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National Dog Week 2023: When Is & How to Celebrate

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

By Rachael Gerkensmeyer

smiling woman with her cute jack russell terrier dog

Did you know that there are at least 280 pet holidays that are celebrated around the world in any given year? This just goes to show how important dogs, cats, and other types of pets are to humans! Dogs happen to play a big role in these celebrations throughout the year, though some focus is put on cats and pets in general.

One important event to keep in mind is National Dog Week, which is the last full week of September. This year, it starts on the 24th and ends on the 30th. Here is what you should know about this special occasion.


When and What Exactly Is National Dog Week?

National Dog Week began in 1928 with the help of a group of dog fanciers who wanted to promote better dog care through educational campaigns. At the time, most dog fanciers belonged to breed clubs and were devoted to their preferred breeds. The goal of those who created National Dog Week was to bring all fanciers together for the good of all dogs, no matter their breed. The group’s charter contained several objectives:

  • Every dog deserves a good home
  • No more stray dogs
  • Better educated pet owners
  • More consideration for all canines
  • Emphasis on protection and companionship
  • Fair, compassionate laws for dogs and owners
  • Respect for non-dog owners

The organization that founded National Dog Week is no longer in existence, and no other organization has officially taken over, so unfortunately, this occasion does not get much attention. It’s time to change that! We can all do our part in spreading the message and bringing attention to this important event.

a german shepherd dog with his owner in the shelter
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How Can National Dog Week Be Celebrated?

There are various ways to celebrate National Dog Week and bring light to the event so others can get involved and dogs in need can get more help and support. The first thing that you can do is provide your dog with a special treat to commemorate the occasion and show your appreciation for all the things that they make better in your life. You can also celebrate in the following ways:

  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter.
  • Hang fliers and talk to community members to highlight the incredible work that your local rescue organizations are doing.
  • Take to social media, and make your friends and family members aware of National Dog Week and what it’s all about.
  • Find ways to help needy dogs in your community. Donating food, taking in a foster dog, and rescuing a dog on the street so they can get help from a rescue center are all great options to consider.
  • Simply recognize the day, and take the time to consider the plight of unwanted and neglected dogs around the world.

Is National Dog Week Just for Dog Owners?

National Dog Week is a celebratory event that everyone can participate in, even if they don’t have any pets of their own. Any person who cares about the welfare of dogs and the plight of animals in need can take part in National Dog Week and help bring attention to it. The more people who take the time to acknowledge or celebrate it, the better! Everyone can participate in their own unique way, depending on what feels right for them.

male volunteer petting dog in animal shelter
Image Credit: Max kegfire, Shutterstock


A Quick Recap

National Dog Week is celebrated during the last week in September of each year. This is a great time to consider adopting a dog of your own or helping dogs in need if you’re not inclined or able to. The more the word is spread about National Dog Week, the more attention and help needy dogs can get.

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