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How Much Are Ferrets at PetSmart? 2024 Update

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

blazed ferret on a white cloth

Who doesn’t love meandering over to the ferret enclosures to get a look (and hopefully a play session) with these long-bodied critters with big personalities? Ferrets might be a major favorite amongst shoppers at pet stores, but many can’t afford them.

So, exactly how much does a ferret cost? That depends on various factors, including what supplies you need and whether there are any specials. However, if you’re looking at PetSmart, you won’t find any ferrets for sale there.


PetSmart Currently Doesn’t Sell Ferrets

At this time, PetSmart does not carry ferrets. They are simply choosing to steer clear of this trade at this time. That does not mean that this fact won’t change in the future; they simply don’t have them at this current moment.

They do, however, have some supplies for ferrets. You can find the essentials like food, cages, toys, and other forms of entertainment, but no actual ferrets.


Where Can You Purchase Ferrets?

You can purchase ferrets from several other sources. We highly recommend checking to make sure the source is reputable before committing. The last thing you will want is a sick or unhealthy ferret on your hands, as it can shorten their lifespan and lead to pricey vet bills right off the bat.


There are breeders that specialize in selling ferrets. Some will be more ethical than others, so selecting a reputable source with a long history of successful litters is important. You can expect to spend between $100 and $500 for a ferret from a private breeder.

Pet Shops

You can purchase ferrets at several other pet shop locations. Since not all pet shops will carry ferrets continually, it’s best to call ahead to see if they are currently in stock. Since pet shops are third-party sellers, ferrets are generally more expensive at these locations. Sometimes, you can spend upwards of $400 or more on a single ferret.

ferret resting in the cage
Photo Credit: justart7, Shutterstock

Private Sellers

Private sellers are generally people who have committed to buying a ferret and realized that they no longer want the responsibility or they can no longer care for the ferret for whatever reason.

These folks are typically rehoming them in hopes of finding them a forever home. Most of the time, the seller will give you some supplies with the exchange. Other times, you will still have to buy all of the supplies before bringing the ferret home. Some people might charge an absurd amount of money for their ferrets, but you can usually find them at pretty affordable prices.

Another good thing is that many folks have bonded pairs that they sell together. You could save significant money this way, but you have to consider that the ferrets will have developed habits and personalities that can be challenging to new owners. Depending on the supplies that come with the ferrets and how many there are, you can expect to spend between $25 to $500.


Some people are unable to care for their pets any longer. These folks elect the help of rescues and shelters to find a new home for their pet. One really positive thing about buying from rescues and shelters is that licensed veterinarians have thoroughly examined them and will have vet care completed at the time of purchase.

Some application processes are a bit extensive, making sure that you’re a compatible fit for the ferret in question. Generally, prices are very affordable, just enough to cover the supplies and vet care necessary during the ferret’s stay. Generally, you’re looking at prices between $75 to $300.


Other Costs Associated with Ferrets

Buying a ferret outright can be pretty pricey, and that doesn’t put a cap on your spending. You must remember that you will need to purchase supplies for your ferret right up front. Here are some additional costs to consider.

Ferret Supplies

Your ferret will need a cage, water bottles, food dishes, hammocks, and a litter box.

Ferret inside the playpen
Photo Credit: Yasmins world, Shutterstock

Ferret Food

You can’t bring a ferret home without giving them the appropriate nutrition. You can purchase ferret food at local pet shops like PetSmart or online. Make sure that you’re getting a quality brand that provides the correct amount of nutrients to your ferret daily.

Ferret Entertainment

Ferrets need other things to keep them busy. They love to play and will get very excited with new toys to bite and chase around. Remember that you should have at least a few toys for your ferret when you bring them home.



Ferrets are a ton of fun. It’s no wonder so many people fall in love with these fascinating small pets. Unfortunately, PetSmart does not carry ferrets at this time. If you are set on purchasing a ferret from PetSmart, you can always check back later to see if this has changed. However, there are tons of different options for buying ferrets. Do your homework and ensure you buy from a reputable breeder, rescue, or private seller.

Featured Image Credit: Stephanie’screativeImages, Shutterstock

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