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7 Incredible & Famous Beagles Through History (With Pictures)

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

Snoopy balloon

The Beagle is an old hound breed that’s been around since the 16th century. Over the years, they’ve gained popularity as they’ve spread across the world, and their popularity has only grown as many fictional characters were inspired by them. We have a list of some of the most popular and famous dogs that also happen to be Beagles. Let’s take some time to celebrate and recognize some incredible Beagles.

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The Most Famous Beagles in History

1. Snoopy

Image Credit: Characters by  Peanuts Worldwide LLC.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Snoopy is one of the most famous cartoon dogs in the world. This adorable Beagle debuted on October 4, 1950, in a Peanuts comic strip, and he eventually became even more famous than his owner, Charlie Brown.

Snoopy is a loyal friend and has a wild imagination. Many fans love stories that involve him daydreaming about being a hero in his own story. Snoopy sometimes mocks Charlie Brown, but he has a genuine love for his owner, and he’s also a good friend to Woodstock the bird.

2. Underdog

Photo Credit: W. Watts Biggers, Chet Stover, Joe Harris  The Walt Disney Company.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Underdog is another classic dog that first appeared in comics in the 1960s. He’s a superhero Beagle with a humble and lovable nature. Like Superman, Underdog would rush into a telephone booth to change into his superhero gear whenever villains appeared.

Underdog television cartoons first appeared to sell General Mills breakfast cereals. Over time, Underdog became a beloved character with a syndicated show that ran for 62 episodes. In 2007 a live-action movie adaptation of the cartoon was produced by Disney, and a Lemon Beagle named Leo played the role of Underdog.

3. Beagle Boys

The Beagle Boys
Photo Credit: Carl Barks, The Walt Disney Company.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

The Beagle Boys are a group of cartoon Beagles that belong in the Donald Duck Universe. They first appeared in 1951 and ran as a group of organized criminals that would constantly make attempts to rob Scrooge McDuck.

There are many members in the Beagle Boys family gang. The characters are often drawn with matching masks, red sweaters, and blue pants.

4. Gromit

gromit_tea - allace and gromit
Photo Credit: Characters by Aardman Animations LTD.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Gromit is a silent, yet intelligent Beagle that belongs to Wallace, an eccentric inventor. This duo first debuted in a stop-motion short in 1989. Over the years, several films featuring these characters were made, and many of them received critical acclaim. They also won prestigious awards, including British Academy Film Awards, Academy Awards, and a Peabody Award.

Along with being beloved fictional characters, Wallace and Gromit also fundraise for two children’s charities in the UK. Gromit is an extremely smart character that enjoys knitting, playing chess, cooking, reading the newspaper, and drinking tea.

5. Shiloh

Shiloh – Character created by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor – Image Credit: Distributed by Utopia Pictures. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Shiloh is a famous fictional Beagle created by American author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor in 1991. He was an abused dog that was rescued by a boy named Marty Preston. Shiloh was inspired by a real Beagle named Clover, which Naylor encountered on a visit to her friends living in Shiloh, West Virginia.

Shiloh’s stories reflect the close bond that people can have with their dogs. The book was relatable and well-received, going on to win the Newbery Award.

6. Porthos

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Porthos is a Beagle belonging to the Star Trek franchise. This Beagle is Captain Archer’s pet, and he was named after one of the characters in The Three Musketeers.

Porthos was originally portrayed by two Beagles. One was named Prada, and the other was Breezy. Eventually, a third Beagle, Windy, took Prada’s place. These Beagles helped create and develop the beloved Porthos, and the character quickly became a fan favorite. Porthos’ popularity was so great that he was the only other character besides the show regulars that appeared in the first and last episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. 

7. Uno

Uno is a handsome Beagle that was the first Beagle to win Best in Show in the Westminster Dog Show in 2008. After his win, Uno’s popularity continued to rise, and he enjoyed greeting his fans all throughout the US. He rode on a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and was the first Westminster winner to be invited to visit the White House.

Uno was also a certified therapy dog and genuinely enjoyed meeting new people. This incredible dog passed away in 2018 at 13 years old. Greatness seems to run in his line because his grandniece, Miss P, was the second Beagle to win the Westminster Dog Show in 2015.


Beagle Personality & Temperament

There’s a reason why the Beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the US. These dogs have wonderful personalities and make great companion dogs. Though they may have a stubborn side, they’re also very adventurous, playful, and loyal.

Beagles are adaptable and energetic and can therefore keep up with most activities. These dogs also tend to be free spirits that enjoy being outdoors. They’ll love going on hikes, camping, swimming, and going on family road trips.

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Final Thoughts

It’s really no surprise that there are famous characters that have been inspired by Beagles. These characters are a reminder of how loyal, playful, and endearing this dog breed can be. We’re pretty confident that the Beagle will continue to remain a popular dog breed, and we can’t wait to see new Beagles take their claim to fame for many more years to come.

Featured Image Credit: Brent Connelly, Pixabay

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