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Parti Yorkie Growth & Weight Chart (with Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

parti yorkie

Buying a little Parti Yorkie puppy is something to celebrate. You have probably pondered over their name, their personality, and all things in between. When you’re taking on the responsibility of raising one of these spirited pups, you want to do the right thing as an owner—including making sure they’re growing correctly.

While your vet will go over all of the ins and outs with you each step of the way, it helps to know what to expect. Health and growth go hand-in-hand. Let’s explore what to expect at every stage of development.

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Facts About the Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkies are traditional Yorkshire Terriers except for their tricolor coats. When a Parti Yorkie is officially grown, you’ll have a sturdy, capable little dog. They might look dainty, but don’t let that fool you.

Newborn Parti Yorkies weigh only 5 ounces. These dogs grow to be muscular, agile, and athletic—though they only weigh between 2-7 pounds as adults.

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Parti Yorkie Puppy Weight Chart

At each growth stage, your pup should fall into the weight range category listed below.

If you find your Yorkie doesn’t seem to be a match for the week, try another scale—sometimes, home scales can be off a bit. If you have genuine concerns, or if their weight hasn’t changed in several weeks, contact their veterinarian with additional questions.

Parti Yorkie Puppy Weight Chart (Male)

Weight Range
8 weeks 12-39 oz
9 weeks 13-42 oz
10 weeks 14-45 oz
11 weeks 15-49 oz
3 months 16-53 oz
4 months 20-70 oz
5 months 24-81 oz
6 months 26-88 oz
7 months 27-89 oz
8 months 27-90 oz
9 months 28-93 oz
10 months 29-100 oz
11 months 30-110 oz
1 year 2-7 lbs
2 years 2-7 lbs
parti yorkie looking up
Image Credit: fernandoprado, Pixabay

Parti Yorkie Puppy Weight Chart (Female)

Weight Range
8 weeks 12-36 oz
9 weeks 13-40 oz
10 weeks 14-42 oz
11 weeks 15-47 oz
3 months 16-50 oz
4 months 20-65 oz
5 months 24-73 oz
6 months 26-77 oz
7 months 27-79 oz
8 months 27-82 oz
9 months 28-88 oz
10 months 29-90 oz
11 months 30-100 oz
1 year 2-6.5  lbs
2 years 2-7 lbs

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Parti Yorkie Growth Stages

Your puppy’s needs will change as they grow. It’s important to know when your Parti hits their milestones. As the months pass, your Parti will require vaccinations, food adjustments, and proper exercise. Let’s take a look at what to expect in their developing years.

8-week-old (2 months) Parti Yorkie

parti yorkie with toy
Image Credit: Amalia33, Pixabay
  • Teething

We all know what little needle-like puppy teeth feel like digging into your arm. They have sharp chompers and they chew on literally everything. Make sure they have lots of training tools so they learn good chewing behavior. Remember, they will lose these baby teeth.

  • Vet Care

When you bring your pup home, it’s time for their first visit to your vet. Your Parti should’ve already been to the vet at least once beforehand, but you need to make sure you take them anyway. They’re due for a series of shots and a routine checkup.

  • Grooming

Grooming creates a huge bonding experience with your puppy. The more hands-on you are in the beginning, the closer the two of you will become. Plus, it helps keep their coats soft and healthy. Take care of those little teeth and ears, too.

  • Exercise

Your Parti will have lots of energy to burn at this stage, but they enjoy their sleep, too. They might still be trying to find their feet, but it won’t be long before they are running around full-speed.

  • Crate Training

Puppies don’t know the ropes on how to use the bathroom outside yet. Plus, they can be quite destructive, especially when they’re left alone. It’s a good idea to acclimate them to a crate or kennel as early as possible, so they have a safe space to learn and grow.

  • Growth

Your Parti is taking off with no end in sight. They will seemingly double in size as the coming months pass. At this stage, they should weigh between 12-29 ounces.

12-week-old (3 months) Parti Yorkie

parti yorkie sitting on grass
Image Credit: Crystal Huff, Unsplash
  • Teething

Your Parti is probably getting to be quite a pro at chewing these days. In a few short weeks, your puppy will begin losing baby teeth and getting their adult chompers. Patience is crucial to the chewing stage, so make sure you offer lots of chewable toy options to create appropriate outlets.

  • Vet Care

For another vet visit, your puppy will be due for its third round of DHLPPC. Your vet might look over your pup for any abnormalities or concerns—just to make sure they’re on par.

  • Grooming

You’ll probably still be working with your pup at this stage when it comes to grooming. Brush both teeth and fur frequently and trim their nails—if needed.

  • Exercise

Your Parti probably has more energy than you at this stage. Making sure they have appropriate channels for this boundless momentum is vital. Offer lots of interactive toys and don’t forget to play fetch or tug-of-war.

  • Growth

You’ve probably noticed a huge difference since the day you brought your pup home. At this stage, most Parti’s weigh between 16 and 53 ounces—or 1 to 3 pounds.

6-month-old Parti Yorkie

parti yorkie standing on grass
Image Credit: Pezibear, Pixabay
  • Teething

By this stage, your pup may have a mouthful of adult teeth. Even though the teething stage is nearing the end, chewing might be at an all-time high. So, continuing to provide chew toys is a must for your Parti and your belongings.

  • Vet Care

By this time, your Parti should have most of their vaccines, including Bordetella, rabies, and giardia. Your vet will also monitor growth and weight.

  • Grooming

It’s time for your Parti’s first haircut! Ready for the groomer so your little guy or gal can get some pampering by professionals.

  • Exercise

Your puppy probably naps less and plays more at 6 months. It’s a great time to teach tricks, play games, and provide mental stimulation. They need at least 30 minutes of high-intensity activity per day.

  • Growth

Your Parti is reaching the end of their pinnacle growth—it’s time things slow down. You might notice that your pup is much closer to the size he or she will stay, but they will continue to gain weight. They should weigh between 1.5 to 5.5 pounds.

12-month-old (1 year) Parti Yorkie

parti yorkie dogs
Image Credit: Amalia33, Pixabay
  • Teething

If all is going well, you and your puppy both survived the challenges of the teething stage. They should have learned good manners—knowing what they can and cannot chew on.

  • Vet Care

It’s time for boosters. Your vet will likely administer the DHLPPC, rabies, giardia, and Lyme vaccines again.

  • Grooming

You can take your Parti for visits to their groomer every 4-6 weeks. They will give them a nice bath, trim, and spritz.

  • Exercise

For a healthy, happy Yorkie, they will need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day moving forward. By this stage, they likely walk well on the lead and love new adventures.

  • Growth

Most Parti’s are done growing by a year. At this stage, they will weigh between 2-7 pounds.

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When Do Parti Yorkies Stop Growing?

There’s a stopping point for growth. It’s a very individual process when it comes to when a Yorkie is fully grown both physically and mentally. Yorkies are high energy dogs, so it might seem like they’re slower to mature than other breeds.

  • Bodily growth

Most Yorkies are fully grown by 1 year of age. Typically, growth slows down by 10 months and stops completely at 12 months.

  • Fill out

Parti Yorkies are considered fully filled out by 4 years of age. Up until this point, your Yorkie might seem to get meatier than you remember them as young pups. Instead of being lean and spry, they gain a little fullness to their overall body structure.

  • Mental maturity

your Yorkies might think they are puppies, even after their bodies are done growing. While each dog matures at its own pace, most Yorkies are “all grown up” mentally by 2-3 years.

How Does Neutering/Spaying Affect My Dog’s Growth?

You may hear different advice about the proper age to spay or neuter—depending on your vet. Some suggest that you should wait until your dog is fully grown before you opt for this surgery. Others feel safe recommending the surgery as young as 6 months of age.

The argument here is that spaying or neutering affects large breeds more often with growth. If a dog such as a Parti Yorkie is under 45 pounds, you can get them fixed at the age of sexual maturity.

If you have any reservations about potential growth risks, speak to your vet before scheduling.

Dangers of Growing Too Quickly or Stunted Growth

Rarely, your Parti Yorkie might not be on par with their growth chart. You might find that one is rapidly developing, while another might stay a little too tiny. But what causes these problems?

Growing too fast is often a sign of overnutrition. You might not be portioning their meals correctly, which makes a Parti Yorkie’s body develop too fast.

Slow growth, on the other hand, can stem from several issues. It might be a parasitic infection or malnutrition. Hookworms and roundworms can eat up your pup’s vital nutrients, causing them to lack a shiny coat or grow steadily. Not feeding them enough might also cause developmental delays.

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Final Thoughts

The first year is always the most important part of your Parti Yorkie’s life. Steady growth is the aim. At no point do you want to see drastic drops or gains in development.

Improper growth can cause unwanted health issues later—you can avoid most with proper nutrition and regular vet visits. Even though your Parti Yorkie might grow at their own pace, they need to grow within certain parameters to maintain a normal pattern.

Featured Image Credit: brux, Shutterstock

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