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60+ Funny Dog Memes: Classic, Hilarious & Adorable Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Whether you are starting your day, or popping online for a late-night scroll – it’s always a great time to read up on some funny dog memes.  If you are a dog owner yourself, you know how silly dogs are and how they make it so easy for us to poke a little fun at their expense. If you are not a dog owner, these will be all the convincing you’ll need to decide you need one of these adorable pups in your daily life!

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Funny Dog Memes | The War Against Cats

As history would have it, cats and dogs have been pitted against one another since the beginning of time. We’re not completely convinced they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. There have been many instances that would lead us to believe that it’s pets united, and us humans merely a pawn in their game – often even finding ourselves at the butt end of their jokes.  The age-old question is if you had to choose sides – are you canine strong or feline forever?

1. A lie I think we’ve all told once or twice.

2. Calling for canine back up when you need it most.


3. When taking out the enemy goes too far.

4. Not so fun being booped, now is it, cat?

5. Pranks are not only for humans.

6. Giving anatomy lessons – who is the smart one now, cat?

7. Try to run, I DARE you.

8. Daily occurrences when you live with a furry ninja.

9. Lending a helping hand.

10. They said he was here to protect the WHOLE family.

11. Classic example of “It was 100% the dog!”

12. The ultimate interactive toy.

13. There’s a reason dogs are referred to as man’s best friend.

14. Perspective is a funny thing, isn’t it?

15. When a guilty conscience cannot be taught.

16. We know who calls the shots in this house.

17. When the term Scaredy Cat finally makes sense.

18. “Do you find this ride boring?”

19. Taking twinning to a whole new level.

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Funny Dog Memes | The Husky Chronicles

There is something about this husky’s adorable face that sticks with us. No matter how lame the joke – he somehow manages to make it hilarious. We strongly discourage attempting to drink while reading the Husky Chronicles of Dog Memes.

20. When your dog is funny but also a genius.

21. There’s no season like SNOW season.

22. A joke as cheesy as your dog.

23. Puns for days!

24. How nostalgic.

25. Don’t be a litter pug.

26. Ba-dun-dun-chhh.

27. Jokes before bed? Seems legit.

28. Tis’ the season for pumpkin pleasin’.

29. When your dog has jokes your dad would be jealous of.

30. The first step is knowing you have a problem.

31. I’d be happy to buy shares in whatever your dog is selling.

32. When your sense of humor is out of this world.

33. Now, this is the definition of a clean joke.

34. We think this husky is a fun guy.

35. When we sometimes forget that round is, in fact, a shape.

36. Labracadabra!

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Funny Dog Memes | Bad Dog Haircuts & Dog Grooming

Taking our dogs to the groomers is a frequent and inevitable task, which can be quite eventful in itself. Now, imagine picking up your pooch only to find out his hair has been hacked. Maybe you are the groomer with your at-home shampoos and clippers, in which no one is to blame for their interesting hair-do but you! If you own a dog, you’ve likely experienced a fur fiasco, such as these, at one point or another.

37. When your dog’s so cool, you need to pay him to show up to his bath.

38. He’s sad because he thought he got a new mate for a minute.

39. Remind your dog that he doesn’t need to be a unicorn to be magical and one of a kind.

40. When your bad attitude lands you a reverse mohawk.

41. Can you give me a natural, loose, beachy wave?

42. Can someone explain to him that the bowl cut is a right of passage?

43. Let’s not forget to mention, I also have SOAP in my eyes.

44. I got chills, they’re multiplying. It’s electrifying …

45. Chinese Crested cut? or Joe Dirt?

46. Baths are an essential part of self-care.

47. Today, I’m going to show you my super easy skincare routine!

48. When your reception is spotty … Can you hear me now?

49. Do you have any Grey POUPON?

50. When your dog IS the bath bomb.

Dog Flea Bath
Image Credit: Pxfuel

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Other Funny Dog Memes | Classics Dog Memes

They may not fit in any particular box, just as our wild and ridiculously silly dogs, but these next memes pack quite a punch. We are wrapping up our funny dog memes with a few relevant and relatable funnies sure to stick in your brain for the rest of the day.

51. The ultimate rude awakening.

52. I can take care of that Lab report, no problem.

53. They look like angels to me.

54. Ok, now let’s do a funny one.

55. Reason 101 why grooming is important.

56. Repetition is key when teaching your pup their name!

57. Potato fiend coming through.

58. Better get running so they can’t Ketchup!

59. When your dog can sense your unfaithfulness.

60. Back when life was simple.

61. When your dog is a silent killer.

62. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway, right?


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We hope that you were able to get a chuckle out of our favorite funny dog memes. Dogs provide an endless reel of comedy and paired with some of the most hilarious jokes, these funny dog memes truly make for priceless and classic entertainment.

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