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Does Home Depot Allow Dogs? (2024 Policy Update)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Home Depot’s official policy is that only service dogs can enter the store. Very few stores check the credentials of dogs that enter the premises, however, and most seem to willingly welcome canine companions of any status. Some Home Depot associates even carry bags of treats, but you should ring your local store before visiting if you want to be sure.

What Is Home Depot’s Pet Policy?

Home Depot’s official policy is that service dogs are permitted in stores, but other dogs are prohibited. According to the American Disabilities Act (ADA), emotional support dogs that do not provide any other services to their handlers, are not considered service dogs, and therefore are not strictly permitted inside Home Depot stores.

According to the ADA:

“A service animal is a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.”

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Store Dependent Policy

At first glance, it would seem that Home Depot does not allow dogs in its stores. But the reality is very different. The hardware store is often listed as being a canine-friendly location, and although there are some reports of dogs being turned away, others have been told that it is company policy to allow well-behaved dogs on leashes into their store. Ultimately, though, it is down to the individual store’s manager.

Is Home Depot Canada Dog Friendly?

The no pets policy is enforced more rigidly in Canada’s Home Depot stores. An employee of Home Depot in Ottawa had the tip of her nose bitten off by a customer’s dog, in 2011. The dog’s owner was fined while the dog itself, which was a Shih-Tzu, was forced to wear a muzzle in public. The Home Depot store clerk, Anne Riel, had to have plastic surgery and stitches. Following the incident, Home Depot Canada banned all pets from their stores. Although they do still allow service dogs.

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Are Dogs Still Allowed In Lowes?

Lowes is another store that is seemingly perfectly set up for dogs. It has wide aisles and the floors are concrete, allowing free movement and easy passage, as well as making it easy to clean up if there are any accidents. While the company has an official “service dogs only” policy, shoppers report that many individual locations are reportedly dog-friendly.

Can Dogs Go To Costco?

Only Costco members can enter Costco warehouses, and it seems that dogs are not included as part of this list. Like all shops, Costco allows service dogs to accompany their owner, but this is one chain that is not considered dog-friendly.

Can I Take My Dog Into Target?

Service dogs are not considered pets. Essentially, they are working animals, and this means that they can go virtually anywhere that a member of the public can go, as long as they behave themselves. Regardless of a store’s corporate or individual policy, shoppers can take service dogs in stores with them. However, it is also the right of the store owner to ask for proof of a service dog’s status. Target operates a strict no-pet policy, so if your dog isn’t a service dog, he isn’t permitted in the store.

Can Dogs Go Into Walmart?

Many dog owners like to take their canine companions with them everywhere, but for every dog lover, there is somebody that is allergic, scared, or simply doesn’t want to share a shopping aisle with a dog. And, for every conscientious dog owner that ensures their pet behaves and cleans up after them, there is an inconsiderate owner that won’t clean up any mess and leaves it for store employees to deal with. As such, Walmart is one of many stores that operate a strict no-pet policy.

Can Dogs Go Into Ikea?

At a lot of stores, Ikea has attempted to compromise with dog owners. Ikea does not allow dogs, except service dogs, in-store. But they do have an outside dog parking area, complete with an AstroTurf parking bay, water bowl, and somewhere to securely tie their leash.

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Does Home Depot Allow Dogs?

Home Depot is one of several stores that are typically dog friendly, but they do still expect owners to be courteous and think of others. Dogs in Home Depot should be on a leash or carried. You should clean up any mess they make and remember that if the store owner or clerk at Home Depot does ask you to take the dog out, it is at their discretion.

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