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Are Labradoodles Protective? Facts & FAQ

Grant Piper

By Grant Piper

Labradoodle and woman outside at the park

Labradoodles are one of the trendiest dogs in the world right now. People love Labradoodles for their unique appearance and happy-go-lucky attitude. There are many reasons to own a Labradoodle, but is protectiveness one of them? Some people feel safe and comfortable when they have a dog that is likely to stand up for them and protect them in a bad situation. Are Labradoodles protective?

Unfortunately for Labradoodle lovers, they are not the most protective dogs available. In fact, most Labradoodles are the opposite of protective. They are friendly, happy, and curious, but they often won’t help get you out of a jam. Here is everything you need to know about the nature of Labradoodles and whether they can be the protective dog you crave.

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Labradoodle Nature

Labradoodles are known for many high-quality personality traits, but protectiveness is not usually one of them. Labradoodles are known for being intelligent, sweet, friendly, energetic, and snuggly. They are excellent family dogs. Labradoodles are also very trainable. In theory, you could train a Labradoodle to be protective, but it would not be in their nature to act protectively. In fact, there are other trainable dogs, like German Shepherds, that are more inclined to want to act protective naturally.

Labradoodle dog and woman outside on balcony
Image Credit: Lopolo, Shutterstock

Can Labradoodles Be Protective?

Any dog can technically be protective. Some Labradoodles can get attached to their people in a way that can lead to a protective nature. But that is not the norm for this breed. Labradoodles are very intelligent, and they can pick up on subtle social cues that might alert them to the fact that something is wrong. If you start acting anxious or fearful around your Labradoodle because of a stranger or an unsafe situation, your dog might start feeding off your energy and becoming more anxious and fearful. That can lead to protective behavior in certain situations, but, again, that is not a Labradoodle’s normal personality.

Labradoodles can be protective in certain specific situations. Some individual Labradoodles might also be more protective than others. But overall, Labradoodles are not very protective by nature.

Why Aren’t Labradoodles Protective?

One of the reasons that Labradoodles are not protective is because of their breed mixture. A true Labradoodle is a half Labrador and half Poodle. Neither Labs nor Poodles are particularly protective. Both of those breeds are energetic, friendly, and intelligent, but neither is the face of the protective dog. Mixing two friendly family dogs together does not forge a new protective breed.

Another reason Labradoodles are not protective is their typical environment and training. Some dogs can be trained to be protective or even aggressive for certain reasons. Labradoodles are never in these positions. Labradoodles are typically bred as family companion animals. Labradoodles are typically found in friendly family groups. They are not bred for or trained as protective dogs.

chocolate labradoodle
Image Credit: The Dog Photographer, Shutterstock

Loyal vs. Protective

Labradoodles are very loyal, but loyal does not always mean protective. Labradoodles get very attached to their families, and they will follow them wherever they go. Labradoodles want to please their people, which makes them very easy to train. However, a dog can be extremely loyal but not very protective at all. Likewise, a person might be incredibly loyal to their family and would do anything for them, but that doesn’t mean they are going to leap into a bar fight at their behest. That is a good way to look at Labradoodles’ loyalty.

Too Friendly?

Some Labradoodles have never met a stranger in their lives. They are incredibly friendly. If you are looking for a protective dog, Labradoodles might be too friendly. While a Labradoodle might bark at an intruder or an aggressive person, they are more likely to run up and lick them than they are to bite them or scare them off. Labradoodles are so friendly that it undermines their ability to be effective guard dogs or protective companions. If you are looking for a protective canine, you will likely need to look past the Labradoodle.

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Labradoodles are great dogs. There is a reason why they are so popular right now. However, they are not very protective. If you are looking for a protective dog that makes you feel safe, you will likely be disappointed with a Labradoodle. Some Labradoodles can be protective, but it is not often in their nature to act that way, and they might not be very consistent or forceful protectors.

Featured Image Credit: Lopolo, Shutterstock

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