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National Foster a Pet Month 2024: When It Is & How To Participate

Adam Mann

By Adam Mann

woman adopting a dog from shelter

National Foster a Pet Month is in June of every year. The month is all about taking time to appreciate all the foster pet owners out there and the need for this service. It can be heart-wrenching at times, but the pets need love and attention, so taking time out each year to support and recognize these vulnerable yet valuable institutions is a great idea.

With that in mind, we’ve highlighted some more information about National Foster a Pet Month and what you can do to support it down below!

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Is National Foster a Pet Month the Same Every Year?

Yes! National Foster a Pet Month is during June of every year, so set a calendar reminder so you won’t forget to support it next June! Of course, while you can do plenty of things to support National Foster a Pet Month in June, nothing stops you from showing your support to foster pets and their foster pet owners throughout the year.

Cat and woman owners holding cats in shelter to adopt
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Why Is National Foster a Pet Month So Important?

The goal of every shelter is to have every animal that comes through its doors go straight to their forever home. But the reality is that there are often more pets than homes, which means many pets get stuck in limbo.

Without foster homes to help take on some of the overflow, more animals would spend time in shelters, and shelters would need to put more animals down because of a lack of space. Foster homes for pets help alleviate this concern, and sometimes, foster homes can help a pet overcome challenges that make them more challenging to adopt out.

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The 5 Ways to Celebrate National Foster a Pet Month

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate National Foster a Pet Month, there are a few different ways you can do it.

1. Volunteer

One of the best ways you can celebrate and support National Foster a Pet Month won’t cost you a dime. Animal shelters almost always need more volunteers, so reach out to the local shelter near you to see how you can help.

Often, they just need people to come in to walk dogs and hang out with them, which is a ton of fun for the volunteers and the pets! Even better, it doesn’t come with the same long-term commitment or financial obligation that fostering or adopting a pet would.

male volunteer petting dog in animal shelter
Image Credit: Max kegfire, Shutterstock

2. Share Information

If you’re thinking about helping out and supporting National Foster a Pet Month, you’re likely not the only one. The problem is that not a lot of people know about it in the first place, so one of the best things you can do is let people know it exists.

Sharing content on social media is an excellent place to start, but don’t overlook the significance of talking to your friends and family about it face to face.

3. Donate/Set up a Fundraiser

If you don’t have the time to volunteer or foster, consider donating to those that are or to the local animal shelter. Shelters and foster homes always need extra food, toys, and other pet supplies, and they can always benefit from a little more money.

If you don’t have the money to donate yourself, consider setting up a fundraiser where the proceeds go to a local animal shelter.

animal shelter for cats
Image Credit: hedgehog94, Shutterstock

4. Foster a Pet

With it being National Foster a Pet Month, it makes sense that one of the ways to support it would be to foster a pet yourself. This is a bigger time commitment than many of the other options on our list, but it’s also one of the more rewarding choices.

Just keep in mind that pets need foster homes throughout the entire year, not just in June. It also means you can support National Foster a Pet Month by picking another month throughout the year when you’ll foster pets.

5. Attend/Organize Adoption Events

The goal of every pet in a foster home is to find them a forever home. With that in mind, what better way is there to support National Foster a Pet Month than to set up or attend an event where these pets get to go to their forever home?

Just keep in mind that if you’re bringing home a pet, it’s a serious commitment. You don’t want to bring home a pet just to turn around and take them back in a few months!

Girl volunteer in the nursery for dogs. Shelter for stray dogs
Image By: David Tadevosian, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know a little more about National Foster a Pet Month and why it’s so important, all that’s left is for you to find ways to recognize this valuable month. You can set time apart in June or just about any other month of the year because foster pets and their owners need support no matter what the month at the top of the calendar says!

Featured Image Credit: hedgehog94, Shutterstock

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