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100+ Mythological Dog Names: Majestic & Worldwide Mythical Ideas

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Some of the world’s most famous names belong to that of mythology, folklore, or legends. Remembered for their brute strength, striking beauty, bravery, or other notable qualities, each living on through the stories and films of today. Some pose as our greatest heroes or influences, where others stand only to haunt us. Originating in exotic places across the globe, these legendary beings and spirits are excellent sources for interesting and unique pet names. You might be wondering, how does one choose a name from this list for their wonderful new addition? There are a few things you could consider – their appearance, quirky personality traits, slightly sinister mannerisms, perhaps they are simply legendary in their own right. Maybe none of the above are applicable and you’re just a major fan of mythology! 

Regardless of your reasoning, you have landed here and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the selection of names! Reaching all corners of the world, you’ll find the most common of names, to some of the rarest – including many cultures and origins. Read on to begin your search for the perfect Mythological Name for your new furry friend!

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Most Popular Female Mythological Dog Names

  • Cleopatra | Egyptian
  • Hel | Norse 
  • Juno | Roman 
  • Astra | Greek
  • Hidimba | Indian  
  • Hera | Greek 
  • Mars | Roman 
  • Artemis | Greek 
  • Morrigan | Celtic 
  • Mami Wata | African 
  • Tefnut | Egyptian 
  • Rama | Hindu 
  • Louhi | Finnish 
  • Athena | Greek 
Greek dog in Santorini
Image Credit: leoks, Shutterstock

Most Popular Male Mythological Dog Names

  • Zeus | Greek 
  • Orisha | African 
  • Hercules | Greek 
  • Jupiter | Roman 
  • Spirit (Great Spirit) | Native American 
  • Thor | Norse 
  • Belenus | Celtic 
  • Beawulf | Norse 
  • Karna | Hindu 
  • Bumba | African
  • Lempo | Finnish 
  • Perseus | Roman 
  • Seth | Egyptian
  • Achilles | Greek 

Greek Mythology Dog Names

Likely the most recognizable of the mythological bunch are the ones derived from Greek Mythology. We watched them in the classic movie Hercules, and simply can not get enough. Our pets might resemble them, or carry a few of their iconic traits – either way, each name on this list would be a fairly big compliment for your pup!

  • Poseidon | God of the Sea 
  • Apollo | God of Archery 
  • Hypnos | God of Sleep 
  • Nemesis | Goddess of Revenge 
  • Demeter | God of Agriculture
  • Ares | God of War 
  • Cronus | King of Titans 
  • Aphrodite | God of Love 
  • Iris | Goddess of the Rainbow 
  • Hermes | Messenger God 
  • Dionysus |God of Wine 
  • Nike | Goddess of Victory 
  • Hades | God of the Underworld 
  • Artemis | Goddes of the Hunt 
  • Hecate | Goddess of Magic 
Siberian Husky flower crown
Image Credit: Yuliya Kota, Pexels

Roman Mythology Dog Names

Created almost 1000 years later, Roman Mythology has quite a few similarities as they adopted many ideas from the Greeks. Many of the stories are comparable, but the characters have changed slightly. Take a peek at the next list for some Roman inspiration:

  • Neptune | God of Freshwater 
  • Vesta | Goddess of Home
  • Minerva | Goddess of Wisdom 
  • Vulcan | God of Fire 
  • Venus | Goddess of Love 
  • Phoebus | God of Archery 
  • Ceres | Eternal Mother 
  • Diana | Goddess of the Hunt 
  • Mercury | God of Trade & Trickery 
  • Flora | Goddess of Flowers 
  • Pomona | Goddess of Abundance 
  • Orcus | God of the Underworld 
  • Luna | Goddess of the Moon 

Egyptian Mythology Dog Names

There is more to Egyptian culture than Cleopatra, although that is a stunning name for a dog. Documented on hieroglyphs, the stories of ancient Egpyt live on today. We might not be able to read them, but these interesting pictures and symbols tell the myths and legends of the past. Below are a few of the most famous figures in Egyptian mythology. 

  • Bastet | Goddess of Cats 
  • Aken | Boat Castodian 
  • Merit | Goddess of Music 
  • Fetket | Butler of the Sun of God 
  • Hapi | Fertility God 
  • Tayet | Goddess of Weaving 
  • Ra | Sun of God 
  • Montu | Falcon God 
  • Tutu | Protective Goddess 
  • Sepa | Protector God 
  • Bennu | Avian deity 
  • Hathor | Goddess of Drunkenness 
  • Heka | God of Magic and Medicine 
  • Anti | Hawk God 
  • Horus | Avian God 
  • Neper | God of Grains 
  • Isis | Mother of Gods 
  • Mehen | Serpent God 
  • Babi | Virility God 
  • Ammit | Goddess with a Head of a Crocodile 
  • Denwen | Serpent deity 
wild african dog
Image Credit: Christine Schmidt, Pixabay

Native American Mythological Dog Names

Native Americans believe a variety of legends and myths, all incredible stories referring to history and full of rich characters. One of these could be an incredible match for your pup!  

  • Bakwas | Supernatural spirit, Wild Man of the Woods 
  • Jenu | Wild giant 
  • Chepi | Ghost or fairy 
  • Piasa | Dragon 
  • Azeban | Trickster spirit
  • Thunderbird | Being of Power and Strength 
  • Cetan | Hawk spirit 
  • Panti | Beast with a lot of teeth 
  • Chindi | Ghost left after someone passes 
  • Adlet | Dog-like creature
  • Goah | Wind spirit 
  • Heno | Thunder spirit 
  • Baykok | Malevolent spirit 

Norse Mythological Dog Names

A wonderful combination of Gods and Goddesses, Norse Mythology offers a diverse and fun list of names you could consider for your pet. Originating in German and Scandinavian cultures, and more commonly known for their associations with the Vikings, here are our favorite Norse names:

  • Baldur | God of Beauty 
  • Frigg | God of Marriage 
  • Saga | Goddess 
  • Tyr | God of War
  • Dagur | God of Daytime 
  • Joro | Goddess of Earth 
  • Honir | Indecisive God 
  • Modi | Son of Odin 
  • Vidar | Son of Odin 
  • Magni | God of Strength 
  • Vali | God of Revenge 
  • Odin | Chief God 
  • Freya | Goddess of Fertility 
  • Astrild | Cupid 
  • Glum | Attendent 
  • Forseti | God of Meditation 
  • Loki | God of Fire, mischief maker 
native american dog silver wolf
Image Credit: Pxfuel

African Mythology Dog Names

Some of the most creative and unique names will be found on this next list. Although they may not be creatures you are familiar with, they are excellent pet names. You might even be inclined to do a bit more research on each to learn about their role in African Myths!

  • Mawu | God of Ewe
  • Roog | Supreme God 
  • Gleti | Moon Goddess of the Fon people 
  • Ikenga | Horned creature 
  • Funza | Water spirit 
  • Anansi | Spider creature 
  • Shango | Orisha of the Yoruba religion
  • Adroa | Supreme God 
  • Eshu | Orisha of the Yoruba religion
  • Zombi | Voodoo creature
  • Mwindo | A tale 
  • Jengu | Water spirit 
  • Koox | Supreme God 
  • Oko | Orisha 
  • Takhar | Demi-God
  • Bunzi | Goddess of Rain 
  • Winti | Religion

American Folklore Dog Names

Based on pseudoscience, these creatures are some of the most common in American folklore so much so, that almost all of them are household names. If you are interested in bringing folklore into your house, choose one of these traditional names for your new pooch. 

  • Bigfoot | Sasquatch 
  • Fouke | Tall, shaggy monster who hunts livestock 
  • Yeti | Abominable Snowman 
  • Urayuli / Yuli | Tall, lanky, hairy men with glowing eyes 
  • Loch Ness | Lake monster 
  • Mothman | Human with features of an owl 
  • Busco | Giant snapping turtle 
  • Kraken | Sae monster 
  • Bessie | Lake monster
  • Fresno | Aliens 
  • Pope-Lick | A goat-man who hypnotizes his victims
  • Ludwig | Vampire from the 1800s
  • Mogollon | Territorial, occasionally violet creature who terrorizes campsites 
  • Wendigo | Evil Entity 
  • Ogopogo | Lake monster 
  • Pukwudgie | Small dwarf-like creatures 
brown tibetan mastiff
Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock

Urban Legend Dog Names

This next list of names is not for the faint-hearted. They are creepy, far-fetched, and quite sinister. If you are a fan of urban legends, then you will be familiar with these characters. If you are not, we have included a short description of each. You might steer clear of these names for your pup if you are superstitious!

  • Bambino | Curse of the Boston Red Sox 
  • Hookhand | A man with a hook in place of a hand 
  • Fair Charlotte | A woman who froze to death due to her vanity
  • Boogy Man | A man who punishes children that misbehave
  • Killswitch | A video game that vanishes after you play it 
  • Nale Ba | A witch who roams the street knocking on doors 
  • Teke | A girl who haunts train stations
  • Hanako-San | A girl who haunts school bathrooms 
  • Slender Man | A man who stalks and follows people 

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Finding the Right Mythological Name for Your Dog

Now that you have had a chance to review each of these wonderful choices, you might be hard-pressed to choose just one. With options inspired by the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, and more – cool and unique names are truly endless but try not to overthink it. Jot down your favorites and keep them close for a few days before making a final decision. Time might be all clarity you’ll need! If you are still finding it difficult to pick just one, here are a few helpful hints sure to point you in the right direction: 

  • One to two-syllable names are easier to say. Really long names are a pain, especially during training, so just keep that in mind if you find one you love. A little “Queen Elizabeth the 3rd” may be the fitting name for your regal pup, but using that as her proper name and calling her Lizzie will probably serve you and her much better. 
  • Avoid offensive or negatively connotated words for names. Would you be comfortable telling your vet or your neighbor your dog’s name? How about calling your dog’s name at the dog park? Even words that may be funny, like “Fart Nugget” can be a bit on the tricky side for a proper name for your pet. Leave those for the cutesy nicknames and pick something you’ll be proud to share so your pup can wear it with pride too.
  • Do your best to avoid names that may be confused with commands. Imagine your little puppy learning to “sit” or “stay,” but their name is “Kit” or “Ray.” While the names are cute and we aren’t saying you can’t pick them, just keep in mind that learning the commands that sound similar will be a little trickier at first, so have a bit more patience if you’re set on the name. 

Finally – be sure to have fun with it! Adopting a new pup is exciting – and while their name is important, focusing on your bond will be the most rewarding part! Rest assured, your pup is sure to love whatever you decide. You may even develop a few nicknames down the line! 

You may not have found the one from this list and that’s alright! If you are looking for additional inspiration, check out one of the pup name posts below: 

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