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10 Greyhound Mixed Breeds (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Greyhounds are one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, with records of the first Greyhounds appearing almost 8,000 years ago. These gentle giants are highly athletic and powerful animals, making them the first choice for racing. They are also the fastest canines in the world, reaching speeds of up to 45 MPH. Today, they are still a popular dog in the racing world but have become popular as loyal companions too.

Their calm and gentle nature and popularity as companion dogs have led to many beautiful crossbreeds, pairing the strength and agility of the Greyhound with equally unique characteristics. If you are looking at bringing home a Greyhound mix of your own or are just interested in the available varieties, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this comprehensive list of popular Greyhound crosses, so you can see for yourself what they are all about.

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The 10 Greyhound Mixed Breeds

1. Grey Doberhound (Greyhound x Doberman Pinscher)

A Doberman and Greyhound hybrid is sure to be a unique and formidable mix. As you’d imagine, these dogs need a massive amount of exercise and ideally, a large living space too. They are gentle dogs that are generally friendly with other people and pets, and their Doberman genetics make them highly trainable and obedient. You can be sure that this dog will be a large animal, as both of its parent breeds are muscular, agile, and large dogs too. They are generally easy to maintain and care for but are prone to shedding, so regular brushing will help keep your home hair-free.

2. Greyhound Shepherd (Greyhound x German Shepherd)

With the German Shepherd’s penchant for loyalty and their somewhat stoic temperament, along with the gentle and calm personality of the Greyhound, the Greyhound Shepherd makes for an ideal family dog. These dogs are not only highly intelligent and dependable but are friendly and personable too. While these dogs are powerful and athletic animals, they are not known for endurance, so multiple short exercise sessions a day are recommended.

3. Greyador (Greyhound x Labrador)

greyhound labrador
Image Credit to: Lindsay Helms, shutterstock

The Greyador is one of the more well-known and popular Greyhound breeds and for good reason. With both parent breeds being such excellent family dogs, it is no wonder that the Greyador is just as friendly and calm in temperament. They have just the right amount of energy levels to make a great playmate for children and will love a cuddle on the sofa just as much. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more loyal and friendly companion for your family.

4. Irish Wolf Greyhound (Greyhound x Irish Wolfhound)

irish wolfhound dog
Image Credit to: Matt Benzero, Shutterstock

The Irish Wolfhound and Greyhound are dogs that are similar in character and temperament, so the decision to cross them is hardly a surprising one. You can be sure of a large dog with a ton of energy and charisma and long, speedy legs. With both parent breeds being hounds, these dogs have a strong prey drive, so they will need consistent training to keep these urges in check.

5. Saluki Greyhound (Greyhound x Saluki)

saluki greyhound
Image Credit to: Svetlay, Shutterstock

Also known as a Longdog, this mix has been used predominantly for hunting hare, as the combination of the two parent breeds makes for a fast and agile dog that doesn’t weigh much. The Saluki is similar in appearance to a Greyhound but is smaller and thinner, with shorter legs and a smaller head. This combination makes for an amazing working dog that is as obedient and intelligent as they are fast. They are also friendly and loyal animals that are great for families.

6. Greybull Pit (Greyhound x American Pitbull)

greyhound pitbull
Image Credit to: kostudio, Shutterstock

This unique hybrid is everything that you’d expect: agile, fast, strong, and powerful. But they are also gentle and somewhat sensitive dogs that love to be around their owners. With a temperament that is loving and eager to please, these dogs take extremely well to training, love regular exercise, and make great loyal companions. Greybull Pits will often have an intense prey drive, so early socialization with other pets is essential.

7. Malinois Greyhound (Greyhound x Belgian Malinois)

This is a combination of breeds that will need a large amount of exercise. With the speed of the Greyhound and the endurance of the Belgian Malinois, this is a breed of dog with seemingly never-ending energy reserves. They are a unique-looking breed, with a long snout, lean, muscular legs, and pointy, triangular ears. Beneath this strange combination of features lies a dog that is loyal, highly intelligent, and friendly. They are great companion animals, but due to their speed and endurance, they make ideal working dogs too.

8. Scottish Deer Greyhound (Greyhound x Scottish Deerhound)

Another breed known as a Longdog; these dogs were bred primarily for hunting. They are easy to train and obedient animals that are also loyal companions who love nothing more than being around their owners. While they make great hunting dogs, their friendly and laidback personalities make them less-than-ideal watchdogs. These dogs are highly food-motivated, which is great for training but can quickly lead to overeating. This tendency combined with their height makes them expert table-snatchers, so it’s best to keep a close watch on food on the counter or dinner table!

9. Walker Greyhound (Greyhound x Treeing Walker Coonhound)

These Greyhound hybrids are friendly dogs that make fun and loyal companions for active families but have a strong prey drive that makes smaller family pets an irresistible target. This means that they’ll need dedicated and consistent obedience training from an early age as possible. They are high-energy animals that will need a ton of regular exercise to stay happy, healthy, and out of trouble. As far as Greyhound mixes go, they don’t come much more adorable than the Walker Greyhound, though, and these energetic pooches will quickly win your heart.

10. Mastiff Greyhound (Greyhound x Bull Mastiff)

With two parent breeds that are both strong, athletic, and large, the Mastiff Greyhound is a powerful dog that usually comes with a ton of energy. These parent breeds are both well known for being gentle giants, though, so despite their intimidating stature, they are sweet and gentle dogs that make great family pets. When they are not burning off energy, they can usually be found attempting to impersonate lap dogs and are generally non-aggressive and laidback in temperament.

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The strength, agility, and loyalty of the ancient Greyhound lend themselves well to other breeds, and the resulting hybrids often inherit these prized traits. No matter the cross you have, you can be sure that as long as the Greyhound is involved, they will be loyal and family-friendly breeds with a ton of love to give.

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