Wouldn’t it be great to have your cat in your desk, instead of sitting on top of it?  No, we are not being mean…

Think of all the time you would save if you didn’t have to convince the charming furry purring one to get off your computer, or to move over so you can find your pen, or to stop shedding in your coffee.

Cats are not going to change. They will never decide that you are right. They will always choose the most desireable spot in the house to be their own.

So, if we cannot change our cats behavior, perhaps we can create an environment that makes our desires, their desires?

Then we can pretend that we have trained them.

Now that is good design.


Designer Ruan Hao of Hong Kong’s LYCS Architecture created this spectacular desk.

Read more about it on the LYCS Achitecture website.

[via jezebel.com]