[This is a pre-read suggestion.  I’ll circle back with a full review once I’m done reading]

I first learned about cat expert Sarah Ellis in an interview on Fresh Air, and immediately got her book, The Trainable Cat, written with bestselling anthrozoologist John Bradshaw.

As much as Hepper and Hudson are wonderful roommates, there are some things that we haven’t quite worked out between us.  Things like letting me sleep, not jumping on the table, and stop stealing each others food!



Twenty-first-century urban life can be taxing for cats who historically have been wild and solitary hunters, hostile to change and turmoil. Cats today are forced to live within the confines of cramped city apartments, in the company of unfamiliar people and other animals, and to travel in compact cat carriers. Such living conditions can create scared and angry cats—cats who spend hours hiding under the bed, abruptly bite their owners, or urinate in their houses when new pets are introduced—leaving owners scratched and disheartened.

I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can to make all of our lives happier!

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