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140+ Urdu Cat Names: Great Options For Your Incredible Kitty

Kathryn Copeland

By Kathryn Copeland

girl holding a kitten in her arms on white shirt background

Coming up with a name for your new cat can be a bit of a challenge. You may want something beautiful or maybe funny or quirky. But since there are thousands upon thousands of names to choose from, it can help to turn to names from other parts of the world.

Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and is spoken there and across India. Many Urdu words and names could make an incredible name for your cat.

So, here is a list of Urdu names for you to consider, along with most of their meanings. Hopefully, one of these will suit your cat, and you will have a little story behind it too!

How to Name Your Cat

Before we get started, these tips might help you come up with a name for your cat on your own. First, consider your cat’s appearance: You can go by the color, pattern, size, and/or shape of your cat. If your cat is super fluffy, white, and roundish, for example, Snowball, Cloud, or Pearl might suit them. Second, you can think about your favorite songs, artists, bands, movies, and books for inspiration.

There are even cool and quirky names to be found when you look at video games, food, and drinks. Think about your cat’s personality in addition to one of these topics, and a name might just jump out at you.

Now, on to Pakistani cat names!

three cute kittens sit against the background of the sky and look around with curiosity
Image Credit: Anna Pasichnyk, Shutterstock

Female Urdu Cat Names

Any of these female Urdu names will give your cat a distinctive and beautiful moniker. There aren’t meanings for every single name, but we put them where we could. Many come from the Arabic language.

  • Aisha (living, alive)
  • Aiza
  • Amna (safety)
  • Asma (supreme)
  • Azra (virgin, maiden)
  • Bushra (good news)
  • Fariha (happy)
  • Farzana (wise, intelligent)
  • Fatima (to abstain)
  • Fawzia (triumph)
  • Gulbadan (body like a rose)
  • Gulnaz (flower, rose)
  • Gulrukh (rose faced)
  • Hafsa (gathering)
  • Halima (patient, tolerant, mild)
  • Humaira (red)
  • Inaya (care, concern)
  • Iqra (read, recite, confess)
  • Jamila (beautiful)
  • Jannat (paradise, garden)
  • Laila (night)
  • Masuma (innocent)
  • Nazia (sweet, coy)
  • Nida (call, proclaim)
  • Rizwana (satisfaction)
  • Rukhsana (Urdu form of Roxana)
  • Saba (soft breeze)
  • Sabeen (follower of another religion)
  • Sadia (fortunate, lucky)
  • Saeeda (happy, lucky)
  • Saima (fasting)
  • Saira (traveler)
  • Sakina (calmness, peace)
  • Salma (safe)
  • Samina (valuable, precious, priceless)
  • Shabana (scatter)
  • Shabnam (dew)
  • Shazia (rare, unusual)
  • Siddiqa (honest, truthful)
  • Sitara (star)
  • Sultana (ruler, king, sultan)
  • Syeda (lady, mistress)
  • Tahira (virtuous, pure, chaste)
  • Yasmeen (jasmine)
  • Zahida (pious, devout)
  • Zainab (beauty)
  • Zareen (golden)
  • Zeenat (ornament)
  • Zehra (shining, brilliant, bright)
  • Zohra (Venus)
  • Zubaida (elite, prime, cream)
  • Zuhra (to shine)
  • Male Urdu Cat Names

Along with female Urdu names, here are male names for those beautiful male cats out there. Most of these are quite fitting for felines! Check out Asad, which means lion, or Jahangir, which means world conqueror! Most of the meanings are in Arabic.

  • Aamir (prosperous, substantial)
  • Abbas (austere)
  • Abdul (servant of the powerful)
  • Abrar (virtuous)
  • Adil (fair, honest, just)
  • Akbar (greater, greatest)
  • Ali (lofty, sublime)
  • Amin (truthful)
  • Amir (commander, prince)
  • Anwar (brighter, more luminous)
  • Asad (lion)
  • Azhar (shining, brilliant, bright)
  • Aziz (powerful, respected, beloved)
  • Babar (tiger)
  • Danish (knowledge, learning)
  • Fareed (unique, precious)
  • Farhan (happy, cheerful)
  • Feroz (victorious)
  • Gulshan (rose garden)
  • Habib (beloved, darling)
  • Hamid (praiseworthy)
  • Hanif (true, upright)
  • Hasan (handsome)
  • Hasib (noble, respected)
  • Imtiaz (distinction)
  • Irfan (knowledge, awareness, learning)
  • Jahangir (world conqueror)
  • Javaid (eternal)
  • Khaled (eternal)
  • Khan (king, ruler)
  • Latif (gentle, kind)
  • Maqsood (intention, aim)
  • Mehmud (praised)
  • Murad (wish, desire)
  • Mustafa (the chosen one)
  • Nadeem (drinking companion)
  • Nazir (herald, warner)
  • Qasim (one who divides goods among his people)
  • Rafiq (friend, gentle)
  • Rahim (kind, compassionate)
  • Raja (king, ruler)
  • Rana (king)
  • Raza (satisfaction, contentment)
  • Rehman (merciful)
  • Sadiq (true, sincere, loyal)
  • Samar (fruit, profit)
  • Sardar (chief, leader)
  • Shahid (witness)
  • Shahzad (prince son of the king)
  • Shandar (fabulous)
  • Sharif (eminent, virtuous)
  • Sher (lion)
  • Tahir (virtuous, pure, chaste)
  • Talat (face, sight)
  • Talha (fruit-bearing tree)
  • Umar (populous, flourishing)
  • Yasir (to be rich)
  • Zafar (victory)
  • Zahid (pious, devout)
  • Zamir (mind, heart, conscience)
  • Zubair (iron)

Unisex Urdu Cat Names

Some Urdu names are used interchangeably between men and women, so if you don’t care about using a traditional male or female name, try one of these gender-neutral names.

  • Dilshad (happy heart, cheerful)
  • Farah (joy, happiness)
  • Firdaus (paradise)
  • Gul (flower, rose)
  • Gulbahar (spring flower)
  • Gulzar (flower, rose)
  • Hira (diamond)
  • Inayat (care, concern)
  • Ismat (safeguarding)
  • Kausar (abundance)
  • Khurshid (shining sun)
  • Kiran (dust or thread or sunbeam)
  • Mumtaz (distinguished)
  • Naseem (breeze)
  • Noor (light)
  • Parveen (the Pleiades)
  • Shahnaz (delight of the king)
  • Shams (sun)

woman holding kittens
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

Pakistani Cat Names

To finish things off, here are Pakistani (Urdu) words that sound quite lovely, particularly due to the meanings behind them.

  • Falaq (sky)
  • Lihaaz (respect)
  • Marasim (connection, relationship)
  • Mukhtalif (different)
  • Nayab (rare)
  • Nazakat (delicateness, elegance)
  • Noor (radiance)
  • Rooh (soul)
  • Ruhaniyat (soulfulness)
  • Saba (breeze)
  • Seher (morning)
  • Shabaab (youth, prime of life)
  • Shiddat (intensity)
  • Sukoon (peace)
  • Tajallii (luster, brightness, splendor)
  • Uns (love, affection, attachment)

Use Your Imagination!

If you’ve narrowed down your choice to a few, the first thing that you should do is double-check the pronunciations by looking up the names online.

Then, try saying the name out loud a few times. Nothing can change your mind faster than hearing how ridiculous a name sounds when spoken out loud to your cat. But it could also solidify an excellent contender!

Another idea is to add a title or honorific to your cat’s name. There just aren’t enough cats out there that are Professors or Captains!

  • Baron
  • Baroness
  • Captain
  • Colonel
  • Dame
  • Doctor
  • Emperor
  • Empress
  • General
  • Her Majesty
  • His Majesty
  • King
  • Madame
  • Miss
  • Mister
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • Professor
  • Queen
  • Senator
  • Sergeant
  • Sir

american shorthair kitten
Image Credit: Top Photo Engineer, Shutterstock


We hope that you have found an excellent Urdu name for your cat or that you have at least found a bit of inspiration.

Use the internet to help you out if you’re still looking. Try websites like Behind the Name, which enables you to search for names in different languages (including Urdu), names from mythology, and even names popular in medieval times (for example).

So, good luck and enjoy your new cat! Regardless of the name that you choose, we hope that you’ll build a loving bond with your new companion.

Featured Image Credit: Olha Nosova, Shutterstock

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