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Doxie-Chin (Dachshund & Japanese Chin Mix): Info, Pictures, Traits

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Doxie-Chin (Dachshund & Japanese Chin Mix)

Height: 7 – 10 inches
Weight: 10 – 25 pounds
Lifespan: 11 – 14 years
Colors: Black, brown, white, and gray
Suitable for: Families with children, patient owners, those with time to offer
Temperament: Fun, sassy, stubborn, affectionate, sweet

The Doxie Chin is the delightful doggy hybrid of two very special dogs, the famous Dachshund, and the distinctive-looking Japanese Chin. This pup isn’t that common at the minute because he is a new canine concoction. But we think he is about to become very popular, so we gathered there’s a lot of soon-to-be Doxie Chin owners out there who need a helping hand with their research.

From his personality to his intelligence, his grooming needs down to how much food he needs every day, we’ve covered it all. This complete breed guide is a must-read for anyone looking to welcome this little chap into their life.

He is sweet, loving, and full of little-dog beans, but he is not suited to every dog owner. We’ll cover why on this Doxie Chin discovery. So, let’s jump straight in.

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Doxie Chin Puppies


The Doxie Chin is not a laid-back dog. Oh no! This guy is full of feist and sassy attitude. If you are looking for a dog who can relax in his own company without demanding any attention, this might just be the last dog you look for. He will also sulk if you shout at him. We’ll explain why you shouldn’t not yell at him, but just be prepared for him to be put out for a few days.

However, if you like small dogs with a big attitude, we think you’d make a great match. The Doxie Chin always wants to be the center of attention and spoilt rotten. But with his gorgeous face, you’ll forgive him in no time.

With this in mind, you need to be warned that he hates to be left alone. He suffers from separation anxiety, so he needs to be homed with a family that can offer him lots of attention and most of their time. Families that spend long hours out of the house will be faced with the Doxie Chin wrath.

And finally, both of his parents are independent (read, stubborn) dog breeds. This means that you can expect your Doxie Chin to be doubly so. This means that if you seek an obedient dog, this isn’t a great match. Most of the time, the Doxie Chin does what he wants when he wants. But for those that love his parents, know that this is all part of his charm.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Doxie Chin

1. The Doxie Chin’s personality is unpredictable.

Because the Doxie Chin is a mixed breed, he can inherit the characteristics of either parent. Although they are not entirely different, there are differences. This is why it is so important to research both parent breeds to ensure that you like them both, no matter what outcome the Doxie Chin takes.

2. The Doxie Chin has a high prey drive.

His Dachshund parent is a natural badger and vermin hunter. This means that the Doxie Chin is likely to inherit some of this instinct. As such, we advise not to let him off the leash because he’ll be off like a shot if he sees something small and furry.

3. The Doxie Chin has feline qualities.

We can assure you there is no actual cat mix in this guy. But, his Japanese Chin parent is described as a feline-like breed. He cleans himself fastidiously, he climbs onto high shelves to snooze, and is quiet, and sensitive too. This makes him an excellent option for those who can’t decide between a cat and a dog.

Parent Breeds of the Doxie Chin
Image Credit: (L) Jumpstory | (R) KaliAntye, Shutterstock

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Doxie Chin 🧠

Besides his traits that we mentioned above, he has a whole host of lovable qualities that you are bound to fall in love with. He is super affectionate, and he loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his family in the evenings. If you like long hot water bottles, this could be a fantastic option for you.

He shares this love with the whole family, and instead of having a favorite, he’ll reserve his cuddles for those who have paid him the most attention that day. Yes, the Doxie Chin takes note of who has pampered him the most.

He might be a pampered pooch, but he is also lots of fun. This boy isn’t stuck up in any way. He’ll get down and dirty if it means there’s fun to be had. He will provide you and your family with lots of laughter and fun memories.

He is super intelligent, and when he is in the mood, he will pick up commands quickly. But (yes, there’s a but here), because he is so stubborn, you might mistake it for stupidity. But trust us, there’s nothing stupid about this boy, he’s just set in his ways. As we said before, you’ll need to set your watch to the new Doxie Chin timezone.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 🏡

Yes, the Doxie Chin makes a fantastic family pet. But, because he is not to everyone’s tastes, it has to be the right family. With this in mind, you need to be sure that you can provide him with everything we have mentioned in this guide.

He makes a fun canine sibling for children. Because he is small, you need to be sure that your children know how to handle small dogs rather than treating him like a cuddly toy. This can lead to a grumpy Doxie Chin and accidents.

This guy is suited to apartment living, large homes, and everything in between. He is adaptable when it comes to his house. Just as long as you are there with him, he isn’t too fussed what kind of home you have

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets? 🐶 😽

As long as the Doxie Chin is socialized well, he should get along well with other pets. However, because his Dachsunf parent is known for not being too polite, he needs to be very well socialized. This means mixing him with other dogs, most days, as soon as he can walk.

Thankfully, his Japanese Chin parent is much more mellow, and this should ease his suspiciousness of other dogs. He may get on with cats, but it is almost guaranteed that he will not get along with anything else because of his vermin exterminating history.

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Things to Know When Owning a Doxie Chin:

Now that you know more about his personality let’s take a closer look at his day-to-day needs.

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

The Doxie Chin has a tiny stomach that only needs approximately one cup of food every day. Give or take half a cup depending on his size, age, and energy levels. Always follow the package instructions, as this will give you a clearer idea.

He is likely to be a hungry hound, especially if he inherits the appetite of the Dachshund. Keep an eye on is food intake, and be sure not to go overboard with the Scooby snacks. Otherwise, he’ll turn into the shape of a banana rather than a long Weiner dog.

It’s essential to avoid him adding excess weight to his frame. Extra weight will put more pressure on his joints and increase the chances of developing other weight-related health concerns. It also increases the chances of developing intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), a common problem in the Dachshund.

Exercise 🐕

The Doxie Chin will only need between 30 and 45 minutes of exercise every day. If he takes after his Japanese Chin parent, he’ll need the lower end of the exercise scale. And if he takes after his sausage parent, he’ll need much more.

Because he is intelligent and a bit spoilt, he expects you to keep him interested in different tasks. This means that you need to mix up his activities and get him involved in various exercises. He’s happy to join in with almost anything, but be warned, when he is done, he’s done, and you’ll have to carry him after this.

Training 🦮

The Doxie Chin is a stubborn dog, so you must start training him as soon as you get him home. Reputable breeders will start training long before you bring him home, which is another reason to work with a reputable breeder. Unfortunately, they’ll only be teaching him basic commands and house training rather than fetching your slippers. That bit’s down to you.

The Doxie Chin is likely to suffer from something called ‘little dog syndrome.’ Essentially, this is something that is mainly our fault. Small dogs, just because they are small, are allowed to get away with unruly behaviors. This is where you need to take control and tell him off when he is naughty.

Because he hates to be left alone, it’s a good idea to crate-train him. He’ll become anxious every time you leave, so not only will this give him a safe space to relax when you have to leave him, but it will also provide you with peace of mind.

Grooming ✂️

The Doxie Chin is likely to have short to medium length hair, depending on his Dachshund parent’s coat length. It’s also expected to be silky smooth, but there is a chance he could inherit a wirey coat, which again, is down to which coat type his Dachshund is. This means that you should brush him once and twice a week throughout the year and several times a week during the shedding season.

Thankfully, he will be quite a hygienic breed who will keep on top of his own grooming, thanks to his feline-like Japanese Chin parent. He’ll only need cleaning once every 8 to 12 weeks to keep him looking and feeling his best.

The Doxie Chin and his small compact mouth need regular dental brushing. If you don’t, it’s likely to lead to periodontal diseases at a young age. His nails tend to grow quite quickly, too, so keep them trimmed. All of his other grooming aspects are the same as any other canine.

Health Conditions ❤️

Because the Doxie Chin is a new mixed breed, there is no real information about what his breed is likely to develop. Just like all mixed hybrid pooches, he can inherit the health concerns most familiar to his parents. For this reason, it’s a wise idea to learn about which concerns his parents are affected by and understand what symptoms to look out for.

Minor Conditions
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
Serious Conditions
  • Patellar luxation
  • Entropian
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Cataracts
  • Mitral valve dysplasia

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Male vs Female

There isn’t much difference between male and female Doxie Chins. The main difference, just like most dog breeds, is that the males are on the larger end of the height and weight scale. The way you raise, train, and treat them is the most influential factor in their personality.

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So, there you have it, everything that you need to know about the Doxie Chin in all his wonderful glory. He is sassy and sweet, fun, and loving. As long as you can put up with his feisty attitude, his charm makes up for it for sure.

He makes a fantastic family pet, and he loves children very much. He isn’t always great with other dogs and pets, but if you put the effort and training into his young puppy years, you will reap the benefits when he is older.

If you can tick all of his boxes and provide him with everything he needs, you and the Doxie Chin will be a match made in hybrid heaven.

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