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Chocolate Point Siamese: Facts, Origin & History (With Pictures)

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chocolate point siamese

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Chocolate Point Siamese cats are incredibly rare. Originally, they were mistaken as poorly bred Seal Siamese cats, but they eventually became recognized as their own breed. Chocolate Point Siamese were not recognized by cat registries until the 1950s.

To find out more about these interesting yet rare cats, read on. In this article, we look at the history, origin, and unique facts of these cats.

The Earliest Records of Chocolate Point Siamese in History

We know that Chocolate Point Siamese were originally from Thailand, simply because this is where the Seal Point ancestry began. However, we don’t know anything else about their specific ancestry.

The first official Chocolate Point Siamese cats were spotted in the 1880s. During this time, people believed that the cats were just poorly bred seal Siamese cats.

Unfortunately, this is all we know about the early Chocolate Point Siamese cats. It is unclear how this variety came about or when they separated from the seals. All we know is that some of the earliest records are in the 1880s, but they were classified as a different type of Siamese cat at the time.

How Chocolate Point Siamese Gained Popularity

Chocolate Point Siamese cats have never been the most popular cat around. However, as more people started mistaking the Chocolate Point Siamese as poorly bred Seal Siamese, a few Siamese lovers took it upon themselves to definitively establish a difference between the Chocolate Point and Seal Siamese cats.

It was from this effort that Chocolate Point Siamese cats became more popular. By the 1950s, the Chocolate Point Siamese were found to be a separate from the Seal Point Siamese. It is during this time that the Chocolate Point Siamese cats were brought over to America and gained popularity worldwide.

These cats are especially loved because of their intelligence and loving nature. Chocolate Point Siamese are known to stay beside their owners day and night since they need nearly constant affection. Even though these cats are loved, they are not the most popular cat around because of their high price tag.

Chocolate point doll-faced himalayan cat
Image Credit: Anne Richard, Shutterstock

Formal Recognition of Chocolate Point Siamese

It wasn’t until the 1950s that Chocolate Point Siamese cats were officially recognized on cat registries. Today, Chocolate Point Siamese cats are recognized by nearly all major cat associations. The Cat Fanciers Association was the first to recognize this variety.

In order for a Chocolate Point Siamese to be formally recognized, it must have clear, bright, and vivid blue eyes.

More notably, the points should be milk chocolate, as should the mask, ears, and tail be the same color. However, the ears cannot be darker than the mask. As for the rest of the body, it should be ivory, and shading should be the same tone as the points. Similarly, the nose and paws are chocolate or pinkish chocolate colored.

Top 5 Unique Facts About Chocolate Point Siamese

1. Chocolate Point Siamese make great additions to multi-animal households.

Unlike many other cats, Chocolate Point Siamese are super active and fun. They are very intelligent too, which makes them great playmates for gentle dogs, children, and just about any active home.

2. They are trouble makers

As cute and cuddly as these cats may be, they can be troublemakers at times, though not out of malice. Chocolate Point Siamese cats are incredibly curious, which means they like to explore and hunt. When left to their own devices, they can easily make some mischief out of curiosity.

3. They are commonly mistaken for Seal Points.

Even though Chocolate Points and Seal Points have been definitively separated into two different varieties, the two are still confused pretty often. Whereas the Chocolate Points have colorations similar to deep warm chocolate, Seal Points have very dark brown colorations.

You can learn the difference between these two varieties by looking at the colorations. Seal Point Siamese will have a darker brown color, and the color will be over more portions of their body, including their back and face. Chocolate Points, on the other hand, have lighter brown features and less brown across their body.

chocolate tabby point siamese
Image Credit: Laura Fokkema, Shutterstock

4. They are talkers.

If you are looking for a quiet cat, Chocolate Point Siamese are not for you. These cats are some serious talkers. If they are not pleased with something or want something from you, they will let you know. Even when you are sleeping, this cat may start to get a bit loud.

The talkative trait is not specific to Chocolate Points only. Most Siamese cats as a whole are much more talkative than other cats.

5. They are intelligent.

When most people think of cats, they think of lazy creatures that like to snack and nap. Although this is still true of the Chocolate Point Siamese, these cats are very intelligent. In fact, this is one of the best cat breeds to get if you want to impress your friends with a cat that knows quite a few tricks.

Do Chocolate Point Siamese Cats Make Good Pets?

Chocolate Point Siamese cats make good pets because they are intelligent and loving. In comparison to many other cats, Chocolate Point Siamese cats are incredibly affectionate and loving. They love to be around their owners day and night.

If you are willing to devote time and energy to a highly affectionate cat, then you will absolutely love a Chocolate Point Siamese. At the same time, they require minimal maintenance, much like other cats.

In other words, Chocolate Point Siamese cats give you the benefits of a dog and a cat wrapped into one. They are low maintenance, yet they love to cuddle with you. It’s the best of both worlds!

siamese cat lounging_Witsawat.S, Shutterstock
Image Credit: Witsawat.S, Shutterstock


Even though the Chocolate Point Siamese is a popular variety of Siamese cat today, the same could not have been true about 200 years ago. Originally, these cats were deemed as poorly bred Seal Point Siamese.

Luckily, this classification of Chocolate Point Siamese has changed, allowing them to be recognized by registries. Because of their adorable features, intelligence, and affectionate nature, they are a great addition to just about any cat-loving home.

Featured Image Credit: Jenna.Photography, Shutterstock

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