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10 Best Toys for Cats & Dogs to Play With Together — 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

Cassidy Sutton

By Cassidy Sutton

cat licking dog ear

The phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” might be a cliche, but there’s truth to the saying. Cats and dogs don’t usually love each other immediately, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. Building a relationship between your pets depends on their personalities, breeds, and past experiences.

Granted, not every cat and dog will be best friends, but fun games and toys are good icebreakers.

In this post, we’re reviewing 10 toys to help your cat and dog become frenemies. You can still benefit from this list if your cat and dog are already best friends. After all, aren’t all pet owners looking for that one-and-only favorite pet toy? Let’s get started.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Laser Pointer Laser Pointer
  • Easy to share
  • Great cardio exercise
  • Cheap
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Frisco Bird Teaser Cat Toy Frisco Bird Teaser Cat Toy
  • Crinkles can attract dogs and cats
  • Cheap
  • Comes with catnip
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Collapsible Agility Dog Training Tunnel Collapsible Agility Dog Training Tunnel
  • Good for rough play
  • Good indoors and outdoors
  • Great for the zoomies
  • Best for Kittens and Puppies
    Frisco Forest Friends Crinkle and Squeaker Dog Toys Frisco Forest Friends Crinkle and Squeaker Dog Toys
  • Fur and squeaks mimic real prey
  • Cats can freely bunny kick
  • Stuffing-free
  • Outward Hound Squeaky Dog Snake Outward Hound Squeaky Dog Snake
  • Enough squeakers for kitty and puppy to enjoy
  • Durable fabric and seams
  • No crinkles
  • The 10 Best Toys for Cats & Dogs to Play With Together

    1. Laser Pointer – Best Overall

    Laser Pointer

    Type: Chase
    Material: Coated metal
    Features: Rechargeable, LED flashlight

    Our best overall option is the classic laser pointer. There’s no denying that cats and dogs love this little gadget. You can easily share it with your cat and dog without too much roughhousing, and it’s a great cardio workout.

    This laser is unique because it has a built-in LED flashlight, although sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s also rechargeable, so there are no annoying trips to the store for a tiny battery.

    A big con to using lasers stems from bad habits with your dog. Some dogs develop light obsessions because they think a glimmer of sunlight is the laser and become rambunctious. We think you can easily avoid this by limiting how often you play with the laser.

    Of course, there’s always the chance of losing the laser. Thankfully, this laser comes with a handy-dandy keyring. Ultimately, we think this is a good buy for cats and dogs. They love the experience, and it’s a great opportunity to practice sharing.

    • Rechargeable
    • Easy to share
    • Great cardio exercise
    • Cheap

    • Some dogs develop a light obsession
    • Easy to lose
    • Flashlight doesn’t always work

    2. Frisco Bird Teaser Cat Toy – Best Value

    Frisco Bird Teaser Cat Toy

    Type: Interactive, Chase
    Material: Polyester, Synthetic Fabric
    Features: Catnip, Crinkles, Feathers

    The Frisco Bird Teaser cat toy is our option with the best value for the money. Bird toys are already a hit with cats, and dogs enjoy playing with them when given a chance.

    Something we like about this bird toy is the crinkly material. Many dogs are attracted to crinkles, and the bird and ribbon attract cats. It’s a cheap toy that successfully stimulates the natural predatory instinct in both animals.

    We also like that it comes with catnip, although toys stuffed with catnip always lose their potency over time. Admittingly, this isn’t a durable toy either. Many owners claim the bird falls apart quickly. But it’s a good option for the money if you’re in a pinch.

    • Crinkles can attract dogs and cats
    • Cheap
    • Comes with catnip
    • Stimulates predatory hunting instincts in dogs and cats

    • Falls apart easily
    • Catnip loses potency

    3. Collapsible Agility Dog Training Tunnel – Premium Choice

    Collapsible Agility Dog Training Tunnel

    Type: Hide & Seek, Chase
    Material: 210 Nylon, Synthetic Fabric
    Features: Steel rings, Tear Resistant Fabric

    The collapsible agility dog training tunnel may be more expensive than a cat tunnel, but there’s a lot to love about this product.

    First, it’s 18 feet long and 24 inches wide, allowing plenty of room for your cat and dog to chase each other and play hide and seek. There will definitely be some roughhousing in this tunnel, but you don’t have to worry because the material is sturdy.

    Second, you can take this tunnel outside if you can. You probably wouldn’t bring your cat with you, but your dog will enjoy the change of environment.

    Although the length is a pro, it’s also one of the cons. Small houses and apartments may not have the space for this large tunnel. However, it’s collapsible, so you can always take it out of storage when you want your pets to release some energy.

    • Large enough for a dog and cat
    • Good for rough play
    • Good indoors and outdoors
    • Great for the zoomies

    • Not good for small spaces

    4. Frisco Forest Friends Crinkle & Squeaker Toys – Best for Kittens and Puppies

    Frisco Forest Friends Crinkle and Squeaker Dog Toys

    Type: Chew, Interactive, Fetch
    Material: Polyester, Synthetic Fabric
    Features: Squeaky, Crinkle, Stuffing-Free

    Kittens and puppies love to chew, so our favorite toy is Frisco’s Forest Friends crinkle and squeaker toys.

    Your pets will get a fox, squirrel, and raccoon in this three-toy package. They’re durable enough to withstand the wrath of young pets and are stuffing-free. The toys are large for dogs but small enough for a kitten to bunny-kick to its heart’s desire. The crinkles will easily attract puppies and kittens, and the fur and squeaks mimic natural prey. Some cats may not care for the larger toy size, but most kittens won’t mind.

    • Cheap
    • Crinkles attract dogs and cats
    • Fur and squeaks mimic real prey
    • Cats can freely bunny-kick
    • Stuffing-free

    • Cats may not like the toy size

    5. Outward Hound Squeaky Dog Snake

    Outward Hound Squeaky Dog Snake

    Type: Chew, Interactive, Fetch
    Material: Polyester, Synthetic Fabric
    Features: Squeaky

    Number five on our list is Outward Hound’s Squeaky Dog Snake. This toy is ideal for people trying to avoid toys with crinkles. Instead, this snake has several squeakers, with the option of choosing between three or six squeakers. They can be loud, but if you don’t mind the squeaking (and neither does your cat), this could be a good option for dog/cat playtime.

    We like that the snake is lengthy to trigger the hunting instinct in cats. The toy has durable fabric and seams, so it should last a long time, even with heavy chewers. The reviews are mixed- some dogs destroyed it in a minute, and others still have the toy intact.

    The downside is that it’s expensive, and cats may not like the bulkiness or the squeakers. But some cats don’t mind.

    • Enough squeakers for kitty and puppy to enjoy
    • Durable fabric and seams
    • No crinkles

    • Loud squeakers
    • Cats may not like the toy size
    • Expensive

    6. SPOT Bird Cat Toy

    SPOT Bird Cat Toy

    Type: Interactive, Chase
    Material: Plush
    Features: Catnip

    Number six on our list is the SPOT Bird toy. This toy is great for cats for a few reasons. The toy hangs in a doorway and bounces back and forth, dangling by an elastic cord. Cats go crazy for it, jumping up and down and bunny-kicking every chance they get. It’s an excellent cardio workout, and dogs love it too.

    If you can’t keep the bird in a doorway full-time, you can simply move it to another doorway. The bird is removable from the cord, although the long portion of the cord stays attached to the bird. But you can drag the toy through the house, letting the cat and dog chase it.

    The biggest downfall of this toy is the elastic cord. It poses some safety concerns. Cats can become entangled in the toy, and the cord can disconnect, shooting plastic toward your cat’s face. Cats and dogs can easily chew on the cord as well.

    These scenarios don’t happen often, but they have happened with other owners, so be mindful of the toy. It’s still a great toy and a big hit for dogs and cats.

    • Great cardio exercise
    • Stretchable string
    • Removable from hook
    • Stimulates predatory hunting instincts in dogs and cats

    • Elastic can be dangerous
    • Cats and dogs like to chew on the string

    7. Outward Hound Puppy Food Puzzle

    Outward Hound Puppy Food Puzzle

    Type: Puzzle
    Material: Polypropylene, Plastic
    Features: No special features

    Number seven is the Outward House Puppy Food Puzzle. With this product, your cat and dog won’t get any physical exercise, but it’s great mental stimulation. It can also be a great teamwork exercise if your dog isn’t food-aggressive.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about toxic plastic. This puzzle is free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. The puzzle isn’t very challenging for adult dogs, but this could be a fun interactive game for young dogs and cats. You just have to ensure your dog doesn’t chew the plastic pieces.

    • Level 1 for dogs and cats to enjoy
    • Made from food-safe plastic
    • Great teamwork exercise

    • Not good for dogs with food aggression
    • Not good for puppies or heavy chewers
    • No physical exercise

    8. Flirt Pole

    Flirt Pole

    Type: Interactive, Chase, Chew
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Cotton, Rubber
    Features: Stainless Steel Rod

    The Flirt Pole mimics the bird teaser cat toy, only it’s much stronger. The stainless-steel rod and rubber handle can handle dog energy much better than cat toys.

    This toy has an attached rope for you and your dog to play tug of war. You can also play with your cat if it doesn’t mind the bulky rope. Or you can switch out the rope for something more appropriate for a cat. Unfortunately, left-handed people won’t like the right-handed grip molded grip.

    We like that there’s a dog toy that mimics the classic cat toy. Active cats can enjoy this toy, and strong dog breeds can quickly wear themselves out without breaking anything. We also like that you can keep your hands at a safe distance.

    • Durable for dog’s strength
    • Engages prey drive
    • Protects your hands
    • Detachable rod

    • Cats may not like the bulkiness
    • Best for large dogs and active cats
    • Pole grip is suited for right-handed people

    9. Large Burlap Coffee Sack

    Large Burlap Coffee Sack

    Type: Hide and Seek
    Material: Burlap
    Features: No special features

    Number nine on our list is a bit unconventional. A coffee sack may not seem like a good toy for a pet, but it’s entertaining for cats and dogs.

    Cats and small dogs can hide in the sack, and if you’re careful, you can take your pets for a ride by sliding it around the floor or picking it up. The material is durable, so it will withstand scratches and bites. Dogs can also use this to bury their toys.

    At some point, you’ll want to wash the sack. It’s perfectly safe to do so, but it will change shape if you throw it in the dryer, so it’s best to let it air dry. It’s also pricier than other pet toys. Still, it lasts long and serves multiple functions, so we feel the price is justifiable.

    • Durable fabric and seams
    • Hide and seek
    • Dogs can bury toys

    • Needs to be air dried
    • More expensive than other toys

    10. Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaker Dog Toy

    Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaker Dog Toy

    Type: Interactive, Chewing, Fetch
    Material: Plush, Polyester, Synthetic Fabric
    Features: Squeaker

    Last on our list is the nostalgic character toy, Lamb Chop. This adorable squeaky plush toy triggers past memories for anyone who remembers the classic character. Now, your dog and cat can enjoy him too!

    This toy comes with stuffing and is cheap, so it falls apart quickly. We’ve listed it as number ten for these reasons. Owners with heavy chewers should steer clear of this option.

    However, light to moderate chewers can cuddle up with this baby. Even cats have shown interest in this toy for some reason. It could be the undeniable softness. Either way, it’s worth a shot if you have a dog and a cat.

    • Cheap
    • Nostalgic classic character
    • Great for cats and dogs that love squeakers

    • Not good for heavy chewers
    • Contains stuffing
    • Falls apart easily

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    Buyer’s Guide — Choosing the Best Toys for Cats & Dogs to Play With Together

    How to Get Your Dog and Cat to Play Together

    Even if your pets have lived together for a while, building a strong relationship doesn’t happen overnight.

    One-on-one, your cat and dog may get annoyed with each other, but a toy and interactive game can help break the barrier. Follow a few simple steps, and soon you’ll get to that harmonious point of playing together without any injuries (or at least mildly tolerating each other).

    Establish Respect

    Without respect for the other animal, your pets will have no interest in playing with each other, so this step is crucial. Respect hovers around three main concepts: 

    • Obedience: Whenever there’s a conflict between the cat and dog, you want to ensure your dog obeys your commands. Dogs aren’t always instigators but follow orders better than their feline friends.
    • Personal Space: Personal space allows your pets to observe each other without interacting. Observation helps pets learn about each other’s quirks and preferences. Eventually, your pets become desensitized to the other pet, so their behaviors aren’t as much of a shock.
    • Safety: Your pets need to feel safe around each other to move forward in playtime. This is especially true for cats. Cats need a safe space away from the dog to run off if things get out of hand.

    If you haven’t already, let your pets get to know each other first by honoring these concepts. Eventually, your pets will get to the point of lounging in front of the other pet with no issues.

    Play With Your Pet in Front of the Other Pet

    Your cat and dog need to know how the other pet plays. Play with your dog in front of your cat, and vice versa. Let your pets have their personal playtime in front of the other pet without interruptions.

    Play With Both Pets Together

    When cats and dogs are comfortable playing in front of each other, you can start incorporating combined play sessions. Start using a toy and go back and forth, playing with each pet. Offer treats during the play session to encourage positive vibes.

    a german shepherd dog teasing and playing with gray cat at home
    Image Credit: Alex Zotov, Shutterstock

    7 Games to Teach Your Cat and Dog (With or Without Toys)

    Once your pets are ready to play together, it’s time to get into the fun stuff- the actual play sessions!

    Choosing a toy is a great place to start. But why not pair that toy with a fun game? Believe it or not, cats play similar games to dogs, so everyone can participate in the fun.

    1. Tag

    We all know that dogs love chasing things, but cats do too! We usually don’t see our cats playing the game because it’s 3:00 am when they decide to play. Nevertheless, tag is a great game to get the paws wet.

    Your dog and cat don’t have to chase each other with tag. In fact, this could be annoying for your cat. Instead, let your dog and cat chase you, and have each pet take a turn. Your pets will pick up on the game’s rules in no time.

    2. Hide & Seek

    Hide and seek is a favorite game amongst animals, so your pets will be thrilled to play this game. In the beginning, try hiding and letting your pets find you. With time, you can see if your pets are willing to find each other.

    We’ve incorporated a couple of toys in the list above to get the ball rolling on the game.

    3. Fetch

    Dogs are usually more willing to fetch since many are bred to retrieve. But many cats love playing fetch. You don’t have to use a ball, either. Crinkle and squeaker toys are excellent options for fetch since cats may be more willing to chase and pounce on these toys.

    4. Obstacle Course

    Indoor agility games combine fetch, chasing, hide and seek, and tag all into one fun obstacle course. Cats and dogs love obstacle courses because they mix things up a little and mimic outdoor adventure.

    A stimulating obstacle course usually involves tunnels, zig-zags, sprints, army crawling, and hoop jumping. You may not be able to incorporate all these aspects, but you only need a couple to get the pets excited.

    5. Puzzles

    Puzzles won’t burn calories, but they’ll stimulate the mind, nonetheless. Food is usually the motivator for solving the puzzle, but you can use toys if the toy is a favorite. Just be careful with food puzzles. Sometimes animals get food aggressive, so offer each pet their own puzzle.

    6. Chewing

    Chewing is usually a dog game, but some cats love chewing. Kittens are especially prone to chewing when they’re teething. What better way to build friendship than over a nice chew session?

    7. The Wild Man Game

    The Wild Man Game involves you running around the house and acting wild, getting the animals jazzed up. At some point, you stop and give a command like “sit.” If your pet sits, it gets a treat.

    Dogs love this game because, half the time, they don’t know what’s going on. Cats will need time to adjust to it, but they eventually learn to enjoy the shenanigans (mostly because food is involved). It’s also a great way to incorporate training with cats and dogs.

    cats and dogs
    Image Credit: Krista Mangulsone, Unsplash

    Money-Saving Toy Alternatives

    We can’t always blow our money on expensive pet toys, and that’s okay. Try these DIY toy alternatives to help you save money and still have fun with your cat and dog.

    • Cardboard Boxes: instead of throwing your Amazon boxes away, put them to use by creating a box fortress or obstacle course for your dog and cat. You may even instigate a game of peek-a-boo.
    • Toilet Paper Rolls: Everyone uses toilet paper, and those empty toilet paper rolls can become cheap pet toys for obstacle courses.
    • T-shirts & Towels: T-shirts and towels can easily become rope, ball, and tug toys. All you need is some old fabric and a pair of scissors.
    • Sock Toys: Don’t throw away a single sock with no mate. Turn it into a toy for your cat and dog. You can put anything in a sock, like plastic bottles and leftover squeakers.

    Playing vs. Fighting: How to Tell the Difference

    Cats and dogs play like they’re fighting, so distinguishing between a playful swat and a full-on strike is not always easy. The best way to tell the difference is by looking for warning signs.

    Usually, the cat will show signs of aggression better than the dog.

    Typical warning signs for cats include:
    • Thrashing tail
    • Growling
    • Ears back
    • Swatting with claws
    • Fur standing up on the back
    • Puffy tail
    • Arched back
    • Hissing

    Dogs don’t have as many warning signs since they’re usually the ones to instigate playtime. However, if dogs aren’t in the mood to play, they’ll show their teeth, growl, and snap.

    Pro Tip: Keep your cat’s nails trimmed to avoid unwanted scratches.

    An Invitation to Play

    Cats need the invitation to play. Otherwise, the sudden rough play will turn them off. Dogs often show this by bowing, rolling on their backs, or laying on their bellies. Cats can go either way. Some cats may roll on their backs if they’re very trusting, or they may sit and stare at the dog.

    In either case, both animals should show signs of submission toward the other pet.

    As your pets play, your cat may swipe, but this is completely normal as long as the claws are retracted. Dogs like to use their mouths without teeth. Both pets should take turns play-fighting, so the other pet doesn’t get overwhelmed.

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    We want our cats and dogs to love each other as much as we love them, and sometimes a simple toy can do just that. Let’s review our top three favorites.

    Our best overall option is the laser. You can easily share this toy with a cat and dog without invading personal space, and it’s great cardio exercise. Our favorite affordable option is the Frisco bird teaser toy. Cats love it, and dogs will love the crinkles.

    We highly recommend the agility dog training tunnel if you want to spend some extra cash. It’s large enough for cats and dogs, long enough for a game of chase and hide and seek, and can withstand rough play.

    Featured Image Credit: Ermolaev Alexander, Shutterstock

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