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How High Can a Pitbull Jump? Average Height & Breed Comparison

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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The intimidating appearance and sweet nature of a Pitbull are what make them a popular pet. Their bodies are muscular and athletic, and they love to show affection by jumping up to greet people. If you own a Pitbull and are concerned about its jumping abilities, you may need a suitable fence so that your Pitbull cannot escape from your yard when tempted by friendly strangers or delicious smells coming from the other side.

Even though their legs are short, their bodies are strong, and a Pitbull can easily jump 4–5 feet tall. Some well-trained Pitbulls can jump even higher. The combination of their muscular bodies and their love for people means that not only will they jump high, but they may also jump too frequently, which can lead to issues with boundaries.

Divider 7How High Can a Pitbull Jump?

Despite their short legs and stocky bodies, Pitbulls are amazing jumpers. You may assume that their large muscles would surely weigh them down, but Pitbulls have been reported to jump 4–5 feet easily. In fact, a Pitbull holds the world record for the highest vertical wall climb, which is 13 feet high! Given some professional training, this athletic breed may be able to reach heights of 10–13 feet.

Pitbulls will usually start jumping at the age of 12–15 months once their bodies have developed enough. However, this does not mean they are ready to begin training for competitive jumping.

Compared to the average human, most dogs have the ability to jump significantly higher, but they have the advantage of four legs! However, compared to other dog breeds that meet a similar energy level and may be used as guard dogs, the average Pitbull isn’t the highest jumper. This comparison table shows a few dog breeds that may reach higher heights than a Pitbull unless your Pitbull is trained for jumping.

Male human 16–20 inches
Female human 12–16 inches
Pitbull 4–5 feet
German Shepherd 4–6 feet
Cane Corso Up to 6 feet
Rottweilers 3–4 feet
Border Collie Up to 6 feet
Doberman Up to 6 feet
Great Dane 2–5 feet

Image Credit: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock

Can Pitbulls Jump Fences?

If your Pitbull is a keen jumper, which is likely, it could mean that it may have the desire or temptation to jump your fence, especially if you are in an area where there is a lot of activity on the other side or perhaps another sociable animal. Some Pits are fearless by nature, so if they are curious, they won’t hesitate to jump the fence.

Pitbulls are very athletic and have strong muscles, which give them the ability to jump and learn how to jump higher, so most Pitbulls are likely to jump a fence. They can generally jump over a fence up to 5 feet high.

How High Should a Fence Be for a Pit Bull?

A fence for a Pitbull should ideally be at least 6 feet tall to prevent them from jumping to the top and then struggling to come back down again. You should also consider the type of fence that you choose to put up and what materials it is made from. There are numerous types of fences made with different materials that are suited for dogs which include plastic, wood, metal, stone, brick, and chain links.

When erecting a fence as a boundary for your Pitbull, there are some questions you should consider, such as:
  • Can your Pitbull see through it or smell anything through the gaps?
  • Is the fence easy for your Pitbull to climb?
  • Is there enough space in front of it for a running start?

Installing a roll bar on the top is an effective trick to prevent your Pitbull from jumping over the fence. Planting hedges or spiky plants may also deter your dog from approaching the fence.

However, installing a large, strong fence may not be an option. It could be because of fussy neighbors or neighborhood restrictions. A wired, electric fence may be helpful since it’s invisible, and you can create a barrier with a collar that makes a noise when the dog gets too close. With patience and determination, your Pitbull can be trained not to approach or breach the fence.

Image Credit: pimnana, Pixabay

How to Stop Your Pitbull from Jumping Over the Fence

To avoid injury and potential harm, stopping your Pitbull from jumping over the fence is essential. Here are some tips to deter your fence hopper from getting out:

  • Keep your Pitbull entertained. It is less likely to jump the fence if it has toys to play with in the backyard.
  • Discourage any aggressive behavior along the fence line. If your Pitbull reacts to anything on the other side, discourage the behavior immediately.
  • Planta few trees and plants alongside the fence. This will help block out sights and sounds and prevent a good running start for your dog. However, this is not a quick fix and will require some time.
  • Try an anti-jump harness. They are designed to restrict the movement of the back legs, which will prevent the dog from jumping over fences, furniture, and people.

Divider 7Final Thoughts

Pitbulls have the potential to be excellent jumpers if given the correct training, but in general, they can quickly jump 4–5 feet in height. Compared to other dogs, this height is pretty average. Their muscular bodies and ability to jump high can create an issue for personal boundaries and fence hopping. You need to ensure you have a tall fence that is hard for your Pitbull to jump over, and you must discourage aggressive behavior at the fence line.

Featured Image Credit: J.A. Dunbar, Shutterstock

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