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Ocicat Cat: Info, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

Genevieve Dugal

By Genevieve Dugal

ocicat cat in brown background

Height: 9–11 inches
Weight: 6–15 pounds
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Colors: Tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lavender, fawn, silver, chocolate silver, cinnamon silver, blue silver, lavender silver, and fawn silver
Suitable for: Anyone who can give them a lot of attention and affection
Temperament: Intelligent, affectionate, active, energetic, gets along with other pets

Don’t be fooled by the exotic and wild appearance of the Ocicat cat! Although his splendid spotted fur and athletic build give him a resemblance to a wild cat, the Ocicat is a gentle, friendly, and well-balanced cat. He is also endowed with great intelligence and devotes unfailing affection and loyalty to his pet parents.

But despite his resounding qualities, is this magnificent feline a good choice of four-legged companion for you and your family? Check out all the essential information you need to know about the Ocicat cat breed to find out if you are made for each other!


Ocicat Kittens


The easiest way to adopt an Ocicat would be through a rescue that specializes in Ocicats. A great place to start would be by starting a breed search on Adopt-a-Pet.com. The search will show you all the available Ocicats in your area.

When choosing a breeder, you must ensure that the adult cats and their kittens live in good conditions, are in contact with the family of the breeder, and that they are in good health. In this way, the cat is already perfectly accustomed to conditions similar to those it will find in your home. For example, the kitten would probably already be used to loud noises like that of the vacuum cleaner, so it will probably be less fearful when it arrives in your home.

A breeder’s membership in a breed association or club is also an indicator of his seriousness. The cat’s papers must also come from a recognized association. In addition, keep in mind that all breeding animals must be vaccinated and test negative for the Feline leukemia virus.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Ocicat

1. The Name “Ocicat” Is Inspired by the Ocelot

When cat breeder Virginia Daly crossed a Siamese female with an Abyssinian male, she was only looking to create a Siamese with Abyssinian color points. Her breeding experiment was a great success, except in the case of a kitten with copper eyes and golden spots. Virginia Daly’s daughter fell in love with this curious kitten and nicknamed it “Ocicat”, due to its similarity to the wild cat Ocelot.

2. The Ocicat Is One of the Most Popular Cat Breeds in the United States

Recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1966, the Ocicat was promoted to championship status in May 1987. Its beautiful golden eyes and striking spotted fur can now be admired in many shows and homes.

3. The Ocicat Has a “Dog Temperament”

It is not uncommon to see Ocicat cats frolicking on a leash alongside their beloved human! Indeed, because of their great intelligence and ease of training, it is possible to teach tricks to these felines. They are also very attached and loyal to their family and tend to favor one person in particular.

ocicat cat standing on a grass
Image Credit: Agarianna76, Shutterstock

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Ocicat

The Ocicat is a lively and endearing cat that has inherited certain personality traits from the Siamese and the Abyssinian. Indeed, he is a gentle and friendly feline who loves to be cuddled. Although independent, he remains very attached to his favorite human. However, he does not tolerate being left alone for long periods of time and demands a lot of attention.

Thus, his intelligence is remarkable, as is his sensitivity. This makes him an exceptional cat for those who can give him all the love and attention he needs to thrive.

Are These Cats Good for Families? 👪

The Ocicat is a wonderful feline companion for families. He is very sociable and loves spending time with his human family, including children. Interestingly, the Ocicat tends to form a very strong bond with a specific person and follow them around the house like a little lap dog!

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

In general, the Ocicat has no problem living with friendly dogs, as long as they don’t spend their day chasing them around the house! These cats are also sociable towards their fellow cats and appreciate other feline playmates. However, beware of other small pets in your home! Indeed, as the Ocicat comes from the cross between the Siamese and the Abyssinian, it is quite possible that he has retained some great hunting skills!

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Things to Know When Owning an Ocicat:

Food & Diet Requirementscat emoji

Ocicat cats do not have breed-specific needs: they need a good quality diet with enough protein and fiber to meet their nutrient needs. Moreover, the proportion of these nutrients varies according to their age, level of activity, lifestyle, and general state of health. Also, every cat is unique and has its own likes, dislikes, and food needs.

However, be careful not to overfeed your cat, even though he tends to burn a lot of energy throughout the day!

Exercise 🐈

The Ocicat is an active, energetic, and inquisitive cat: they need to be stimulated physically and mentally to thrive. They adapt quite well to apartment living, as long as they have enough space and freedom to meet their exercise needs. However, it’s even better if you have a house with a fenced yard! Either way, you’ll want to give them plenty of toys and accessories (like a large cat tree) to keep your kitty entertained and prevent them from getting bored while you’re away.

Training 🧶

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Ocicat cats is their ability to learn tricks. Indeed, the Ocicat is smart enough to learn to perform a number of tasks and tricks, such as coming when called by name, sitting down to receive a treat, walking on a leash, fetching, etc. Besides, it is very likely that you will have as much fun as your cat by teaching them new tricks!

Grooming ✂️

The Ocicat is a very minimal shedder, due to its short, smooth coat. They require very little grooming, although a good weekly brushing will keep their coat silky and remove dead hair. Take the opportunity to trim their nails and inspect their ears and teeth to prevent the development of feline dental diseases.

Ocicat in the studio
Image Credit: dien, Shutterstock

Health and Conditions 🏥

Ocicats can enjoy quite a long lifespan, though they are prone to the same issues as their parent breeds. Thus, the Ocicat can be affected by certain pathologies, such as progressive retinal atrophy, hypertrophic heart disease, or even renal amyloidosis. It is therefore important not to neglect vaccinations, regular examinations, and annual check-ups at the veterinarian.

Male vs Female

The only noticeable difference between male and female Ocicat is their size. Indeed, males tend to be slightly larger and more athletic than females. As for the behavior, the males can be a little more affectionate, but it depends on each individual. You shouldn’t base your choice on this criterion because there’s no way to know in advance your kitten’s exact temperament (and this goes for all breeds).



Ocicat cats are not only elegant and gorgeous, but they are also wonderful companions for families and single people. However, they do require a lot of attention and love from their owners, which makes them not an adequate choice if you must spend long days outside your home. Besides, expect to splurge if you want to acquire one of these magnificent spotted beasts, which however have nothing wild except for their name and their splendid coat!

Featured Image Credit: dien, Shutterstock

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