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Unifury Custom Pet Mug Review 2024: An Expert Guide

Kate MacDonnell

By Kate MacDonnell


Our Final Verdict

We give Unifury a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 4.5/5
Customization: 4.5/5
Materials: 5/5
Value: 5/5

You can never have enough novelty mugs, especially custom ones that feature your family! Whether you want to commemorate a pet who has passed on, celebrate a family holiday, or just add something sentimental to your drinkware collection, having a personalized mug made can be a lot of fun.

Unifury offers customized mugs in a wide variety of fun and sentimental designs, as well as a range of other personalized products. You can add your family members (human and furry) to a range of hand-drawn scenes, including campsites, beaches, and even the London Bridge. You can also create special memorial mugs or gifts for holidays like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and even St. Patrick’s Day. We put this company to the test and came out pretty darn impressed! Keep reading to learn more about this fun process.


About Unifury

unifury personalized mug on the counter

Unifury is a company of designers that specializes in personalized products like T-shirts, mugs, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, and more. All of their products are highly customizable, and most can be made to include your dogs, cats, and favorite people. Since all of their products are custom, they don’t charge extra for personalization, making them a fun and affordable option for most occasions. Their designers can also provide additional customization for pets at no charge – all they need is a pet photo sent via email support.



unboxing unifury personalized mug

Here’s an overview of the products you can get from Unifury, the ordering process, and how the materials and shipping hold up.

Types of Custom Products

Unifury offers several hand-drawn mug designs for you to choose from and customize. Most of the designs feature the backs of up to five people and pets, sitting in various locations like at the beach, on a camper van, or in front of a Christmas tree. And did we mention the flying-on-a-broomstick Halloween option?

If you are shopping for a pet memorial gift, Unifury has some very nice designs. These show pets looking down from Heaven or sitting on the Rainbow Bridge. When you’re selecting pets for the mug, you can also add a pair of wings to show any who have passed on.

Unifury also offers a huge selection of other custom products, from dog bowls to yoga mats to hoodies and more. You can browse the entire range here.


Unifury’s products are very reasonably priced, especially considering the level of customization. They also offer discounted prices on certain designs.

Ordering Process

The hardest part of ordering from Unifury is deciding which product and design to choose. Once you’ve done that, the process is incredibly simple: just choose the number of people and pets you’d like to include and then start personalizing!

When you’re ordering a mug, your first choices are mug size (11 oz or 15 oz) and color (some designs come with a choice of colors, like a white base with a black, green, or blue interior and handle).

From there, you can select different genders of couples, a single man or woman, or no people. For the people, you can choose body type, skin color, and hair color/length, then add the name. You can also add wings if you’re including a person who has passed on.

For the pets, all you have to do is select a breed. The extensive list includes everything from Airedale to Yorkshire Terrier, plus mixed breeds like Goldendoodle and Chow Terrier. There’s also a “Mutts Dogs” option if you have a more general mixed breed. Add your pet’s name, check out the preview, and you’re all set!

unifury preview page of mug design

Shipping & Packaging

Unifury does a great job of packaging their mugs for safe shipping. The mug arrives securely nestled into two plastic pieces inside a perfectly sized cardboard box, making breakage extremely unlikely, even on a long shipping journey.

In terms of speed, Unifury offers regular domestic shipping and express. If you opt for express, you can expect to receive your mug within 2 to 5 days of production. These mugs take about 4 or 5 days to produce, so you can expect a total of 6 to 10 days for express shipping or 8 to 13 days for regular. If you need your mug on a specific day, you will want to plan ahead, but this timing is very reasonable for a personalized product.

The company does offer free shipping, but only on larger orders totaling over $80, so you’ll need to stock up to take advantage.

Materials & Cleaning

Unifury’s mugs are made of sturdy ceramic. Conveniently, they’re fully dishwashe  and microwave-safe. Unifury does recommend avoiding temperatures over 482 F to avoid fading the colors, which should not be hard.

In Summary

  • High-quality printing
  • Fun range of designs and colors
  • Very customizable
  • Pet and human memorial options
  • Excellent secure packaging
  • Secure packaging for shipping
  • Well-priced and great value for the money
  • Reasonable turnaround time for a personalized product
  • Can’t fully customize fonts
  • Free shipping has a higher order minimum


Key Features

making tea with unifury personalized mug


These mugs are made of sturdy ceramic, and the designs are nicely printed on both sides. They feel very durable and are designed to go in the dishwasher and microwave.


Variety is the name of the game with these mugs! You have tons of designs to choose from, including various nature scenes, holidays, and even some travel options. You can also pick different interior colors and customize the featured pets and people. And if you want to add anything else, the company also offers personalized shirts, necklaces, beach towels, canvas prints, and more.

Ease of Ordering

One thing that really stands out with Unifury is how easy it is to design your custom mug. Unlike some personalized product companies, you don’t have to open Photoshop or navigate complicated design menus to create a nice-looking mug (though you can upload photos for certain designs). You can complete the entire customization and ordering process in under 10 minutes and end up with a great gift.


Is the Custom Pet Mug a Good Value?

Unifury’s mug products are very well-priced, especially since you get to choose from so many options and customize all of them. They are made out of sturdy, food-safe ceramic that can be put in the microwave and dishwasher. The printing quality is also very nice. Unless you’re ordering over $80, you will have to pay a shipping fee, but it’s pretty reasonable.

kate and gizmo's personalized mug from unifury



How Much Can You Customize?

You can customize your mug quite a bit. You can add up to five people/pets, and each person or pet you add can be customized. For people, you can choose from three body types, three skin tones, and an extensive set of hair colors, textures, and lengths. For pets, you can choose from a long list of breeds. Within each cat or dog breed, you can choose your pet’s coloring. Although you can’t choose your font, you do get to customize the names of the people and dogs.

Are There Pet Memorial Options?

Yes, Unifury has an extensive range of memorial designs. For any mug, you can add a pair of wings to any dog, cat, or person. There are also designs featuring rainbows and even one where the pets are looking down at you from the clouds.

Can You Upload a Photo Instead of Choosing an Illustrated Design?

Yes, in addition to the hand-drawn designs, you can choose a design that allows you to upload a real photo.

How Long Will My Mug Take to Arrive?

These custom mugs take 4-5 days to produce and 2-5 or 4-8 days to ship, depending on whether you select regular or express shipping. That means that your Unifury mug should arrive 6-10 days after you order via express shipping, or 8-13 days using regular shipping.

Does Unifury Ship Anywhere?

Yes! Unifury can ship anywhere in the world, although you will have to pay extra for shipping outside the continental United States.

unifury personalized mug in the box


Our Experience With Unifury

I was very pleased with the entire Unifury experience. The mug was easy to design (although I debated several designs before choosing one), and it looked even better in person!

The only downside I experienced is that my dog Gizmo is (to put it mildly) a rare mix. His DNA test results showed a combination of Pug, American Eskimo Dog, Poodle, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Toy Fox Terrier, and even Chow Chow, so needless to say, he did not show up on the dropdown list of breed options.

After checking the entire list, I went with Brussels Griffon, which does look fairly similar to Gizmo from behind. Although it would be fun to be able to further customize things like hair color and tail, I’m very happy with my mug. And Unifury’s extensive list will likely do a good job of covering most dogs.

When I received my mug, I was impressed with the sharp printing quality and the pleasant heft of the ceramic. The black interior and handle are glossy and unique among my many mugs. It’s also easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher and is holding up well to extensive use.

All in all, my new Unifury mug fits right in with the rest of my (eclectic) mug collection, and it’s a cheery (and very personal) way to enjoy a cup of raspberry tea or freshly brewed coffee. Gizmo and I love going for walks together, and this sweet mug reminds me of that every morning.

unifury personalized mug on a coaster with gizmo on the background



Unifury’s high-quality custom mugs are a great option for just about any occasion. Whether you need Christmas gifts for your favorite pet lovers, want to commemorate a beloved pet crossing over the Rainbow Bridge, or are just looking for a fun personalized mug featuring your favorite animals, this company is a great option. The mugs are well-priced, nicely made, and available in a wide range of colors and designs. What’s not to love?

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