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  • Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher

    Cats love to scratch almost anything, whether it is your couch, the carpet, or even the curtains.…

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Modern Cat Scratchers from Hepper

You’ve spent hours furnishing your home - crafting the perfect palace. The curtain colour, the type of paint, the sofa style. Don’t let it get destroyed in an instant. Your cat has energy that it has to release, so let it be a beautiful cat scratcher that absorbs the rambunctious rascal's wrath, rather than your perfect pillow. With glossy side panels and metal legs, our scratcher will blend into any modern setting. The only piece of furniture you’ll be happy to see destroyed! Cat scratching is perfectly normal, healthy behaviour. It’s instinctive, and a key part of a cat's emotional expression. It also serves as a marking mechanism, claw sharpening tool, and even stretching mechanism. At Hepper, we don’t want to suppress these kitty behaviours, we simply want to channel them in a way that’s healthy for your feline friend, and for your home. With our scratcher, they'll be able to receive all of the benefits, without you or your home having to deal with any of the common side effects.

Our Product

Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher - Our scratchers have everything your cat or kitten needs to satisfy its claws. With five positions for maximum flexibility, even the stubbornest and pickiest explorers will be intrigued. Whether they want to scratch high, or they want to scratch low, it’s designed for them. Beyond simply the positions, thick layers of cardboard are perfect to make sure your cat is getting the level of destruction they need. These durable scratch zones ensure that your cat can scratch with regularity and contentment, for hours and hours on end. With a simple construction, you’ll have the Hi-Lo scratcher set up in no time. Spend less time worrying about your home, and more time enjoying it. Hepper scratcher - designed for destruction.