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How to Travel With Two Cats: 7 Vet-Reviewed Tips

Chelsie Fraser

By Chelsie Fraser

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There’s no better vacation than one where you can take your pets with you. After all, they’re part of the family. However, there are extra things to plan for and consider when taking your cat on a trip. If you have two cats, it’s even more important to have everything that you need for the trip to go smoothly. Here, we go over tips for traveling with two cats to help you make the best of your trip.

The 7 Tips on Traveling With Two Cats

1. Bring along your cats’ favorite toys and treats

You should pack plenty of treats and toys to keep your cat distracted, busy, and happy during your travels. The longer the trip, the more important this is.

Regardless of your mode of travel, your kitties are likely to be in their carriers for long periods, so make sure their toys are in there with them. Push treats through the door at regular intervals to reinforce good behavior.

It’s a good idea to pack a collar and leash for each cat. Even if they are used to the carrier, you’ll have to take them out at some point. Don’t rely on your cat to stay safe in your arms. They can spook and escape when you least expect it. If you have your cat on a leash, you’ll have a hold on them at all times.

devon rex cats enjoying tuna treat
Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock

2. Consider your mode of transportation carefully

When traveling with cats, it’s important to consider which mode of transportation you are going to use.

If you’re traveling by car, make sure your cats have enough food and water. If it’s a long trip, it’s often easier to keep food and water in front of them at all times. Consider bringing extra water bottles, so your cat doesn’t get thirsty on the road.

If you plan on flying with both of your kitties in tow, be sure their carriers comply with airline regulations before booking your flights. Use the biggest carrier size that you are allowed. The more space they have with adequate ventilation and light, the better your cats will feel during travel.

Leaving your cat in the carrier for long periods can be stressful and lead to behavior problems if they get nervous being confined.

It’s also important not to leave your cats in the car unattended, especially during warm weather. Temperatures inside a car can rise quickly when parked in direct sunlight.

3. Make sure your cats are comfortable in their carriers

Spend the time making sure your cats are accustomed to being in their carriers before going on a trip.

Unless the carrier is large, it’s best to use a separate carrier for each cat, regardless of your method of travel. The more space they have, the more comfortable they will be. If you are traveling by air, you will be required to keep your cats separate. Make sure you spend time getting them used to being alone in their respective carriers to avoid it being too stressful.

If you are traveling by car and your cats are well-bonded, you can consider using a large carrier with both cats inside. You’ll need to ensure that both of them can lie down and stretch out comfortably simultaneously.

cat inside plastic carrier
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

4. Take rest breaks

When driving for long periods of time, make frequent rest stops, and allow your cats to stretch their legs. You’ll also want to make sure you are stopping for bathroom breaks. Many cats won’t use their litter box during travel, even if one is available in their carrier.

5. Bring extra litter boxes

If you’re driving, bring a separate litter box for each cat for the duration of the trip. Make sure they are easily accessible for them to use. If you’re flying with cats, check with your airline about their animal-carrying policies and whether they allow passengers to transport food and litter onboard the plane.

cat on a disposable litter box
Image Credit: Mr.Piya Meena, Shutterstock

6. Make sure hotels are cat friendly

Book cat-friendly hotels ahead of time, and become familiar with their pet policies. Call the hotel before leaving, and ensure that you have everything that you need to keep your cat happy while also following the hotel guidelines.

It’s a good idea to check Google or TripAdvisor for reviews from other hotel patrons. Ask as many questions as possible about how pets are treated at the hotel. Are there extra charges for pets? Are pets allowed in beds or on furniture? Are they required to be secured in carriers when you are out of the room?

Knowing what to expect will help ensure that things go smoothly when traveling with two cats.

7. Be attentive to your cats’ needs

To travel successfully with two cats, you need to be attentive to their needs. On long trips, for instance, stop for exercise breaks. Rotate toys and treats to prevent boredom. Cover their carriers with a blanket for extra security. Be aware of the car temperature to keep them comfortable.

Maine coon eyes wide open inside carrier in car
Image By: Lightspruch, Shutterstock

Final Thoughts

Traveling with two cats can be challenging, but being prepared will help make your trip successful. Practicing ahead of time can go a long way toward making your cats comfortable with travel before a long trip. Always take extra supplies and plenty of breaks to stretch their legs. These tips can help make your trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Featured Image Credit: guvo59, Pixabay

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