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Spill Proof Cat Water Bowl

Cats already tend to drink too little water, but you can keep your kitty well hydrated with this innovative, spill-proof cat water bowl. Made with an intelligent and sturdy design, this water bowl holds nearly 24 fluid ounces, meaning you won’t need to continuously go back to keep it filled. It also comes with a floating water plate that prevents dust and dirt from getting into your cat’s clean water.


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About this item

Features -
  • Floating plate keeps your water free from dust and dirt
  • 4 non-slip pads to further prevent spills
  • Large capacity holds nearly 1.5 bottles of water
  • 4 fun colors to choose from
  • Easy to disassemble for easy cleaning
Materials/care +

Give your cat their own personal drinking fountain with this spill-proof cat water bowl


Keep your cat’s water free from dirt and debris with this water bowl’s intelligent design. This spill-proof cat water bowl comes with a floating plate that traps dust and dirt. You can store roughly 24 ounces of water in this convenient bowl, and the three separate pieces are easy to take apart and clean. 


Providing a constant water supply for your active feline is important, but so many water bowls today are easy to knock over. The high walls and non-slip grips ensure minimal spillage even when the most spirited cats are pawing at and playing in the water.

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