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5 Best Dog Hair Dyes of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Dog Hair Dye Gel-Opawz-Amazon

If you’d like to add some pizzazz and flair to your dog’s look, whether for a holiday, special occasion, fashion, or the shock value, you may be thinking about dying your dog’s hair a fun color.

Dog hair dyes have become an increasingly popular trend. The somewhat controversial concept of “creative dog grooming” has taken off both competitively and as a part of the dog grooming profession.

When you’re ready to get your dog in on the fun and creativity, you’ll need the right dyes that are specifically designed to safely color your dog’s hair. We’ve rounded up the five best dog hair dye products available and included helpful reviews and quick-reference pros and cons lists.

Also, scroll down to our buyer’s guide to learn more fascinating information about dog hair dyes.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Opawz 0014 Opawz 0014
  • Superior coloring results
  • Non-toxic
  • Vivid color selection
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Warren London Temporary Warren London Temporary
  • Eye-catching results
  • Temporary
  • Does not rub off when fully dried
  • Third place
    Top Performance Gel Top Performance Gel
  • Semi-permanent
  • Non-toxic
  • Color lasts four to six washes
  • Developed using nanotechnology
  • Plant-derived ingredients
  • Permanent
  • Petway Petcare spray Petway Petcare spray
  • Low mess application
  • Convenient spray bottle
  • Temporary
  • The 5 Best Dog Hair Dyes

    1. Opawz 0014 Dog Hair Dye – Best Overall

    Opawz 0014 Dog Hair Dye

    Our top pick for the best overall dog hair dye goes to Opawz. With zero harmful chemicals and only ingredients approved safe by federal agencies, Opawz provides superior coloring results.

    This gentle, non-toxic dog hair dye come in 16 bright colors that can be applied easily to your dog’s coat. Each color comes in a 4-ounce tube that’s easy to dispense and apply. You may need more than one tube, however, depending on how much of your dog’s coat you plan to dye. Also, keep in mind that dogs with white coats gain the best and the most vivid results.

    You can choose between permanent and semi-permanent hair dye. Aside from variations due to different dog hair textures, the permanent tends to last well over 20 weeks, while the semi-permanent retains its color for around eight weeks.

    You should note that you must wear gloves when applying Opawz. Also, you’ll want to dye your dog in an area of your home that you can easily clean, as the hair dye may cause stains.

    • Superior coloring results
    • Non-toxic, safe ingredients
    • 16 color choices
    • Vivid color selection
    • Easy-to-apply tube design
    • Offered in permanent and semi-permanent
    • Must wear gloves to apply
    • Potential to cause stains

    2. Warren London Temporary Fur Coloring – Best Value

    Warren London 101801 Temporary Fur Coloring

    Our choice for the best dog hair dyes for the money goes to Warren London temporary fur coloring. For a lower price, these dog hair dyes produce eye-catching results.

    The temporary color is fun for the moment and then washes out in two to three baths or gradually over a few weeks. Best of all, once the color is applied, it won’t rub off onto furniture and other undesirable places. Be aware that these dog hair dyes must fully dry first. Air drying may take a while, but the process can be expedited with a blow dryer.

    This non-toxic formula comes in a rainbow of seven color choices. Offered in a 5-ounce jar, these dog hair dyes can be applied with a spray bottle, with a brush, by working in with your fingers, or with an air brush. Again, white or light-colored dog coats yield the best results.

    Wearing gloves and being aware to take precautions to avoid unwanted stains is highly recommended when applying this product. All in all, we think this is the best hair dye for dogs for the money available this year.

    • Best value
    • Non-toxic ingredients
    • Eye-catching results
    • Offered in seven color choices that span the rainbow
    • Temporary
    • Does not rub off when fully dried
    • Able to be applied using several methods
    • Time-consuming to fully dry
    • Must wear gloves during application
    • May cause stains on surfaces during application

    3. Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel

    Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel 

    For a semi-permanent choice, consider Top Performance dog hair dye gel. Your dog will retain their new look for weeks, as the color lasts four to six washes.

    With multiple color choices in bright hues, these non-toxic dog hair dyes have dye and pigment ingredients that are CFTA approved. Best suited for dogs with a white or a light coat, we found that these dog hair dyes yield satisfactory results. However, you’ll need to leave the gel on your dog at least 20 minutes for more vivid color before washing it off.

    Top Performance comes in a 4-ounce bottle. The gel consistency allows for easier, less messy application. You should plan to wear gloves, as well as make sure you avoid staining your clothes or the area where you’re applying it.

    • Semi-permanent
    • Non-toxic
    • Color lasts four to six washes
    • Multiple color choices
    • Gel consistency for easier application
    • Need to leave dye on for at least 20 minutes
    • Must wear gloves during application
    • May stain unwanted surfaces and areas during application

    4. CRAZY LIBERTY Dog Hair Dye Gel

    CRAZY LIBERTY Dog Hair Dye Gel 

    A unique feature of Crazy Liberty dog hair dye gel is that the non-toxic formula has been developed using nanotechnologies, causing the color to go deep into your dog’s coat while also producing a shiny, healthy result. The ingredients on these dog hair dyes are primarily plant derived. Fruit juice extracts are used to intensify color, while extract from lilies nourishes your dog’s coat.

    Offered in a convenient 5-ounce tube, Crazy Liberty dog hair dye gel is ideal for creative grooming, and the gel consistency makes it easy to apply. However, make sure you’re committed to the color because it’s permanent and will last a significant amount of time. Be aware: We found that the black color tends to have a purple hue.

    As with all dog hair dyes, be mindful during application to wear gloves and to protect your surroundings from stains. Fortunately, this product does not take long to set.

    • Non-toxic
    • Developed using nanotechnology
    • Plant-derived ingredients
    • Gel is easy to apply
    • Permanent and long-lasting
    • Reasonable duration of time for the color to set
    • Black color choice results in purple hue
    • Must wear gloves during application
    • Protect surroundings to avoid stains

    5. Petway Petcare Pet Paint Spray

    Petway Petcare Pet Paint Spray

    For a quick dry and easy wash-off option, you may want to give Petway Petcare pet paint spray a chance. The convenient spray bottle makes application quicker with less mess.

    These non-toxic dog hair dyes are free from harsh chemicals. Despite being in a spray bottle, this product is propellant free and environmentally friendly. Have fun selecting from one of the nine color choices.

    Ideal for holidays and special occasions, these dog hair dyes are temporary and wash off easily with mild shampoo and water. Even better, they wash off your hands and your surroundings without leaving behind stains.

    Unfortunately, the price is high considering that it’s a temporary coloring product. It matches the cost of permanent dog hair dyes without the long-lasting results. However, it only takes one can of spray to entirely cover a large dog. We did learn of quality control issues with the sprayer functioning properly, however.

    • Quick and low mess application
    • Convenient spray bottle
    • Non-toxic formula
    • Temporary and ideal for holidays or special occasions
    • Easily washes off your dog, your hands, and surroundings
    • Costs as much as permanent dog hair dye
    • Quality control issue with defective sprayer

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Dog Hair Dye

    After reading through our reviews, you still may have questions before you attempt to add color to your dog’s coat. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll cover key topics and important tips that you need to know before you purchase dog hair dyes.


    First, we need to address the controversy associated with dying dogs’ coats vivid colors or in some cases, turning dogs’ coats into works of artistic expression. There are many people who feel that it’s wrong to subject dogs to unnatural coloring. They believe that “creative dog grooming,” which involves sculpting and dying elaborate decorative displays onto a dog’s coat, is a form of abuse.

    However, most veterinarians agree that as long as the dog hair dyes are non-toxic and the dog is agreeable to this kind of grooming, no harm is occurring to the dog. Of course, not every dog will have the stamina for lengthy grooming sessions or be welcoming to the potentially overwhelming amount of attention that a brightly colored dog may receive. Knowing and respecting your dog’s temperament is key in deciding whether to dye your dog’s hair.

    Safe Ingredients

    The mention of non-toxic ingredients brings us to our next and perhaps most important topic. There are several products and dying methods that have an abundance of artificial coloring. One of the best ways to dye your dog’s coat is with hair dyes specifically designed for dogs. Otherwise, you run the risk of endangering your dog’s health and possibly causing allergic reactions and severe skin irritation. It’s imperative that even with non-toxic products, your dog does not lick and ingest the dyes.

    Permanent, Semi-permanent, and Temporary

    Before you purchase dog hair dyes, you’ll need to decide how long you’d like your dog to sport their new color. For example, if you’re dying your dog orange for Halloween with permanent dog hair dye, you’re sure to have an orange dog for the season to follow, even if that wasn’t your intention.

    Permanent hair dyes can and will endure well over eight washings, while semi-permanent dyes will start to fade after four to six washings. Temporary dog hair dyes only last until your dog’s next bath or for one or two washings. With soap and water being a quick and easy remedy, temporary dog hair dyes are perfect for beginners and holidays or special occasions.

    Pet Hair Dye-Opawz-Amazon

    White Coats Color the Best

    If you want to see the brightest color on your dog, your best chance is on a dog with a white coat. Light-colored coats also tend to show color well. Unfortunately, if you own a black or dark-colored dog, you’re not going to see much or any of the hair dye color.

    Application Methods

    There are a few methods for dying your dog’s hair. You can use a spray bottle, as long as you’re careful around your dog’s face. You can also brush the dog hair dye into your dog’s coat or work it in with your fingers. If you have access to an air brush, you can use it to more precisely apply the dye.

    Before you use a new product, be sure to do a small test spot to ensure that your dog doesn’t have an allergic reaction. With most dog hair dyes, you’ll wash your dog, towel them off, and apply the dog hair dye. Next, you’ll need to wait between 10 and 20 minutes for it to set in, then rinse off the excess dye.

    Protect Your Hands and Your Surroundings

    If you’re about to DIY your dog’s new coat color, you’ll need to do a little prep work. Buying plastic or rubber gloves should be at the top of your list. Unless you want your hands to match your dog’s new color, wearing gloves to apply the color is a must.

    Additionally, you’ll need to select an area of your home that’s ready for a messy process. Keep in mind that wet dogs tend to shake. The dye you just applied to your dog can be flung on you and onto places you didn’t anticipate. For this reason, you may want to dye your dog outside. If you plan to use your bathtub, be prepared to use a heavy-duty cleaner or bleach to remove the dye from your bathroom surfaces.

    Divider 8Final Verdict

    For the best overall product, Opawz 0014 Dog Hair Dye delivers superior coloring results. Made with non-toxic, safe ingredients, Opawz comes in 16 color choices, with a wide selection of vivid hues. These dog hair dyes are packaged in an easy-to-apply tube design. You can choose between permanent and semi-permanent dog hair dyes.

    If you’re looking to pay a bit less, Warren London 101801 Temporary Fur Coloring offers the best value. The non-toxic ingredients in these temporary dog hair dyes produce eye-catching results. You can decide between seven color choices that span the rainbow. Unlike similar products, these dog hair dyes do not rub off once they’re fully dried. They can be applied using several methods.

    Finally, in our third spot is Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel. These semi-permanent, non-toxic dog hair dyes last from four to six washes. They come in multiple color choices and have a gel consistency for easier application.

    We hope that due to our detailed reviews, along with our pros and cons lists and informative buyer’s guide, you’re ready to try a dog hair dye on your dog. With any one of the five products we featured on our list, you can let your creativity loose on your dog’s coat, with amazing results.

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