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3 Indoor Dog Parks in Tampa, FL You Can Visit in 2023

Rachel Giordano

By Rachel Giordano

Golden retriever dog running on the playground

Tampa, Florida, is home to many different museums, an outstanding zoo, aquariums, Busch Gardens, and more—it’s also hot pretty much all year round, which can make it difficult to do fun things with your doggo outside. Luckily, we found three indoor dog parks in or near the Tampa area where you can take your pooch for some playtime and to meet new furry friends, all in the comfort of air conditioning.

Let’s check out where to go for a fun day, AC style.

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The 3 Indoor Dog Parks in Tampa, Florida

1. Two Shepherds Taproom

🗺️ Location: 📍 4813 N. Grady Ave., Tampa, Florida 33614
📞 Contact: Two Shepherds Taproom (813) 769-9983
🕐 Hours: Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday–Friday: 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
💲 Cost: $12 day pass
$30 monthly membership
$300 annual membership
  • Two Shepherds Taproom indoor off-leash dog park is fun for both doggies and their owners
  • Doggies have unlimited access to fresh water, and the inside is air-conditioned
  • You can request your dog to meet up with a specific dog breed
  • All dogs of the requested specific breed receive 50% off the day pass fee of $12
  • All humans must be 21+ to enter, and proof of vaccines and spay/neuter is required for entry
  • The indoor portion of the playground is air-conditioned, and it also features an outdoor playground for cooler and more enjoyable weather days

2. Pups Pub

🗺️ Location: 📍 2202 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, Florida, 33606
📞 Contact: Pups Pub (813) 683-5883 info@pupspubtampa.com
🕐 Hours: Monday–Friday: 3–11 p.m.
Saturday–Sunday: noon–11 p.m.
💲 Cost: $15 day pass
$30 monthly membership
$299 annual membership
  • Pups Pub is fun place where you can enjoy a beer or handcrafted cocktail while you watch your canine kiddo play
  • They have “yappy” hour along with discounts on “Member Mondays”
  • They also host trivia night and hospitality night
  • The inside is artificial turf for your dog’s comfort, and the inside is air-conditioned
  • Pups Pub offers “pawty” packages if you want to spoil your fur baby with cake and party décor that includes beer buckets for the humans
  • You must be 21 to enter, and all dogs must be up-to-date on all vaccines

3. The Dog Bar

🗺️ Location: 📍 2300 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, FL 33712
📞 Contact: The Dog Bar (727) 317-4968
🕐 Hours: Monday–Thursday: noon-midnight
Friday–Saturday: 11 a.m.–1 a.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. to midnight
💲 Cost: $7 day pass
$100 annual membership ($30 for each additional dog)
  • Located in nearby St. Petersburg, which is only a 35-minute drive from Tampa
  • Offers over 5,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor fun for you and your pooch
  • Offers party packages and events each month, along with dollar day meetups where you can hang with specific doggies if you wish
  • Your dog can play in the 2,000-square-foot, fully-fenced area with five TVs and a bone-shaped pool
  • Proof of vaccinations is required before being allowed inside

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Indoor dog parks are a neat way to enjoy a beer or cocktail while your doggo plays in the comforts of AC. Ensure you check the dog park you plan to visit to see if online registration is required before you can bring your pup. Safety is the number one priority for everyone with these indoor dog parks, so make sure your pup is up-to-date on all vaccines and is well-behaved.

Most indoor dog parks require your pooch to be spayed/neutered, and some require a minimum age of 1 year old. Now, get out there and have fun with your canine pal!

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