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Does Staples Allow Dogs? 2024 Pet Policy & FAQ

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Staples is the country’s largest outlet for office supplies and is known for low-cost, high-quality products. It opened its first store in Brighton, MA, on May 1, 1986, and 10 years later, it was among the Fortune 500.

If you are running low on printing ink, need new office furniture, or want to shop for your school-going child with your dog by your side, Staples is the right place to be. Though there is no official pet policy in place, most Staples stores allow customers to bring over their dogs. Continue reading to understand more about Staples’ pet policies.

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What Is Staples’ Official Pet Policy?

Staples has no official pet policy. Instead, deciding which rules pet parents should observe while bringing over their dogs is left to individual managers.

Fortunately, most Staples managers are dog friendly. But if you are unsure whether the local Staples manager may allow your dog in, contact the store to inquire more. Alternatively, you may visit the local government’s official website, especially at the state level. If the state has no problems with dogs visiting stores, most local Staples managers will comply.

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Why Do Most Staples Stores Allow Dogs?

Staples’s mission revolves around creating a customer-friendly environment and stocking high-quality goods. Since pets are part and parcel of over 65% of US households, they contribute a lot to creating a customer-friendly environment.

Using pets in marketing indirectly conditions a customer’s mind into believing they are dealing with a friendly business. The strategy also improves social media visibility and online engagement.

The same can be said for businesses that allow customers to come with their dogs. This is because customers will take photos of them with their dogs and tag the store. It may boost a business’s online presence.

Shoppers with dogs also spend more time socializing and exploring. This may result in more purchases, an advantage to a shop with pet-friendly policies.

Can Staples Stop You From Bringing In Your Dog?

Yes, Staples managers have the right to stop any customer coming over with a dog and politely ask them to leave the store.

Sometimes, as much as store management may want to be pet-friendly, customers may keep breaking obvious rules, such as not leashing their dogs while in the store. Over time the history of unruly pets piles up. Rather than reminding customers what to do every time, managers may prohibit dogs from their stores.

Excited dogs can be very destructive, and this may also cause Staples to prohibit dogs.

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How Do You Prepare Your Dog for a Trip to Staples?

Before taking your dog on a shopping spree, you must prepare it for the new environment.

Staples requires all dogs visiting their premises to be leashed except for service dogs. Leashing protects your dog from shoppers and makes shoppers feel safe, and helps you keep your dog in control.

A basic cleaning kit is also highly recommended. It is composed of dog-friendly wet wipes and poop bags for accidents. Carry them whenever you take your dog shopping as you never know what may happen.

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Staples is a dog-friendly store for the most part but depends on the particular store’s management. It allows customers to bring over pets but they should be leashed, clean, calm and well-mannered. However, it’s best to call ahead at the store you’re planning on visiting to make sure it allows dogs.

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