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8 English Bulldog Colors & Markings (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

3 english bulldogs on leash

Don’t let their jowly face fool you—the English Bulldog is actually a super mellow ball of mush. Developed way back in the 13th century in the United Kingdom, these jaunty pups are the fourth most popular breed of pooch in the United States. Stocky yet small, English Bulldogs, affectionately known as “Bullies” (though they’re anything but), are loyal and loving canines that thrive in both urban apartments and sprawling suburban homes.

If you’re thinking about adding a brawny Bully to your family, we applaud you for your excellent choice! However, you may be wondering what kind of English Bulldog colors or coat patterns there are to pick from. Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered.

What follows are the top 10 English Bulldog color choices to select from. We’ve also included some of the rarer color options for your convenience.

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Standard English Bulldog Colors:

English Bulldogs come in 8 main standard colors, although these can be mixed and matched into different combinations, like Piebald and Tri-color.

The 8 English Bulldog Colors are:

english bulldog colors

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The 8 Standard English Bulldog Colors:

1. Brindle English Bulldog

Brindle English Bulldog
Image Credit: Pxfuel

The brindle English Bulldog color is the signature style most people think of. When you picture a Bully, your mind probably immediately conjures up this traditional coat pattern. Brindle English Bulldogs have a striped pattern in conjunction with a different colored base. The brindle will show up as tiger-esque stripes for a unique, defined appearance.

2. Fawn or Fallow English Bulldog

English bulldog puppy looking at falling leaf in autumn
Image Credit: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

Seen as a color in clothing and furnishings, fawn is also a popular color for dogs, including the English Bulldog. This light tannish yellow color has many different shades, ranging from a pale tan to a deep deer red.

Fun fact: the first recorded use of fawn as a color name was in 1789 in England, exactly where your Bully originated from!

3. White English Bulldog

White English Bulldog standing on the dock
Image Credit: Lunja, Shutterstock

White is another coveted color of the English Bulldog. White Bullies are pure white, from tip to tail. They typically have no other markings on their body. However, a few freckles of a different hue aren’t unheard of.

4. Lilac English Bulldog

english bulldog at the park
Image Credit: chanee indy, Shutterstock

Lilac is one of the rarer English Bulldog color variations available. A lilac Bully has had his color diluted twice, once from black to brown, and also from black to blue. The color looks like the result of mixing blue and brown hues, resulting in a gorgeous purplish-gray color. Your lilac Bully may have a fawn-colored undercoat if you rub his hair backward. His nose, pads, and eyeliner will be some shade of purple.

Some lilac Bullies even have frosty blue eyes.

5. Black English Bulldog

Black english bulldog sitting in a white background looking at the camera
Image Credit: Connie Sinteur, Shutterstock

Though a common color in other breeds, black is a rarer color for English Bulldogs. Your Bully’s black coat should be shiny and may have a fawn undercoat. His eyeliner, pads, and nose are a true black color.

Another variation of the black Bully is known as a “black tri.” This is when your English Bulldog has a black and white coat with tan-colored points.

6. Blue English Bulldog

A blue-colored Bulldog is simply a black one that has been diluted in color by the dd genotype. Your blue Bully’s coat should appear to be gray in the sun or against darker-colored objects, and his nose, pads, and eyeliner should be a slate gray.

7. Chocolate English Bulldog

Another rare English Bulldog color, the chocolate English Bulldog gets their stunning hue from the bb genotype. Their coats are a rich, deep brown color and their nose, pads, and eyeliner can be a brown or a liver hue.

8. Seal English Bulldog

Seal-colored English Bulldogs are very hard to find, but these beauties do exist. They have a unique reddish or brownish cast to their coats with lighter-colored eyes and a dark stripe down their backs. Their legs and tail will generally be darker than the main part of their coats.

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From brindle and white to lilac and seal, you’ll find a myriad of English Bulldog colors that suit any style preference. But whatever English Bulldog color you choose, know that you’re adding a swell and sweet dog to your home.

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