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40+ Dog Puns: Paw-some & Funny & Puns for Every Occasion

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Funny dog puns are a quick and easy (and often cheesy) way of adding some adorable dog humor into your everyday routine. A little comedy and a dog are really all you need when it comes to finding a light heart and some true happiness. We have put together our favorite funny dog puns for you to enjoy. So before anyone has a  chance to start hounding you to get to work, here is the ulti-mutt list of funny dog puns.

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Cute Dog Puns

There really is nothing cuter than a dog – even if they are a little ruff around the edges, they are still our best fur-rends. Here are a few equally as adorable funny dog memes, we mean, it’s the leash we could do!

  • The best way to end a ruff week? Pawsitive vibes and blasting music on your subwoofer
  • My retriever was pacing by the phone because he waiting for his Lab results
  • I was trying to tell my dog a story while playing fetch and he told me to cut to the chase
  • Told my dog to brush his hair before we left the house -he fur-got
  • Signed my retriever up for school because I thought he’d be good at the Lab reports
  • My dog couldn’t believe we were out of treats – he was a-paw-lled
  • Fed my dalmatian a steak – he said it hit the spot
  • My dog has a far-fetched way of playing – he will only chase the balls that go beyond the dog park
  • My dog never tells the truth, he only tells tall tails
  • Brought my dog’s new litter speed dating so they could find puppy love
  • I spend all my time with my dogs, my human friends think I’m going to Rover-dose
  • I can’t get my dog to show any emotion – some would say he’s melon Collie
  • My Labradoodle is so naturally artistic
  • Dogs are fairly good at magic, just ask my labracadardor
  • Puppies belong to their Dog-ma & paw

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Funny Dog Puns

Funny dog puns may not be for everyone but we Shih Tzu not, these are sure to stick in your brain. We’re pawsitive after reading these, we’ll convince you to come to the bark side.

  • Can’t get my dog out of bed – I think he’s going through a ruff patch
  • My dog likes to dig from 9am-5pm because he wears a blue collar
  • Named my Dachhound Frank because I thought he was a hot dog
  • My dog likes to play on the couch but im tired of vacuuming – so he’s now fur-bidden from jumping on it
  • After my dog was done itching, he flea-ed the scene
  • Took my Shiba Inu for a hair cut because she was starting to look a little husky
  • I can never understand what my dog is saying – I told him to stop mutt-ering
  • My dog is so overweight – I’m trying to Whippet into shape
  • Entered my Dachshound into a dog race because I heard the weiner takes all
  • Been working on my homework but I think my Lab reports are going to be affected by the time I spend with my dog
  • Some dogs are more fur-ocious than others

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Image Credit: Happy dog by avi_acl, Pixabay

True Funny Dog Puns

When it comes to true yet funny dog puns, nothing rings truer than I like big mutts and I can not lie. Do you think any of the following puns could give our favorite a run fur its money?

  • Paw-sibilities are endless when it comes to teaching your dog new tricks
  • Everyone tells me my dog is nosy because he’s always sniffing around their stuff
  • Better make sure your pregnant dog has her babies indoors, so she isn’t ticketed for littering
  • My dog is the best at Christmas caroling – he likes to wish everyone happy howlidays with his beautiful voice
  • Raisin awareness of the toxicity in grapes for dogs
  • When my doorbell rings, my dogs bark insistently without paws
  • It really ticks me off when I have to treat my dog for fleas
  • Paw-sibilities are endless when it comes to teaching your dog new tricks

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Image Credit: APIWICH PUDSUMRAN, Shutterstock

Joke Dog Puns

We’re going to take this op-paw-tunity to tell a few punny jokes. At the end, feel free to give a big round of ap-paws.

  • What do you call it when all the neighborhood dogs come for over for dinner? A Bark-B-Q
  • What do you call a rich dog? Pawsh
  • Avid dog owner? You must be all about that Pug Life
  • Are you curious about how to groom your dog?  Better get the right in-fur-mation
  • What does a dog use to when he wants to ride in a kayak? A Doggie Paddle
  • Where is the best place for an intimidating dog to live? Ruff-Housing
  • Why type of dog does every vampire own?  A bloodhound

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Clever Dog Puns: Conclusion

Fur-real, though, we loved having you read through our favorite dog puns. We hope that they have trans-fur-med your day into a great one! If you thought these were hilarious, you should check out our related posts:

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Nicole is the proud mom of Rosa, a New Zealand Huntaway, and Baby, a Burmese cat. Originally from Canada, Nicole now lives on a lush forest property with her Kiwi husband in New Zealand. Nicole has a strong love for all animals and has experience caring for all types of dogs, from Yorkies to Great Danes. Nicole even worked as a dog sitter during her travels through South America and cared for stray pups — something she ...Read more

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