s very comfortable for your pet to relax on! It’s made from wood, then covered in foam to make it plush for your pup. It’s a pretty advanced build though, and you’ll need some proficiency with tools and measurements. You’ll need a few woodworking tools and some basic build-knowledge to get this job finished. A jigsaw and a drill will be necessary, as well as a whole lot of DIY enthusiasm and you can save quite a bit of money over what it would cost to buy a similar couch for your dog.

2. DIY Couch Pet Bed by iCreative Ideas

  • Difficulty: Easy

This plush couch is perfect for a puppy or a smaller sized dog. It’s a very simple couch to put together, and no woodworking skills are required. In fact, you won’t need any power tools at all since this couch is made from just fabric and filling. If you have a little bit of stitching skill, you can easily put this together for your pet in an afternoon. You’ll simply follow the pattern to cut your fabric into the right shape. Then, stitch the pieces together and fill them with polyester filling. Once it’s all stuffed, you just tie the corners together and your dog has a comfy new couch that they’ll love to use!

3. DIY Dog Couch by Michael Root

  • Difficulty: Moderate

The DIY Dog Couch from Michael Root is a basic piece of puppy furniture that’s built from wood pieces and a cushion. It’s simple to build if you have a bit of woodworking knowledge. It’s 5 feet long and 30 inches wide, plenty of space for even the largest dogs. It’s made of old scrap materials that were laying around, including salvaged wood from a few pallets. If you have some scrap wood laying around, you can also build a cheap and comfortable couch for your furry companion.

4. DIY Dog Bed Sofa by Daisynics Recipes & DIY Crafts

  • Difficulty: Moderate

If you’re looking to make a DIY dog couch, and you want to really spoil your dogs with something plush and comfortable, why not make it completely out of foam? That’s how this DIY Dog Bed Sofa was created, and the result is an excellent looking dog couch that’s even more comfortable than anything you could purchase them from the store! The foam came from an old mattress that would have been thrown away if it hadn’t been repurposed for a dog couch. So, think about this project next time you get ready to throw away your old memory foam mattress!

5. Build a High-End Dog Sofa by hometalk

  • Difficulty: Advanced

This DIY High-End Dog Sofa takes your dog’s comfort to the next level, while also adding to the décor of your home. It’s easily one of the best-looking DIY couches we’ve seen, and it’s on our list of projects to build. It looks fancier than any dog couch we’ve seen, and most people certainly wouldn’t assume it’s a DIY project. The frame is made from wood, but comfortable orthopedic foam was used to cover the entire couch, making it ultra-comfortable for your furry friends. You’ll definitely need some DIY skills and a bit of extra time for this project.

6. DIY Mid-Century Style Pet Bed by Our NERD Home

  • Difficulty: Moderate

It’s not nearly as luxurious or comfortable as some of the other DIY dog couches we’ve seen, but this DIY Mid-Century Style Pet Bed has a certain elegance in its simplicity. Since the design is so simple, you can easily build it to whatever size is most accommodating for your dogs. It’s mostly built out of plywood with legs purchased from a home-improvement store. A foam cushion was used to make it more comfortable for a dog. The whole couch was painted a teal-green, but you could paint it to match the flavor of your home.

7. DIY: Easy Dog Bed by Wouldn’t it be Lovely

  • Difficulty: Moderate

This DIY Easy Dog Bed is built to be incredibly strong so it can comfortably support the weight of the largest dogs such as Mastiffs. It’s made from a wooden frame that’s raised up on four legs. Nylon straps that are two inches wide are weaved across each other to form the lying surface. They’re tacked into place on the ends of the frame. The result is just as attractive as it is functional, and dogs of any size will love to call this comfortable relaxation spot their own.

8. Build a Raised Pallet Dog Bed by 1o1 Pallets

  • Difficulty: Easy

Pallets can easily be obtained for free from many large companies since they pile up after having large items shipped. If you pick up a few, you could easily Build a Raised Pallet Dog Bed to keep your dog comfortable without spending much. All it takes to learn how to build a dog couch is a few pallets, a screw gun, and a large cushion to make it comfortable. If you want, you can even add wheels onto the bottom to make it easier to move around.

9. How to Make a Modern Pet Bed by A Beautiful Mess

  • Difficulty: Advanced

If you prefer a more modern look and you want your dog’s bed to fit in with the character of the rest of your living space, then you may check out How to Make a Modern Pet Bed. This couch/bed is a great-looking addition to any home, but it’s not the easiest build. You’ll need some decent skills with power tools and woodworking if you want to build one for your dog. You’ll make kerf cuts, fill in wood with wood glue, and sand down the wood glue for finished results. If you’ve got the skills, it can be a great way to create a custom couch bed for your dog, and all the steps are well-presented for you to follow.

10. Pet Bed by Build Basic

  • Difficulty: Moderate

If you’re looking for a pet bed build that can test your woodworking skills a bit and help you improve your DIY experience, then try this Pet Bed by Build Basic. It’s not terribly difficult overall, but you’ll need to do some cutouts with a jigsaw and make holes with a pocket jig. The end result looks excellent, and it should only take a few hours to complete. No one will assume that you built this since it looks like something purchased from an expensive store! And you can even pick the paint color to match what’s in your home now.

Featured Image Credit: Armin Forster, Pixabay

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