Well, it had to happen eventually.  In her not-so-subtle takeover of all things food, Rachel Ray has launched a new line of “super premium” food and treats for dogs. Thankfully, this venture comes from something (someone) close to her heart – her dog Isaboo.  It looks like the profits are going to something good as well: Rachael’s Rescue ( www.rachaelsrescue.org ), which helps at-risk animals.


The ingredients look decent, but I’m far from an expert. I think that as much as she loves food, Rachel’s real goal is to have her face on every single product in your grocery store.  Has anyone tried her recipes?  Would you try this new food because of her name on the packaging, or are the ingredients better than what you currently feed your critters?

More here: http://www.nutrishforpets.com

via Marketwatch, the AP, and RachelRay.