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Vizsla Chihuahua Mix: Pictures, Care Guide, Temperament & Traits

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Parent breeds of Vizsla Chihuahua Mix (Vizchi) - Featured Image

A Vizsla Chihuahua mix (or Vizchi) is a compact dog like a Chihuahua but with the boundless energy of a Vizsla. The designer dog has just the right qualities to fit on your lap and leave a paw print on your heart.

Read on for a deep dive into the dog’s breed characteristics, physical attributes, personality, care needs, and more.

Height: 6 to 19 inches
Weight: 9 to 40 pounds
Lifespan: 12 to 14 years
Colors: White, Black, Gold, Golden Red, Cream, Fawn & Chocolate
Suitable for: Active families that can meet the demands of an energetic and clingy dog
Temperament: Affectionate, playful, protective, loyal, intelligent, and quite vocal

A Vizsla Chihuahua mix is a canine combo between a Vizsla and a Chihuahua. Vizchis possess some of the best traits of both breeds and are prized for their loyal, affectionate, and bubbly nature. Think of them as smaller versions of a Vizsla with more manageable mental and physical stimulation demands.

Generally, Vizchis have slightly larger statures than Chihuahuas.

While they are not as energetic as Vizslas, they are equally intelligent, playful, confident, and loyal. Most importantly, they have outgoing personalities and get along with kids and other pets better than Chihuahuas.

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Vizsla Chihuahua Mix Breed Characteristics

Like most designer hybrid dogs, you cannot accurately predict the characteristics of a cross between a purebred Vizsla and a Chihuahua.

It’s common to get a unique combination of the qualities of either breed. For instance, most Vizchis have small statures, although some have bigger physiques that make them spill over into the medium-sized dog category.

The following is merely a general overview of what to expect.


Vizsla Chihuahua Mix Puppies

Vizchi puppies are tiny, playful, and energetic. Fortunately, they don’t need much room to burn all the energy, and engaging them in indoor play sessions is perfectly okay.

Moreover, they don’t have much stamina and get tired relatively quickly. With just 30 minutes of moderate-intensity play, your litter of puppies will be exhausted and ready to nap.

If you must play outdoors, first inspect your fence for holes and escape routes. Monitoring the puppies throughout play sessions is also vital because larger birds can perceive them as prey.

To give your puppies the best start, vaccinate them at four to six weeks. It is important to consult your vet about vaccinations your puppies need during their first year, when to schedule them, and when to return for booster shots.

Parent breeds of Vizsla Chihuahua Mix (Vizchi)
The parent breeds of Vizsla Chihuahua Mix (Vizchi): Left – Vizsla (aliaksei kruhlenia, Shutterstock) | Right – Chihuahua (Africa Studio, Shutterstock)

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Temperament & Intelligence of a Vizsla Chihuahua Mix 🧠

Vizchis are naturally intelligent and even have a bad rap for thinking they are “Know-It-Alls”.

Generally, they can show you their intelligent side on their own terms. To achieve the best results during training, consider using praises and edible incentives coupled with firm, consistent instructions.

Like most mixed breeds, there are no guarantees about the temperament of a Vizchi. However, most of them have their Vizsla parent’s fun and friendly demeanor. They are always happy to cuddle between play sessions and generally love the companionship of their family members.

A Vizchi’s demeanor can instantly shift from bubbly to nervous when it sees a new face.

You can blame this on the temperament of their Chihuahua parent. Early socialization and exposure to as many people, environments, and other pets as possible can help build your pet’s confidence.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 👪

Vizchis loves being the center of attention and will not mind following you all day long like a shadow.

Your furry friend will even vocalize when it wants a round of petting or to hang out on your lap. Unfortunately, this clingy demeanor can make it prone to acting crazy if it turns around and cannot spot you around the house.

On the bright side, Vizchi’s can settle for any other family member that offers equally cozy cuddles. They are great with kids and love joint play sessions.

Although they are not as fragile as their Chihuahua parent, they cannot tolerate rough play. Vizchis can turn aggressive if they feel mishandled or threatened. They could also nip if a specific type of play makes them nervous.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

Vizchis are okay with other pets and animals. However, they can have a high prey drive if they inherit the hunting instincts of their Vizsla parent.

It is crucial to provide early socialization with other animals to lower the risk of your dog perceiving smaller pets like rabbits and parrots as prey. Moreover, always make proper introductions to ensure healthy socialization between family pets.

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Things to Know When Owning a Vizsla Chihuahua Mix

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

Your Vischi needs high-quality dog food that offers a well-balanced diet. Because the breed is a naturally picky eater prone to food allergies, ensure you closely go through the ingredients of commercially prepared diets.

Also, provide food tailored to your dog’s activity level and life stage.

Generally, Vischis thrive on food formulations for small dogs. It would be best to feed smaller portions of no more than one cap per serving, to reduce the risk of obesity. Most importantly, ensure the meals are calorie dense and rich in meat-sourced proteins and fats.

Exercise 🐕

Vizchis have small builds, and it’s easy to assume they don’t need much exercise. However, these tiny dogs have relatively high energy needs compared to their size. Like Vizslas, one short walk around the block will not do much to dissuade your Vizchi from engaging in destructive behavior.

Providing 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise will ensure your pet expels pent-up energy.

Tired Vizchis are generally calm and less likely to be interested in nasty behaviors like chewing up your valuables. After exercise sessions, most become incredibly gentle and affectionate.

They are happy to curl up next to their owners after a day of hard work.

When walking your doggo, prioritize safety and always keep it on a leash. Vizchis have sharp hunting instincts because of their Vizsla parent and are likely not to resist the urge to chase smaller animals like cats and squirrels.

Training 🎾

Vizchis are fast-learning dogs, although they are not the easiest to train. You can blame this on their stubborn streak from their Chihuahua parent. Although they are a fairly clean breed and are easy to housetrain, it takes patience and diligence to teach obedience and agility concepts.

For training to be successful, you must first understand the breed’s nature. It will only assume a submissive role if you establish yourself as the pack’s leader.

Also, give your pet plenty of attention to build your bond. This will make it more eager to please you by following commands.

Another trick to make training easier is to have your dog’s favorite treats at hand. A small piece of kibble can make all the difference in the outcome of your sessions. Alternate giving edible rewards with showering your furry companion with praises or giving it a good tummy rub.

Grooming ✂️

Vizsla Chihuahua mixes have short, dense coats that don’t shed much.

Although the breed is not hypoallergenic, it will not leave too much fur on your sofas and carpeting even if you don’t brush its coat daily. To keep the coat in tip-top condition, you only need to brush it twice weekly and bathe your dog at least once monthly.

The most important part of your daily grooming routine is to check your pet’s eyes and ears. Use wet cotton balls to wipe out any gunk, and brush your animal’s teeth every other day.

The breed is prone to dental problems, and routine teeth brushing can help prevent dental decay and gum issues. Start brushing early because getting an older Vizchi accustomed to teeth-brushing routines is harder.

You must also remember to trim your dog’s nails once or twice monthly. Vizchi’s nails grow fast because of the genes of their Chihuahua parent. If they grow too long, it can be uncomfortable for your furry friend to walk on hard floors.

Health and Conditions ❤️

Vizchis are generally healthy, and most live long and happy lives. Unfortunately, they are not a “perfect” breed and may suffer from the following serious and minor health concerns.

Minor Conditions
  • Skin Allergies
    Vizchis have “atopy,” an allergy to mold, pollen, or dust that makes their skin itchy.
    The concern commonly affects the ears, belly, feet, and any area with skin folds. If your furry friend has a skin allergy, it may rub its face or lick its paws excessively. It may also be prone to ear infections because of excessive scratching and pawing to relieve the itch.
    Fortunately, skin allergies are easy to manage with medication. Talk to your vet about the concern and inquire about the available treatment options.
  • Periodontal Disease
    Although dental problems and periodontal disease, in specific, can take a toll on your Vizchi’s health, it is among the easiest to prevent.
    You can keep the concern at bay by brushing your dog’s teeth three to four times weekly. Scheduling regular dental cleaning appointments with your vet is also a surefire way to reduce the risk of teeth and gum issues.
Serious Conditions
  • Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)
    As a small dog breed, Vizsla Chihuahua mixes can suffer hypoglycemic reactions, although they tend to outgrow the condition over time.
    Hypoglycemia can occur after missing a meal, after intensive exercise, or following periods of intense excitement. It is characterized by weakness and lethargy, and some dogs may collapse or experience seizures.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
    Chihuahuas are prone to progressive retinal atrophy, a disease that affects their vision and can lead to blindness.
    Unfortunately, Vizchis could inherit this incurable genetic condition. The best you can do is to partner with your vet to manage the concern and protect your dog from blindness for the longest time possible.
  • Obesity
    The small statures of Vizchis make them prone to adding unhealthy weight. Obesity can be a serious health concern that can shorten your dog’s life. The longer the problem is not addressed, the more it predisposes your dog to other health problems like metabolic and digestive disorders, joint problems, and heart disease.
    If you think your furry friend is gaining unhealthy weight, consult your vet for personalized dietary and exercise recommendations.

Divider 4Male vs Female

Vizchis are still a rare breed and are yet to be standardized.

Generally, they inherit mixed traits from their parent breeds, and it’s hard to know precisely what the puppies will look like or the temperaments they will have.

Although Chihuahua mixes are quickly gaining popularity, their limited numbers make it too early to determine gender-specific traits.

What is well known is that both male and female Vizchis make fantastic family pets. Both love cuddles and are affectionate and loyal to their family members. Desexed pets have a lower tendency to display problematic behavior like urine marking and wandering in search of a mate.

If you are considering the breed, it is better to focus more on a pup’s pedigree and the health clearances of its parents. Each Vizchi is unique and biological gender plays little or no role in dictating a dog’s personality as a whole.


3 Little-Known Facts About Vizsla Chihuahua Mixes

Although Vizchis have been around for years, they are not a standardized breed. Many aspects of their appearance and temperament are not clear cut, and even puppies from the same litter can have varying traits. Still, there are some things you can expect from just about any Vizchi.

1. They Can Be Pretty Manipulative

Vizchis are highly intelligent and know how to get their way. Unlike most breeds that are okay with assuming a neutral or submissive role towards their owners, they like doing things on their own terms.

They are not shy to challenge your dominance and could even snap, growl, or give a blank stare if they are not pleased with your command.

To avoid this undesirable behavior, you must let your Vizchi know you are in charge. Firm training and socialization from a young age often yield the best outcome.

Fixing unacceptable behavior can be challenging, especially if your pet is already a full-grown adult.

2. Vizsla Chihuahua Mixes Will Shed

Despite this mix’s short hair, Vizchis will shed! This may come to a surprise for some people because they are not shaggy dogs like a Sheepdog or Pomeranian. Be prepared to groom your Vizchi to avoid flyaway hair from taking over your home.

3. They Can Get Overly Yappy

If you are looking for a calm and laid-back doggo, there are better options to consider than a Vizchi. Although the breed is not as yappy as a Chihuahua, it has a strong pair of lungs and can bark for extended periods for no solid reason.

Vizchis are naturally observant and alert.

They quickly notice anything that is out of place and will gladly inform you until the message is home. They will also let you know when your neighbor’s car pulls over at the parking lot or when a bird patches your fence.

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Final Thoughts

Vizchis are small dogs with big personalities. While they often inherit the statures of their Chihuahua parents, they get their playful, loyal, and affectionate demeanor from their Vizslas parents. Many consider them Vizslas trapped in a lapdog’s body.

So, are you guaranteed the ultimate pet parenting experience once you adopt a Vizchi? No.

Vizchis are highly in touch with their striking looks. They love being the center of attention and have a stubborn streak that can drive you nuts.

Although brilliant, they are not the easiest to train and prefer doing things on their own terms. Without consistent training, your tiny pet will gladly dominate your life.

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Featured Image Credit: Left – Vizsla (Vizslafotozas, Pixabay) | Right – Chihuahua (Daniel Kondrashin, Pexels)

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