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Where to Put a Cat Litter Box in a Small Apartment: 4 Great Options

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By Nicole Cosgrove

beautiful gray cat comes out of the door of a large closed litter box in the room

Cats make great apartment pets. They are independent, quiet, and clean. Best of all, they can use a litter box and won’t need late-night walks. The downside, however, is that finding a good spot for a litter box can be challenging if you don’t have a lot of space.

If you’re not sure where to keep your cat’s litter box so that it is hidden away—but still comfortable for your cat—here are some suggestions.

Top 4 Places to Put a Cat Litter Box in a Small Apartment

1. Linen Closet

a cat hiding in the closet
Image Credit: Yuliasis, Shutterstock

Linen closets are designed for linen storage, but you can use them for your cat’s litter box as well. Typically, these closets have some space on the floor that’s the ideal size for a cat’s litter box, keeping it hidden away while giving your cat a nice, private spot. The best way to use a linen closet is by removing the door, however. This will give your cat easy access and ensures they won’t be locked in or out.

Storing the litter box in a linen closet is best if it’s not carpeted. If it is, you may need to worry about odors. If you don’t have another option, putting down a microfiber mat or pet mat under and around the litter box will help the litter stay contained and keep odors at bay.

  • Provides privacy
  • Ideal size
  • Out of sight
  • May cause odors with carpeting
  • Door needs to be removed

2. Laundry Room

a maine coon cat in a laundry basket
Photo Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

If you have an apartment with a designated laundry room, that’s a great spot for the litter box. Clothes aren’t typically in the laundry room long enough to absorb an odor, and it’s a quiet, hidden area for your cat. It’s also a room that doesn’t often see guests, so you don’t need to worry about an unsightly litter box.

However, if you have a skittish cat, the noise from the washer or dryer may scare them away from using the litter box. If you’re not sure, you can try this spot and see if your cat is comfortable using the litter box before trying other options.

  • Out of living areas
  • Private place
  • Noise may scare skittish cats

3. Bathroom

cat in the bathroom
Photo Credit: Alexandra Cluj Napoca, Shutterstock

The bathroom is a good place for the litter box. If you have space on either side of the toilet, you can keep the litter box there and out of sight. Bathrooms are already designed with materials that don’t absorb odors, so it’ll be easier to keep the litter box smell away from your clothing and linens.

Unfortunately, not all bathrooms are large enough or have the right layout for a litter box. Traditional litter pans are best for the bathroom, as larger litter boxes with lids take up more space. You also have to consider that any guests will be using your bathroom, so you won’t be able to keep the litter box completely hidden.

  • Minimal odors
  • Away from living areas
  • Best for traditional litter pans
  • Not suitable for litter boxes with lids
  • Not hidden from guests
  • May not be enough space

4. Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet
Photo Credit: Jumpstory

If your bathroom has a cabinet under the sink, as many do, this can be a unique option for your litter box. Typically, these cabinets hold toiletries, but it’s easy enough to find an alternative space for these items and make that space your cat’s litter box area.

Like the linen closet, it’s best to remove the cabinet door from its hinges. Make sure to store it somewhere safe, as you will need to put it back on if you move. Most cabinets should fit a standard-sized litter box. Some are large enough for a covered litter box. If your cat prefers some privacy, you can hang a small curtain with double-sided tape that won’t damage your cabinets.

  • Hidden spot
  • Easy to configure
  • Minimal odor
  • Requires removal of the cabinet door
  • May not fit larger litter boxes

What’s the Best Spot for a Litter Box?

The best place for a litter box depends on your apartment and layout. It’s important to choose a spot that’s out of the way but easy for your cat to access and for you to clean. If you try too hard to conceal it, you could inadvertently deter your cat from using it.

Ideally, the spot should be private. If you don’t have that option, you can create more privacy by placing the litter box in an area that is partially covered or adding a curtain or litter box cover. You can also try litter box furniture, which blends into your décor to make the litter box more visually appealing.

You also want a spot that’s quiet, calm, and receives low traffic. Areas with a lot of traffic or loud noises, such as the laundry room or kitchen, may scare skittish cats. It depends on your individual cat’s temperament.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to pay attention to your cat’s behavior. If you notice your cat soiling inside, it’s time to look for a new location. If your cat’s experience is disrupted by closed doors or loud noises, they won’t be comfortable using the litter box.

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Whether you have a large cat or a small one, finding space for a litter box in a small apartment is no small feat. These options are ideal for maximizing space in your apartment, giving your cat a comfortable spot, and minimizing odors, but it may take some experimentation and ingenuity to find the right location for your cat’s litter box.

Featured Image Credit: Natasha Zakharova, Shutterstock

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