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Vizsla Male vs Female: Key Differences (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

male and female vizslas standing next to each other

Vizslas are sleek and lean dogs whose provenance can be traced back to Hungary. This breed was specifically bred for hunting as retrievers and pointers. According to AKC standards, Vizslas are generally well-mannered, sensitive, and demonstrably affectionate.

When looking to adopt Vizslas, most people often wonder whether they should opt for a male or female dog. Females are gentle around children, easy to train, suspicious of strangers, and don’t demand much attention. Males tend to be people-pleasers, like to play, and are more likely to form a forever bond with their household members.

But when it comes to making an ultimate choice, there is more to consider. Read further to determine which gender is a better fit for you.

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Visual Differences

Male vs Female Vizsla side by side
Image Credit: (L) Liudmila Bohush, Shutterstock | (R) Aneta Jungerova, Shutterstock

At a Glance

Male Vizsla
  • Average height (adult): 22–24 inches
  • Average weight (adult): 45–55 pounds
  • Lifespan: 10–14 years
  • Build: Larger with more muscles
Female Vizsla
  • Average height (adult): 21–23 inches
  • Average weight (adult): 55–66 pounds
  • Lifespan: 10–14 years
  • Build: Slimmer with fewer muscles

Divider 2Vizsla Pet Breed 101

Vizslas were thought to have gone extinct after World War I. Fortunately, Vizsla enthusiasts did their best to revive the breed into the beautiful dog we see today.

Both male and female Vizslas are known to have admirable character traits such as intelligence and friendliness. They are also hyperactive dog breeds and require a lot of activities to keep them occupied. Thus, they are not suitable for pet enthusiasts looking for a dog that enjoys relaxing and lounging around.

Instead, they are better suited for people who enjoy fast-paced hobbies and adventures like hiking, swimming, and hunting. However, they will enjoy cuddling and snuggling up with the owner after draining out all their energy.

Females are different from the males, but it is nearly impossible to tell them apart by simply looking at them. They both have similar physical attributes and even have the same size at full maturity. Yet, male and female Vizslas feature different characters and personality traits that differentiate them.

Choosing one over another has nothing to do with which gender is superior, but rather, which gender suits your individual needs better and which one is easier to take care of and maintain.

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Male Vizsla Overview

Personality / Character

Male Vizslas are born athletes. They can reach speeds of up to 40mph, which is why they qualify for the list of the top 10 fastest dog breeds.

Vizslas are adored because of their smartness and intelligence. They are also very high-spirited and lively. From when they are puppies, male Vizslas are among the sweetest dogs you can encounter. They love pleasing their owners and can even get along with strangers when properly socialized. Furthermore, they are very loyal and can get overprotective of their owner.

Unfortunately, if left alone, they can chew and destroy things in the house, especially when they do not get their daily exercise. Moreover, when left alone at home for a while, they are more than likely to suffer from separation anxiety. Though they normally don’t bark a lot, the anxiety will prompt them to bark.

vizsla dog standing in a white sand desert
Image Credit: Barna Tanko, Shutterstock


Male Vizslas are generally easier to train due to their mellow nature. Since they are always eager to please the owner, when given a command, they will be more inclined to oblige than females who are more stubborn.

By offering love, positive reinforcement and appealing to their sensitive nature, you can teach them tricks and rudimentary commands from a very early age.

Health & Care

While male Vizslas are generally heavier than their female counterparts, they are more predisposed to health issues. Male Vizslas sometimes suffer from heart, kidney, and reproductive organ problems.

Among the most common and major reproductive problems in male Vizslas are prostate disorders. They include:

  • Prostatitis
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Cancer
  • Prostate cysts

Minor health issues in this dog breed are often associated with the dog’s testicles. They include:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hip Dysplasia

Fortunately, you can manage some of these medical issues with exercise and proper diet. However, the more serious issues may require medical intervention. If your dog has a weak immune system, some of these issues can go undetected for a long time. So, it’s best to sterilize your dog to minimize the possibilities of these medical problems.

Image credit: TMArt, Shutterstock


If you neuter your male Vizslas, breeding concerns will not be applicable to them. However, if your Vizslas remain intact, their behavior will be affected. They tend to get more aggressive and territorial and are prone to marking spots around the home.

Male Vizslas also adopt negative breeding behaviors, especially if there are other intact dogs for them to compete with. The behavior is more prominent if there are female Vizslas in heat. As their hormones take over, their behavior can be erratic as they get more desperate to mate.

They can also get defiant and are likely to even run away. The change in behavior during mating season can be challenging to deal with. So, it is best to get your dog desexed at the earliest opportunity.

  • Fiercely loyal
  • Mild-mannered
  • Good with people
  • Easily trainable
  • Fast and athletic
  • Less prone to emotional swings
  • Are more prone to medical issues
  • Are destructive when left alone
  • Suffer from separation anxiety

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Female Vizsla Overview

Personality / Character

When in their environment, female Vizslas are more sensitive than male Vizslas. This makes them more temperamental, especially in new surroundings and around new people. They are also more vocal than males in the puppy stage.

When it comes to showing love and affection, females are also as active as males, if not more. If you have a female Vizsla in your home, you can never get bored because the dog will not leave you, even for a short bathroom break. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your privacy entirely because these dogs are very sensitive, and they know when to give a break.

They are also very active and not suitable pets for couch lounging. They tend to be excited about going for hikes, runs, and even for simple walks.

Normally, female Vizslas tend to be very bossy, and if unspayed, they will be bossier than usual and experience frequent mood swings. While in heat, they can even be more aggressive towards your household members and even try to run away. To avoid these temperamental issues, consider spaying them.

Vizsla jump
Image Credit: Ivanova-N, Shutterstock


On matters of training, female Vizslas are just as capable as their male counterparts, if not better. So, you don’t necessarily have to train your Vizsla differently just because it is a female. You should give her the same level of attention and care as you would any other dog in your home.

They make great house pets because they are well-mannered while indoors and are gentle by nature.

Health & Care

As mentioned earlier, Vizslas can suffer from several health problems if not spayed, and female Vizslas are no exception. Some of the major health problems include:

  • Perianal Fistula
  • Vaginal Overgrowth
  • Breast cancer
  • Mammary gland tumors

Vaginal overgrowth, also known as vaginal prolapse, usually causes the vaginal tissue to swell during the estrus period. This is a common health issue in female Vizslas and may not require any sort of treatment. Fortunately, it can be avoided by spaying.

Mastitis, vaginitis pyometra, and follicular cysts are also common among female Vizslas but can also be avoided by spaying.

vizsla dog in the beach
Image Credit: martine552, Pixabay


Healthy female Vizslas usually mate and conceive when they reach maturity. Their gestation period can last between 55 and 68 days. However, most of them stay pregnant for approximately 63 days.

Within the first few weeks, it can be difficult to tell whether your female Vizsla is pregnant. However, you will start noticing a puppy bump in the second month of pregnancy. You are also likely to notice that your dog eats more and has noticeable weight gain. They may also start urinating more often than they initially did. Towards the end of the second month, the tummy will have visibly increased in size, and the nipples will get very swollen as well.

They give birth to six or seven puppies; however, they are known to have bigger-sized litters. It is virtually impossible to tell how many puppies a female Vizsla will give birth to.

  • Are more territorial than males
  • Enjoy hugging and cuddling their owners
  • Sensitive
  • Intelligent
  • Temperamental and moody in new surroundings
  • Harder to train than males
  • Experience reproductive health issues
  • Are standoffish towards other dogs and animals
  • More opinionated, emotional, and manipulative

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Which Gender Is Right for You?

Choosing the right Vizsla to adopt is crucial, and it just doesn’t boil down to whether you are choosing a male or female dog. Therefore, it’s best to choose a gender that perfectly suits your needs and personality.

Usually, male Vizslas tend to be more playful and active than their female counterparts. Female dogs may be less energetic; however, they make better household pets because they are mellower, self-aware, and quieter. Both genders may feature similar personality traits, but male Vizslas are more vocal about their emotional state than female Vizsla breeds.

So, if you are looking for a gentle, loyal, and fun-loving dog companion, a male Vizsla is a better fit. However, if you are looking for a protective, sensitive, and emotional dog, the female Vizsla may be better suited for you.

All in all, these dogs are wonderful companions and make great pets. They also enjoy human company and adore showing love and affection to their owners. Whichever gender you choose, you can change your Vizsla’s behavior and temperament by properly raising and training it from early on in its life.

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