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150 Spanish Cat Names: Our Top Picks for Your Cat (with Meanings)

Brooke Billingsley

By Brooke Billingsley

small striped cat in front of Spanish coast landscape

Spanish is a beautiful language spoken by over 500 million people worldwide. Whether you speak Spanish or not, it’s a language that anyone can enjoy for its musical tone and elegance. Giving your cat a Spanish name can fit your cat’s personality but can also be challenging if you aren’t familiar with the language.

To help you choose the perfect Spanish name for your cat, here’s a list of 150 of our favorite names with their meanings included.

Top 10 Spanish Cat Names

  • Bonita (pretty)
  • Bella (beautiful)
  • Amor (love)
  • Caramela (caramel)
  • Tigre (tiger)
  • Gato (cat)
  • Alejandro (a male name)
  • Alejandra (a female name)
  • Esponjoso (fluffy)
  • Cazador (hunter)
ragdoll cat outdoor
Image Credit: Roernesfoto, Shutterstock

Female Spanish Cat Names

  • Flor/Florita (flower)
  • Tequila (a type of liquor)
  • Alegria (joy)
  • Blanca (white)
  • Bricia (a female name)
  • Esabella (a female name)
  • Faustina (lucky)
  • Amada (darling)
  • Fantasia (fantasy)
  • Felipa (a female name)
  • Shakira (a female name)
  • Jacinta/Jacinda (hyacinth flower)
  • Juanita (a female name)
  • Katia (pure)
  • Latoya (victorious)
  • Leonora (bright)
  • Maria (a female name)
  • Sierra (mountains)
  • Marta (a female name)
  • Paloma (dove)
  • Perla (pearl)
  • Reina (queen)
  • Rosita (little rose)
  • Selena (a goddess’s name)
  • Santina (little saint)
  • Frida (peace)
  • Giselle (a female name)
  • Lela (a female name)
cat coming out of cat house
Image Credit: lutz44, Pixabay

Male Spanish Cat Names

  • Santo (holy or saint)
  • Felipe (a male name)
  • Juan (a male name)
  • Silvi (from the woods)
  • Alfonso (a male name)
  • Carlito (a male name)
  • Poncho (a piece of clothing)
  • Hugo (a male name)
  • Luis (a male name)
  • Alonzo (a male name)
  • Chico (boy)
  • Rico (rich)
  • Bernardino (brave)
  • Fernando (bold)
  • Fidel (faithful)
  • Paco (alpaca)
  • Francisco (a male name)
  • Reyes (king)
  • Sergio (to serve)
  • Bruno (a male name)
  • Valentino (strength)
  • Matias (a male name)
  • Berto (intelligent)
  • Gaspar (treasure)
  • Vicente (a male name)
  • Diego (a male name)
  • Jose (a male name)
  • Pepe (a nickname for Jose)
  • Benito (a male name)
  • Gustavo (a male name)
  • Daunte (enduring)
Cat and Lemon
Image Credit: TanyaCPhotography, Shutterstock

Descriptive Spanish Cat Names

  • Dulce (sweet)
  • Buena/Bueno (good)
  • Zelia (ardent)
  • Angel (angel)
  • Hermosa/Hermoso (beautiful/handsome)
  • Amata (loved)
  • Felicidad (lucky)
  • Grecia (graceful)
  • Lavada (pure)
  • Acacia (thorny)
  • Lindo (lovely)
  • Niña/Niño (little girl/boy)
  • Pequeño/ Pequeña (small)
  • Valiente (brave)
  • Oro (gold)
  • Aurelia (golden)
  • Chiki (sweet)
  • Tipo (kind)
  • Feroz (fierce)
  • Feliz (happy)
  • Sombra (shadow)
  • Gordo (fat)
  • Peluda (furry)
  • Loco (crazy)
  • Fuerte (strong)
  • Guerrero (warrior)
  • Bigotes (whiskers)
  • Paquito/Paquita (free)
  • Bombon (sweetie)
  • Querida (beloved)
  • Fiesta (party)
  • Diablo (devil)
tabby cat lying on the Floor
Image Credit: Esin Deniz, Shutterstock

Animals in Spanish Names

  • Oso/Osa (bear)
  • Toro (bull)
  • Lupe (wolf)
  • Lobo (timber wolf)
  • Lion (lion)
  • Suave (soft/smooth)
  • Gatito (kitten)
  • Tiburon (shark)
  • Usoa (dove)
  • Mariposa (butterfly)
Cat Oregano
Image Credit: Angela Kotsell, Shutterstock

Interesting Spanish Cat Names

  • Allegro/Allegra (music)
  • Helio (sun)
  • Cielo (sky/heaven)
  • Estrella (sky)
  • Playa (beach)
  • Rio (river)
  • Vivo/Viva (alive)
  • Ronroneo (purr)
  • Selva (jungle)
  • Corazon (heart)
  • Lluvia (rain)
  • Oslo (meadow)
  • Cascada (waterfall)
  • Niebla (fog)
  • Baya (berry)
  • Noche (night)
  • Tierra (earth)
  • Aconcia (comet)
  • Brisa (breeze)
  • Carmelita (little garden)
  • Estrella (star)
  • Mija/Mijo (slang for daughter/son)
  • Lucita (little light)
  • Luza/Luz (light)
  • Nacho (a type of food)
  • Torta (a type of sandwich)
  • Safira (sapphire)
  • Salsa (a type of dance)
  • Hola (hello)
  • Cerveza (beer)
  • Emelda (battle)
  • Amigo/Amiga (friend)
  • Churro (a type of dessert)
  • Tamale (a type of food)
  • Enchilada (a type of food)
  • Burrito (a type of food)
  • Coco (coconut)
  • Cancun (a city in Mexico)
  • Tijuana (a city in Mexico)

How to Name Your Cat

Naming your cat can be intimidating no matter what, but adding in the factor of a language you may not speak can make it even harder on you. Start by identifying some of the characteristics you like the most about your cat. Maybe there’s something specific about your cat’s appearance or personality that you feel would help narrow the field for a fitting name?

The options are as endless as the words in the Spanish language, so start by trying to narrow things down to 10–20 characteristics you like the most about your cat and work outward from there.

In Conclusion

This is only 150 of our favorite Spanish cat names, but there are as many options as words in the Spanish language. Remember that Spanish contains gendered words, so look up words if you are unsure if they are feminine or masculine and you have your heart set on one or the other. When it comes down to it, though, it’s totally up to you what and how you name your cat!

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