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150+ Black Cat Names: Our Top Picks for Your Mysterious & Spooky Cat

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

Black Cat Names

Cats have been the blame for bad luck for centuries. But any cat lover knows just how unfair and untrue these stereotypes are—or do we? If you have a little black familiar and want to give them an enchanted or spooky name, you came to the right place.

We gathered up many names that match the energy you’re looking for. Let’s go over how to name your new black kitten or cat and run through these potential names.
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Names Related to Coat Color of Your Black Kitten

If you want to get right to it, you can name your kitten something that either is black or translates to the word black. Here are a few options.

Female Names

  • Lilith—“ghost, night monster”
  • Layla—“night”
  • Raven—blackbird
  • Darcy—“dark one”
  • Ebony—“deeply black wood”
  • Nerissa—“black-haired”
  • Leila—”dark”

Male Names

  • Abnus—“dark wood”
  • Bisman—“dark blue”
  • Dougal—”dark stranger”
  • Krish—“dark-skinned one”
  • Jett—black mineral
  • Hadrian—”dark-haired”
  • Nigel—”dark, black-haired”
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Photo Credit: herbert2512, Pixabay

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Fictional Character Names for Your Black Kitten

If you’re a creep fanatic, you probably have a stellar selection of films at home. Naming your kitten after a one of your favorite characters might match perfectly. If you can’t think of any good ideas off the top of your head, let us help you.

Female Fictional Character Names for Black Kittens

  • Luna—Harry Potter
  • Hermoine—Harry Potter
  • Fleur—Harry Potter
  • Morticia—The Addams Family
  • Wednesday—The Addams Family
  • Griselda—Hansel & Gretel
  • Sabrina—Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  • Winifred—Hocus Pocus
  • Mary—Hocus Pocus
  • Sarah—Hocus Pocus
  • Queen Beryl—Sailor Moon
  • Minnie—Rosemary’s Baby
  • Regan—The Exorcist
  • Carrie—Carrie
  • Eleven—Stranger Things
  • Tiffany—Bride of Chucky
  • Rose—Get Out
  • Marya—Dracula’s Daughter
  • Evelyn—Play Misty for Me
  • Mallorie—Inception
  • Grimhilde—Snow White
  • Maleficent—Sleeping Beauty
  • Barbara—Night of the Living Dead
  • Lupita—Us
  • Nancy—Nightmare on Elm Street

Male Fictional Character Names for Black Kittens

  • Albus—Harry Potter
  • Weasley—Harry Potter
  • Crookshanks—Harry Potter
  • Gomez—The Addams Family
  • Fester—The Addams Family
  • Mulder—X-Files
  • Torrance—The Shining
  • Lecter—Hannibal
  • Jigsaw—Saw
  • Leatherface—Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Norman—Psycho
  • Ghostface—Scream
  • Wybie—Coraline
  • Ernest—Ernest Scared Stupid
  • Maggot—The Corpse Bride
  • Ichabod Crane—Sleepy Hollow
  • Fauno—Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Captain Spaulding—House of 1000 Corpses
  • Count Orlock—Noseferatu
  • Darth—Star Wars
  • Pennywise—It
  • Leprechaun—Leprechaun
  • Vorhees—Friday the 13
  • Victor—Frankenweenie
  • Skellington—The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Photo Credit: Denis Simonov, Shutterstock

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Witchy Names for Your Black Kitten

For as long as you can probably remember, black cats are often associated with witches, witchcraft, and bad omens. If you want to keep up with the tradition, you can give your cat a classic witch name. Here are a few to toss around.

Female Witchy Names

  • Cordelia
  • Beatrix
  • Allegra
  • Theodora
  • Nyx
  • Sage
  • Juniper
  • Pansy
  • Willow
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Rowena
  • Helena
  • Wanda
  • Zelda
  • Sukie
  • Narcissa
  • Circe
  • Nimue
  • Blair
  • Evanora
  • Melisandre
  • Medea
  • Glinda
  • Endora

Male Witchy Names for Your Kitten

  • Alastor
  • Draco
  • Charon
  • Gandalf
  • Oedipus
  • Alatar
  • Fabian
  • Pallando
  • Puck
  • Radagast
  • Rasputin
  • Aspen
  • Ambrose
  • Rincewind
  • Atlantes
  • Saruman
  • Lucius
  • Omen
  • Rubeus
  • Percy
  • Phoenix
  • Remus
  • Cohen
  • Declan
  • Atlas
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Image Credit: AVRORACOON, Shutterstock

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Names Associated with the Color Black

Even though some of these names might sound trite and often repeated, there’s nothing wrong with a good timeless name. Here are some names directly associated with their shimmery, gorgeous black coats. We think these names are pretty unisex, so here they are in one bundle.

  • Noir
  • Void
  • Shadow
  • Occult
  • Ouija
  • Onyx
  • Obsidian
  • Grim Reaper
  • Dementor
  • Zombie
  • Goth
  • Raven
  • Ninja
  • Ghost
  • Venom
black cat on a cat tree with condo
Image Credit: Madalyn Cox, Unsplash

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Names Associated with Mythical Monsters & Ghostly Legends

If you are into cryptozoology or ghost stories, you might be able to think of some pretty good names. We found a few here that have some pretty dark, mysterious, and legendary connotations.

  • Mothman
  • Chupacabra
  • Gargoyle
  • Reptilian
  • Serpentine
  • Basilisk
  • Gryphon
  • Minotaur
  • Dragon
  • Werewolf
  • Hydra
  • Banshee
  • Siren
  • Kraken
  • Kelpie
  • Bloody Mary
  • Annabelle
  • T.
  • Sasquatch
  • Demon
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Image Credit: ClaudiaWollesen, Pixabay

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Eerie Classic Names for Your Black Kitten

Sure, classical music is soothing and beautiful, but the era is often seen as quite hair-raising. If you’ve seen the old portraits from the time of Beethoven and other greats, there is a sense of eeriness—making it a terrific category to scour for awesome black cat names!

Male Names

  • Wolfgang
  • Gluck
  • Bach
  • Beethoven
  • Haydn
  • Chopin
  • Brahms
  • Giuseppe
  • Ludwig
  • Mozart

Female Names

  • Cecilia
  • Ciuta
  • Fiora
  • Ophelia
  • Dea
  • Eira
  • Colette
  • Emmalina
  • Euphemia
  • Gregoria
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Image Credit: Kuznetsov Alexey, Shutterstock

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How to Name a Kitten

Naming any pet can be a challenge for most people. Some people see their kitten, pick a name, and go about their day. Others already have a name picked out before they ever find a kitten. But if you put a bit more thought into it, let’s explain how to choose!

Name Your Black Kitten Based on Personality

There are tons of spooky or mysterious inspired names that would fit a broad spectrum of personalities. Once you get to know your kitten’s energy, you might have a general idea of what sounds or mood you want with the name.

Name Your Black Kitten by Drawing from a Hat

When in doubt, let fate decide. Spend your time mulling over a few interesting names, and then write them down. You can draw one out of a hat or whatever you have handy.

Name Them After a Favorite Character

If you love a good thriller or horror film, you probably have a thousand options and ideas. Try to trim it down. Consider their personality and think of who that reminds you of. For example, an extremely naughty cat might remind you of Loki, the god of mischief.

Spooky Names: How to Choose

They say a name carries a lot of power. If you want to give your kitten a name with spooky significance, here are a few categories and lists that might fit your little void.

serious bombay black cat portrait with yellow eyes
Image Credit: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock



No matter what name you pick, hopefully, you found some pretty good options to consider on this list. Bringing home your new forever feline pal is a big deal, and your little miniature panther deserves a name as mischievous and complex as their reputation.

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