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19 Funny Cat Photos That Will Make You Laugh (With Pictures)

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

seal point siamese cat making funny face

If you’re having a bad day at work or you’re just feeling a little bored, what better to kill time than look at adorable cat photos? That’s rhetorical! We rounded up twenty of the cutest and funniest pictures floating around the web right now.

Let’s take a look!

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The 19 Funny Cat Photos

1. Three Smashed Cats

Just look at this adorable trio! The owner made a special contraption so you can admire all their squishy little toe beans.

2. Modesty Is Key

This cat has nothing to prove. No need to cross the legs or sit like a proper cat—he obviously rules the roost and will sit like the king he is.

3. Peek-a-Boo

What a sight to see when you turn a corner. This kitty is popping around for a quick peek at whatever is going on in the next room—and they look slightly concerned. What on earth are you up to?

4. Big Ol’ Grump

How dare you interrupt the nap of this big bodacious feline? This chunk is ready to resume beauty sleep, and that camera is making it difficult!

5. Selfie Time

This kitty knows how photogenic they are! No need to trust a human to take a hot photo when they know the best angles. After all, you almost got their bad side!

6. Simple Joys

This cat simply looks over the moon to sit in this box. They found a perfect new spot to park their tush, and they are very satisfied with their human companion for such a luxury.

7. Tongues for Days

Boo to you! Little October shows off his derpy little tongue in a series of headshots just for your viewing pleasure. This little Persian definitely knows how to make a lasting impression.

8. Wink, Wink

What a bundle of joy. This little kitten is winking to let you in on a little secret. What in the world could it be?

9. Kitty Pile Up!

Look at all those mismatched eyes in this kitty pile-up! These little ones make a terrific stacked sandwich, perfectly photogenic!

10. Little Lion Man

Look! There’s a wild lion on the loose—couldn’t tell the difference if you tried. Whether the hat is store-bought or made is irrelevant. It just makes this cat look majestic, like their larger cousins in the pride.

11. Stylish Winter Hats

This cute Devon Rex is bundled up and ready for colder weather. It doesn’t mention whether this was a DIY knit project or a store-bought piece, but the cat certainly knows how to rock a horn toboggan.

12. Is That a Fox or a Cat?

This expression may mislead you. Is that a fennec fox? Is that a cat? With this Somali cat breed, it’s hard to tell. If she’s trying to fool us, she’s undoubtedly convincing.

13. Walking on Two Legs

Even though you might think this cat is standing up all by itself, it’s a time of serious play. But we can’t help but notice how human-like this feline looks while it attempts to capture its new feathery toy.

14. Big Meow.

It looks like someone told this kitty a hilarious joke. You can tell in each picture that he just can’t keep it together. This is definitely a funny moment to capture!

15. Challenge Accepted

This cat is ready to beat you at your favorite game—and it looks like he’s pretty serious about it.

16. Hair for Days

This kitty is certainly rocking out a funky new hairdo. What’s quite convincing is that it perfectly matches his coat—so is this really a wig, or did he grow it out and style it himself? With those shades on, you’ll never know. He can keep that poker face all day long.

17. Oranges, Anyone?

It looks like this Sphynx is trying to be the perfect salesman. Do you need oranges? Serious buyers only, please.

18. Big Licks

This kitty doesn’t bother with window sitting and self-grooming. He’d much rather take to the fields for an innovative new cow bath. With this massive tongue slathering you down, you can get twice as clean in under half the time!

19. Pure Shock

What exactly is causing this feline’s pupils to practically disappear? It’s hard to tell—but the owner slims down our questions by giving us a multiple-choice answer.

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Countless pictures are circulating around the web that will make your day. So, if you aren’t ready to return to your regular routine and need more cat photos to keep you afloat, the internet doesn’t disappoint.

We hope we’ve given you a few laughs or pictures to screenshot for your fellow cat lovers to appreciate!

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Featured Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

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