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Do German Shepherds Drool? Breed Facts & FAQs

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Many pet owners are looking for a dog that checks off all the boxes on their “best dog ever” list, and having a dog that doesn’t drool is often one of those boxes. So, how does the German Shepherd fit in with that requirement?

While the German Shepherd drools a bit, they aren’t excessive droolers. You’ll find plenty of dogs that drool more than them. But if you get a German Shepherd, you won’t be getting a drool-free dog.

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How Much Do German Shepherds Drool?

While German Shepherds aren’t known for drenching you with every breath, they do drool. It’s more common and heavier after vigorous activity, but they’ll likely have some amount of drool all the time.

Keep in mind that they’ll likely start to drool even more as they get older, which is a completely normal condition.

Still, they don’t drool nearly as much as other dog breeds, and they should never drool an excessive amount. If you’re worried about dog drool and that’s the reason you’re potentially shying away from a German Shepherd, we don’t think that it’ll be a problem.

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When You Should Be Concerned

While there are times that a little extra drool is normal, there are also times that you should be worried if you see too much drool. If you notice that your German Shepherd is drooling far more than normal, you should get them checked out, especially if there are no mitigating factors.

Common reasons that your dog might be drooling more than normal are tooth decay, gum inflammation, oral tumors, infection, or just about any other oral problems. While you might not think that a toothache is that big of a deal, as oral diseases progress, they can become life-threatening.

Even if they don’t progress that far, they can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog, and that alone should be enough of a reason to get them checked out at the vet!

German Shepherd Drooling vs. Shedding

While you might not have to worry about drool too much with a German Shepherd, that doesn’t mean they come free of annoying traits. The most notable one that you’ll have to deal with for a German Shepherd is shedding.

German Shepherds have two coats and they shed year-round. Not only do you have to deal with constant shedding throughout the year, but twice a year, they also blow their coat!

When this happens, they lose one of their entire coats, which means that you’ll notice a ton of shedding. It’s so severe that many first-time German Shepherd owners mistake it for a medical condition when it starts to happen!

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Photo Credit: PixieMe, Shutterstock

Dog Breeds That Rarely Drool

If you truly need a dog that hardly ever drools and might not ever, there are a few out there. Just keep in mind that it’s always possible for a dog to drool, no matter which breed you pick.

But some dog breeds that rarely ever drool include:

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Final Thoughts

While you might not want to deal with dog drool, the truth is that all dogs drool, it’s just a matter of how much. While there are plenty of dogs that rarely ever drool because of their lip and jowl design, even those dogs will drool sometimes.

In the end, a German Shepherd will drool some, but not an excessive amount. Chances are that you’ll rarely notice it with a German Shepherd — unless you’re petting them right around their mouth!

Featured Photo Credit: Rebecca Laparde, Shutterstock

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