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200 Mythological Dog Names: Majestic & Worldwide Mythical Ideas

Beth Crane

By Beth Crane

Mythological Dog Names

Mysticism, mythology, and the occult are all amazing places to search for names for your dog, and they all contain a wealth of incredible characters, places, and stories that can give your dog a truly unique and fitting name. There are myths and legends found all around the globe, from folklore and fairy tales to pantheons of Gods and immortals; finding a great name for your dog from this rich source is easier thanks to the great characters behind the names and more difficult because of the sheer number! We’ve compiled the top 200 mythical dog names in this impressive list and included a guide a the end for naming your dog.

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Best Mythical Dog Names

It can be tricky to decide on a name when there are so many to choose from. You could get inspiration from your favorite tales and stories of Gods and heroes. However, some well-known Gods and Goddesses from mythology always make it into the top ten names for dogs.

Siberian Husky flower crown
Image Credit: Yuliya Kota, Pexels
  • Horus (Egyptian God of the sun and sky)
  • Zeus (Greek God of Gods)
  • Mars (Roman God of War)
  • Oni (Japanese Ghost)
  • Anubis (Egyptian God of the Dead)
  • Xocotl (God of Venus)
  • Loki (Norse God of Mischief)
  • Artemis (Greek Goddess of the Hunt)
  • Odin (Norse God of Gods)

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Mythical Dog Names Based on Roman Mythology

The Roman Empire was one of man’s biggest, long-lasting civilizations. The mythology of this ancient civilization was based heavily on the Greek pantheon, with Gods and Goddesses taking on new (but similar) names and performing very similar tasks. There is a varied list of names here, with explanations of what each God or Goddess represented. Have a pup that loves water? Try Neptune, the God of the sea! Does your dog think she’s the queen bee? How about Juno, the queen of the Gods?

  • Jupiter (God of Thunder and Sky)
  • Venus (Goddess of Love)
  • Neptune (God of the Sea)
  • Pluto (God of the Underworld)
  • Minerva (Goddess of Wisdom)
  • Apollo (God of the Sun)
  • Diana (Goddess of the Moon)
  • Mercury (God of Commerce)
  • Juno (Queen of the Gods)
  • Flora (Goddess of Flowers)
  • Vesta (Goddess of the Home)
  • Ceres (Goddess of Agriculture)
  • Bacchus (God of Wine)
  • Vulcan (God of Fire)
  • Cupid (God of Love)
  • Fortuna (Goddess of Luck)
  • Hercules (hero and God of Strength)
  • Hermes (Messenger of the Gods)
  • Aurora (Goddess of Dawn)
  • Proserpina (Goddess of Spring)
  • Bacchante (Goddess of Parties)
  • Janus (God of Beginnings and Endings)
  • Vesta (Goddess of the Hearth)
  • Plutus (God of Wealth)
  • Psyche (Goddess of the Soul)

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Mythical Dog Names Based on Greek Mythology

The Ancient Greek pantheon started it all, with multiple Gods and Goddesses representing many facets of ancient Greek life. The Ancient Greeks built temples for their deities and worshipped them at all times, but they also recognized their flaws and realized that most of them were very similar to humans.

The variety and scope of the Greek Gods provide an impressive list of names to choose from for our dogs, as there’s a God or Goddess on the list that perfectly matches all kinds of personality traits. Plus, some powerful names are present here for male and female dogs who command attention!

Greek dog in Santorini
Image Credit: leoks, Shutterstock
  • Pan (God of Shepherds and Music)
  • Aphrodite (Goddess of Love)
  • Poseidon (God of the Sea)
  • Hades (God of the Underworld)
  • Athena (Goddess of Wisdom)
  • Apollo (God of the Sun)
  • Artemis (Goddess of the Moon and Hunting)
  • Hermes (Messenger of the Gods)
  • Hera (Queen of the Gods)
  • Ares (God of War)
  • Demeter (Goddess of Agriculture)
  • Dionysus (God of Wine)
  • Hephaestus (God of Fire)
  • Eros (God of Love)
  • Tyche (Goddess of Luck)
  • Heracles (hero and God of Strength)
  • Erebus (God of Darkness)
  • Eos (Goddess of Dawn)
  • Persephone (Goddess of Spring)
  • Dionysia (Goddess of Festivals)
  • Chronos (God of Time)
  • Hestia (Goddess of the Home)
  • Plutus (God of Wealth and Riches)
  • Psyche (Goddess of the Soul)
  • Iris (Goddess of the Rainbow)

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Mythical Dog Names Based on Norse Mythology

Norse mythology differs from Roman and Greek, but the premise is the same. Much of Norse mythology is focused on Norse heroes who accomplished great feats and showcased extraordinary talent, and these names are often closely associated with the Vikings. There are some great names for your pup, which all sound mighty, thanks to their Scandinavian and Icelandic influence.

native american dog silver wolf
Image Credit: Pxfuel
  • Nanna (Goddess of Joy)
  • Freya (Goddess of Love)
  • Thor (God of Thunder and Lightning)
  • Syn (Goddess of Defense)
  • Frigg (Goddess of Marriage and Motherhood)
  • Balder (God of Light)
  • Freyr (God of Fertility)
  • Tyr (God of Law)
  • Skadi (Goddess of Winter)
  • Idun (Goddess of Youth)
  • Heimdall (God of Guardianship)
  • Hel (Goddess of the Underworld)
  • Njord (God of the Sea)
  • Bragi (God of Poetry)
  • Fulla (Goddess of Harvest and Crops)
  • Ullr (God of Archery and Hunting)
  • Forseti (God of Justice)
  • Gefjun (Goddess of Fertility)
  • Vidar (God of Silence)
  • Ran (Goddess of the Sea)
  • Sif (Goddess of Abundance)
  • Hodr (God of Darkness)
  • Eir (Goddess of Healing)
  • Sigyn (Goddess of Loyalty)
  • Magni (God of Strength and Bravery)

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Mythical Dog Names Based on Japanese Folklore

Japanese folklore and religion have some of the coolest names imaginable. Japanese folklore often focuses on mundane objects or concepts, such as having dinner or using the bathroom! However, because there are so many names to choose from, we were able to find 25 of the most fitting names for a dog from the massive list. Notable names are Kitsune (a fox spirit) and Inari (a Goddess of foxes and rice). There are even names for mischievous spirits that can match a pup who loves to get into trouble!

japanese spitz
Image Credit: joonasp, Shutterstock
  • Amaterasu (Goddess of the Sun)
  • Susanoo (God of the Sea)
  • Tsukuyomi (God of the Moon)
  • Inari (God/Goddess of Foxes and Rice)
  • Izanami (Goddess of Death)
  • Izanagi (God of Life)
  • Raijin (God of Thunder and Lightning)
  • Fujin (God of Wind)
  • Amenouzume (Goddess of Dawn)
  • Hachiman (God of War)
  • Benzaiten (Goddess of Music)
  • Jizo (God of Travelers)
  • Yama-no-kami (God of the Mountains)
  • Ryujin (Dragon God of the Sea)
  • Kitsune (fox spirit)
  • Kappa (water spirit)
  • Tengu (Spirit)
  • Tanuki (Myschevious Racoon Spirit)
  • Momotaro (Peach Boy)
  • Baku (Dream-Eater)
  • Kaguya-hime (Folk tale of the Bamboo Cutter and the Moon Princess)
  • Kintaro (Golden Boy)
  • Okiku (Haunted Doll)
  • Komainu (Lion-Dog Statue)
  • Yokai (Spirit)

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Mythical Dog Names Based on Egyptian Mythology

The ancient Egyptians worshipped many animals in their pantheon, including dogs. Anubis, the jackal-headed God of the underworld, immediately springs to mind. Pictures and depictions of Anubis often resemble large, dark dogs such as Dobermans! This worship often included the dogs and cats that lived with the Egyptian people, and even today, companion animals are seen as special. Many unisex names are included in this section, so see which one suits your dog best.

Anubis of Ancient Egypt
Image Credit: Mia Stendal, Shutterstock
  • Ra (God of the Sun)
  • Isis (Goddess of Magic and Wisdom)
  • Osiris (God of the Afterlife)
  • Heka (God of Magic)
  • Bastet (Goddess of Protection and Cats)
  • Ammit (Goddess of Retribution)
  • Thoth (God of Knowledge)
  • Hathor (Goddess of Love)
  • Seth (God of Chaos)
  • Ma’at (Goddess of Truth)
  • Amun (God of Air)
  • Nut (Goddess of the Sky)
  • Sobek (God of Crocodiles and Nile)
  • Sekhmet (Goddess of War)
  • Ptah (God of Craftsmanship)
  • Nephthys (Goddess of Mourning)
  • Khnum (God of Creation)
  • Min (God of Fertility)
  • Serket (Goddess of Healing)
  • Wadjet (cobra Goddess of Protection)
  • Taweret (Goddess of Pregnancy)
  • Anuket (Goddess of the Nile)
  • Sobek-Ra (deity)
  • Hequet (Goddess of Fertility)
  • Khonsu (God of the Moon)

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Mythical Dog Names Based on American Folklore

Native American and North American folklore has some fascinating characters and tales, often with stories and origins relating to places such as lakes. You could see if your area or culture has any names on this list that would suit your dog, or you could take them to a place that the name comes from and create an adventure with them there!

american shepherd dog
Image Credit: OlgaOvcharenko, Shutterstock
  • Wendigo (Creature associated with winter and famine)
  • Thunderbird (Mighty bird of thunder and lightning)
  • Rougarou (Creature from Cajun folklore)
  • Coyote (Trickster figure)
  • Sasquatch (Large, hairy creature)
  • Piasa (Legendary creature)
  • Momo (Missouri Monster)
  • Manitou (Powerful and spiritual force)
  • Chindi (Vengeful and malevolent spirit of the Navajo)
  • Kachina (Spiritual beings)
  • Thunder (Spirits associated with thunderstorms and rain)
  • Jackalope (Folklore rabbit with antlers)
  • Windigo (Ice giant)
  • Kokopelli (Flute-playing trickster)
  • Star (Celestial beings)
  • Bigfoot (Hairy ape like the Sasquatch)
  • Hodag (Folklore creature from Wisconsin)
  • Mothman (Cryptid in West Virginia)
  • Llorona (Ghostly figure from Hispanic folklore)
  • Ishkitini (Giant bird-like creature of Choctaw legend)
  • Champ (Legendary creature in Vermont)

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Mythical Dog Names Based on Aztec Mythology

The most complicated names undoubtedly come from Aztec mythology. The Aztecs lived in Central Mexico and worshipped a humongous list of Gods and deities, often with multiple personalities per item or concept.

Some of the names of these Gods and Goddesses are simply too long or complex to be appropriate for a dog’s name, but we found some that are three syllables or less. We’ve included the pronunciation of each name, so you can get a feel for how the names sound.

Xoloitzcuintli breed, mexican hairless dog
Image Credit: Kalinina Maria, Shutterstock
  • Tezcatl “tez-KAHTL” (God of Smoking Mirrors)
  • Xochi “SOH-chee” (Goddess of Flowers and Love)
  • Mixco “MEESH-koh” (God of Clouds)
  • Tlalli “TLAH-lee” (Goddess of the Earth)
  • Mictl “MIK-tl” (God of the Underworld)
  • Cente “SEN-teh” (God of Agriculture)
  • Ixtli “IKS-lee” (Goddess of Appearance)
  • Citlal “SIT-lahl” (God of the Stars)
  • Xipe “SHEE-peh” (God of Renewal)
  • Tona “TOH-nah” (Goddess of Sowing)
  • Xolot “SHO-loht” (God of Lightning and Fire)
  • Tla “TLAH” (Goddess of Rivers)
  • Yacat “YAH-kaht” (God of Commerce)
  • Coatl “KOH-atl” (Serpent Deity)
  • Iztac “eest-TAK” (Goddess of Ice and Snow)
  • Ome “OH-meh” (God of Duality)
  • Eheca “eh-HEH-kah” (Goddess of Wind)
  • Tepec “TEH-pehk” (God of Mountains)
  • Huix “WEESH” (Goddess of Salt)
  • Xiuh “SHOO” (God of Fire)
  • Cipac “SEE-pak” (God of the Stars)
  • Atl “AHTL” (God of Water)
  • Teteo “teh-TEH-oh” (Deities in Mythology)
  • Tlan “TLAHN” (God of Thunder)
  • Iztli “EEST-lee” (God of Medicine)

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Mythical Dog Names Based on Dogs in Mythology

A mythical dog name list is only complete with a list of special and revered dogs from all sorts of mythologies. We included dog Gods and Goddesses, dogs that served as companions and guardians of the Gods, and dogs that guarded places such as the Underworld. Dogs feature prominently across all cultures, showing how much the bond between man and his best friend has truly stood the test of time.

brown tibetan mastiff
Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock
  • Cerberus (Guardian of the Underworld with three heads)
  • Orthrus (Two-headed dog, brother of Cerberus)
  • Laelaps (Dog that always caught its prey)
  • Maera (Faithful dog of Icarus and Periboea)
  • Argos (Faithful dog of Odysseus)
  • Canix (Dog companion of Actaeon)
  • Garmr (Ferocious dog guarding the gates of Hel)
  • Sköll (Wolf that chases the Sun)
  • Hati (Wolf that chases the Moon)
  • Gifr (Dog that accompanies the giant Hrungnir)
  • Valdrifa (Another dog of Hrungnirs)
  • Freki (Companion of Odin)
  • Geri (Companion of Odin)
  • Skollvaldr (Wolf king in Norse mythology)
  • Bifrost (Rainbow bridge)
  • Sirius (Dog star)
  • Lupa (Wolf)
  • Lupus (Roman name for the wolf)
  • Arcturus (Dog star)
  • Catamitus (Faithful hunting dog of Apollo)

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When deciding on a name from our list, the most important things to remember are how well you think the name suits your pup and how easy it is to say. However, personality should also be a guide, which is a lot of fun when looking through all the mythical names and the characters behind them. A dog who pushes the boundaries and likes getting into trouble may suit the name Loki, the trickster God. Or, an obedient and serious pup that takes his job as a companion very seriously might suit the name Odin, the father of all Gods.

After you’ve picked some names, make sure they’re easy to say and understand. Several names we really liked for dogs didn’t make our list, as they’re too long and complicated to say and spell! Three syllables should be your maximum for a dog’s name, but shorter is better. You can shorten many of the names on this list, which makes it easier for you to say and your pup to remember.

woman hugging her american akita dog outdoors
Image Credit: Jessica Torfs, Unsplash

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Selecting a name from mythological Gods or creatures is an excellent way to honor your favorite canine. Since most of the names have been around for millennia, it’s likely they’ve been used to name ancient breeds. Ultimately, picking a name you love and that you think perfectly suits your dog is the most important thing, as long as you’re happy shouting it at the dog park!

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