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How Fast Can a Doberman Run? The Impressive Answer!

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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The Doberman Pinscher is one of the working breeds that can run at high speeds for long distances. This long-legged, muscular dog is incredibly fast, so it is not surprising that they are genetically related to the Greyhound, the fastest breed in the world.

Considering the speed and genetics of Dobermans, you may be wondering exactly how fast the breed can run. While there are certain factors that affect each individual dog’s capabilities, the Doberman is known to run up to an impressive 32 mph. Curious to learn more? Read on!

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What You Need to Know about a Dog’s Speed

If you combine all the breeds, the average running speed for dogs is between 15 and 20 mph.

A dog’s running abilities are influenced by things like size, age, and body composition. For instance, a dog in optimal health will be better equipped for running than one with health problems like lung disease or joint issues.

In addition, some breeds have natural abilities that make them capable of higher speeds than others. Obviously, smaller dogs, like a Shih Tzu, can only run about six miles per hour, so it is unlikely that it can outrun a long-legged Greyhound with speeds up to 45 miles per hour, for example.

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Image Credit: annolyn, Pixabay

Running Speed of a Doberman Pinscher

The Fast CAT (Course Ability Test)1 is a timed sporting event that is run by the American Kennel Clubs (AKC)2. The timed event is a 100-yard dash where dogs run while chasing a lure. If you have a breed that can achieve high speeds and possesses stamina, it may be lucky enough to earn a spot on the AKC’s list of the “Top 20 Fastest Dog Breeds.”

According to the AKC Fast CAT, GCH CH Del Rey’s Black Russian has the fastest running speed ever recorded for the Doberman breed. His top speed was 31.18 mph.

On the list for the second fastest Doberman is CH Mi-Ti’s Judge Judy BCAT and Thor Exceptional Mastercopy CA DCAT comes in third at a top speed of 30.07 mph.

The Average Speed of a Doberman Pinscher

While the average speed among all breeds is between 15 and 20 mph, the average speed for a Doberman is 24.19. According to the AKC Fast CAT competition, since 2016, there have been 472 male and female Doberman participants that competed to achieve that recorded speed.

The recorded average for the female Doberman was 24.06, with an average for males of 24.34.

Also recorded was Windsong’s Mimosa V Shelian, the slowest Doberman ever recorded. The running speed for this canine was 8.74 mph, which is much lower than the average for the Doberman breed.

Running Distance for a Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinchers are known not only for their speed but also for their stamina. The long, powerful strides of the breed allow them to run for miles without tiring. This may not be the case with a Doberman puppy, however. Young pups can easily become dehydrated and overheated, so be cautious and give them frequent breaks. We also recommend you seek the advice of your veterinarian before beginning any speed or endurance training with your pup.

doberman puppy walking outdoors
Image Credit: Valerie Berdinel, Shutterstock

The 3 Factors Affecting a Dog’s Speed

1. Size

A dog’s size will influence how fast it can run. Larger dogs have larger lung capacity, so they can fuel their muscles with more oxygen when they are running. They also have a longer stride which allows them to reach higher speeds.

2. Age

The age of the breed will also affect the dog’s speed. A young pup cannot reach the same speed as an adult with a body that is fully developed. The same applies to a senior dog. Like humans, their energy level and joint health can hinder their ability to run at high speeds like they did when they were younger.

3. Body Composition

Factors such as long legs, a deep chest, a lean body, and large lung capacity allow some breeds to run at higher speeds than others. For instance, the cardiac output of dogs with larger hearts is better than other breeds. The larger hearts can beat slower while pumping more blood per beat. Long nails can also help a dog run faster and add to the friction with the ground.

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Why Can Dobermans Run Fast?

  • Doberman Pinschers Have Long Legs: One of the main reasons that Doberman Pinchers can run at high speeds is the length of their legs. The Dobie can make long strides, so they can quickly cover more ground than smaller breeds.
  • Dobermans Have Deep Chests: Since Dobermans have a deep chest, their oxygen intake increases along with their energy level. The expansion of their lungs and increased oxygen gives them the stamina to keep going for lengthy periods.
  • Dobermans Don’t Have a Lot of Body Fat: Since Dobermans are lean, they are not bogged down by excess fat and can easily run at high speeds. The short coat is also an asset when it comes to the speed of a Doberman. They are not being dragged down by a long and heavy coat like other breeds.
  • The Slender Waist of a Doberman: Doberman Pinchers are agile and can quickly change direction because of their slender waist. When running, they can easily twist and turn to make sudden turns and avoid obstacles.
  • Dobermans have Well-Toned Muscles: Dobermans are one of the working breeds that can work for extended periods without getting fatigued. Their muscles are well-toned and efficient, so they conserve energy.

The Speed of a Doberman Compared to Other Breeds

Although the Doberman Pinscher may be one of the faster breeds, they are not the fastest. At a speed of 45 mph, the title of the fastest dog breed in the world goes to the Doberman’s relative, the Greyhound.

The Doberman breed does not fall far behind the Greyhound, however. They rank among the top ten fastest breeds at an average speed of 31.18 mph. They are not far behind some of these other breeds.

Breed Speed
Greyhound 40–45 mph
Saluki 42 mph
Afghan Hound 40 mph
Vizsla 40 mph
Whippet 40 mph
Jack Russel Terrier 38 mph
Dalmatian 37 mph
Borzi 36 mph
Doberman Pinscher 32 mph
Border Collie 30 mph
doberman and german shepherd running
Image Credit: Best dog photo, Shutterstock

How to Condition Your Doberman

If you want to condition your Doberman for running and improve its overall health, here are some physical activities that will increase your dog’s speed and strengthen its muscles, lungs, and heart. Since these dogs are one of the working breeds, they are happy to exercise and release some energy.

  • Go for Runs Regularly: Once your Doberman is about 18 months old, you can take it for long runs on a regular basis. Not only will you be improving the speed and health of your dog, but it is also a good exercise for you. Running with your dog when it is younger than 18 months is not advised, however. Their bodies are still developing, and you can cause damage to their joints and bones.
  • Go to the Dog Park: Although taking your dog for runs is good exercise and bonding for you and your pet, it is not being pushed to increase its speed. To challenge your dog’s speed and introduce it to other dogs, take it to the dog park frequently.
  • Play Fetch in the Park or Another Large Area: Playing fetch is an excellent way to increase your dog’s speed. Retrieving the ball requires running back and forth. Playing fetch is a playful and enjoyable way for your dog to practice sprinting.
  • Feed Your Doberman a Healthy Diet: One of the reasons that Dobermans can run at high speeds is because they are lean and muscular. Keeping them fit and healthy will require a high-quality diet. It is recommended that you discuss your dog’s exercise routine and diet needs with your veterinarian.

If you start slow and stay consistent, these conditioning exercises and activities should help to increase your dog’s speed and improve its health and well-being. As always, when you are exercising or playing with your canine, give it plenty of water, be sure not to overdo it, and use positive reinforcement.

Image By: DragoNika, Shutterstock

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Do not let the attractive but intimidating appearance of the Doberman Pinscher fool you. These dogs are a loving and sweet breed. They are also agile and fast. For those of you that want a pet to join you on your morning run, you don’t need to look any further. The Doberman Pinscher will gladly run along to get some exercise or just for the fun of spending time with its human. This breed is also an excellent choice if you are looking for a dog to train for competitions.

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