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Boston Yorkie (Boston Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Mix) Info, Pictures, Facts

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Boston Yorkie (Boston Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Height: 9-17 inches
Weight: 10-25 pounds
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Colors: Black White Brindle Fawn Brown
Suitable for: Seniors, singles, people living in apartments, families who have older children
Temperament: Affectionate, cuddly, curious, friendly, intelligent, lively, stubborn, sweet

Boston Yorkies are dogs resulting from Boston Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers breeding. These hybrids are spunky and have long, shaggy coats. These dogs have coats that require combing and brushing each day. They are known for their intelligence and inquisitive nature.

They are intelligent, inquisitive, highly trainable and quick to learn. They have a moderate level of energy and will make a great addition to your family. But because they are small, you want to supervise them when they’re playing with younger children.Divider 1

Boston Yorkie Puppies


The Boston Yorkie is a rare designer dog that is just starting to be known. When you’re looking for this mixed dog breed, make sure the breeder gives you all the information on the puppy’s parents. Take your time to do your research to find a quality breeder. You can also ask your local shelter for dog mixes, and you might be able to find one that resembles the Boston Yorkie.

These dogs tend to be sweet and cuddly with their owners, they love spending time with their human companions. Due to their small size, they’re a great choice for apartment dwellers and seniors. Keep reading the Boston Yorkie’s full care guide to know what they need in terms of grooming, exercise, training, and nutrition to grow into happy and healthy dogs.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Boston Yorkie

1. They Love to Please

They are well known as owner pleasers. Even as pups, they love seeing their family’s happy with anything they do.

If you are worried about hurting your Boston Yorkie’s feelings and you want to train them quicker, make sure that you praise them anytime they’ve done something right. Your pup will remember that you were happy with them doing that action and they’ll be glad to keep doing it.

2. They Love Challenges

When you begin their training, you’re going to notice immediately you’re your Boston Yorkie enjoys having challenges to solve. They love a good challenge

Boston Yorkies are intelligent, and they enjoy learning new commands and things. So, just be consistent and firm with training your dog, you’re not going to have any problems your puppy’s growing up.

3. They Don’t Like Being Left Alone

The pups are playful and lively, but they’re very sensitive. This means they don’t enjoy it when they’re left alone.

This means it’s better to have two or that there’s another pet in the house. This means they have company when you’re not at home. You also can bring your dog with you when you’re out.

Parent Breeds of the Boston Yorkie
Image Credit: Jumpstory

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Boston Yorkie 🧠

Your Boston Yorkie will get personality and character from each of their parents. Boston Terriers are friendly but Yorkies are shy sometimes with strangers. Boston Yorkies make good watchdogs. They are intelligent, rowdy and spunky dogs. They don’t like it when they’re left alone and they often have separation anxiety. This is because both of the breeds get extremely attached to their humans.

Since Yorkies often pick fights with bigger dogs, you may find that your Boston Yorkie’s a bit feisty. You may need to teach them manners. Socializing them early with other dogs and strangers is a good idea.

Since Yorkies tend to be yappy dogs, it’s a good idea to teach your Boston Yorkie commands to get them to stop barking.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 🏡

Boston Yorkies are amiable, versatile dogs and can fit in a lot of households. If you give your dog the right socialization and training on time, they’re loving, easy-going and friendly. However, they aren’t right for every family.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets? 🐶 😽

They usually will get along with other pets. Boston Yorkies don’t like to be alone, so having another Boston Yorkie or another pet will help your dog feel less lonely when you can’t be around.

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Things to Know When Owning a Boston Yorkie:

Still thinking about a Boston Yorkie and whether or not it’s right for your family? Read on and we’ll give you some more information that you want to know about owning one of these adorable little dogs.

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

Knowing the kind of food that’s best for your pup is going to help you with saving trouble years down the line. A healthy, well-balanced diet is very important for keeping your dog healthy since it ensures that his basic needs will be met. It also will support their health overall. The good news is that Boston Yorkies aren’t really demanding with food. The best choice is dry food, but make sure you’re choosing the right dry food.

Look for kibble with natural, high-quality ingredients. Things to look for are:

  • Prominent meat protein
  • Healthy fats
  • Complex carbs

Avoid the food that is cheap and full of artificial ingredients and fillers. These can do a lot of damage. Look for the kibble that’s made for your Boston Yorkie’s age, activity level and size.

Something else that you want to ensure is that you’re not giving your dog too much kibble. Don’t overindulge and follow all recommendations. It’s also important to remember that cooked meals and wet food can cause your dog to gain weight if you do it too much.

Exercise 🐕

Boston Yorkies love daily walks. One of the best ways that you can give your dog exercise is by taking them to a dog park. This will help them to have interaction with dogs of all personalities and sizes, which will help them become more confident. It also will help them learn to behave.

Boston Yorkies don’t do well in extreme heat or cold, so make sure that your dog is not overworked during the winter or summer. When the weather is very cold, keep him comfortable with sweaters.

Because of their small size, they will adapt well to apartment living. However, if he barks a lot, you might do better in a house, so you don’t disturb your neighbors.

Training 🦮

Boston Yorkies are smart dogs that want to please their owners in every way possible. These dogs are very trainable and perfect for beginners. That being said, you shouldn’t forget the hybrid is made up of dogs with bulldog and terrier lineage, and these are two willful breeds.

Sometimes Boston Yorkies can be stubborn, but with some effort and patience, the training shouldn’t be harder. It’s important to know how you should approach your training sessions. The best way to do it is to be consistent, but always keep things interesting and short. With these dogs, positive reinforcement will give you the very best results.

Sometimes they can be difficult when it comes to housebreaking. Make potty training is started early and that you’re persistent with the sessions. In addition, timely socialization’s also very important. You want to have your dog meet people who aren’t in your family and other dogs, and have him spend time playing with children. This can help with positively influencing their personality as an adult.

Grooming ✂️

Boston Yorkies can come with coats of different lengths. If yours has a coat of medium length, he’ll need daily combing and brushing. Remove tangles with a pin brush. However, make sure that it’s in the best condition so that your dog’s skin isn’t scratched.

There’s a good chance his skin is sensitive, just like the skin of his parents, so excessive bathing can lead to irritation. When your dog needs a bath, use a shampoo recommended by a vet that’s created for dogs with sensitive skin. Having him groomed professionally each month might be required, depending on the length of his coat and the length you want it to be.

Trim your dog’s nails monthly and brush his teeth a few times a week to prevent the buildup of tartar. Dogs who are smaller often have teeth that are crowded, which can cause decay.

Health and Conditions ❤️

In general, Boston Yorkies are healthy. That being said, there are certain conditions associated with this dog.

Once you know the health problems that you should look for, it’s a good idea to ask your breeder about the health history of the pup along with any health tests the parents have had for the following conditions.

Minor Conditions
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Cataracts Diabetes
  • Dry eyes
Serious Conditions
  • Cushing’s Diseases
  • Mitral Valve Disease
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosis

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Male vs Female

Beyond the size, there isn’t much difference between male and female Boston Yorkies. The males are taller and heavier than the females, with a height range of 9-17 inches and 10-25 pounds in weight.

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The Boston Terrier’s side of Boston Yorkies makes them want to constantly cuddle and play. With the Yorkie in them, though, he wants to go and hunt for mice and please you.

Generally, Boston Yorkies are mostly couch potatoes with occasional bursts of energy which will often show up as running around the house for around 10 minutes.

Because of its overall easy-going attitude and small size, it’s a wonderful choice for the families who have children or those who are living in apartments.

With the right socialization and training, which is usually easy for the dog, you’re going to have well-behaved dogs that enjoy activity when the weather isn’t really hot or cold.

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