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Cat Breeds A To Z


Search the Cat Breeds Encyclopedia to discover facts, photos, videos and information about all the different kinds of cats and all the cat varieties in the world today.

See hairless cat breeds, kid-friendly cats, the most popular cat breeds as well as rare, wild, and exotic breeds of cats.

Get up-close and purrsonal with special kittens from each cat breed and explore their different personalities.

The housecat has been part of our lives for thousands of years, and the world of pure-bred and pedigree domestic cats is full of variety, beauty, and fun.

Celebrate one of human-kinds closest companions and oldest friends – the Cat!  Enjoy the journey and always remember…….Cats Rule!



Felis silvestris catusthe humble domestic cat, is descended from the same small carnivorous creatures as the mighty African lion and the exquisite Bengal tiger.

Clever, capable and manipulative, domestic cats have wound their way into the mainstream of human civilization worldwide, invaded our homes, usurped our favorite couches, chairs and beds. We can’t imagine life without them and we open our hearts to them, because – after all- Cats Rule.

But unlike the domestic dog, which is significantly different both physically and psychologically from its closest wild relatives, the domestic cat has change very little through its partnership with people.

The average housecat is barely discernible from the African wildcats and Arabian sand cats that are their closest kin.

Most retain capable hunting skills and are largely nocturnal. Those that have access to the outdoors display very similar territorial and social activity as other wild feline species, and disappear into that secret world right after they leave our doorstep.

Yes, they return in a few hours, purring for diner and a warm lap, but for the most part, the domestic cat is just a tiny, well-mannered panther.

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Cats have been selectively bred for appearance and temperament for thousands of years, no doubt starting with the first good mousers who made themselves useful in the first farmhouses, or caves perhaps.

Recently all sorts of exciting varieties have been developed including several hairless breeds and some fabulous felines like the Singapura which is one of the smallest.

Along with different domestic cats there are an assortment of wild cat/domestic cat crosses that add lots of spice to the mix. Exotic cats are in vogue too.

Many of the varieties of cats listed here are pedigreed and recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association(CFA), the world’s largest cat organization. Check them all out in our exclusive -CatStats- fact files.

So check these little cats out! Enjoy the journey and always remember…….Cats Rule!


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Sphynx cat
  • Bombay cats are solid black including paw pads and nose
  • The Singapura is the world’s smallest cat breed
  • Abyssinians were around in ancient Egypt
  • Norwegian Forest cats rode on Viking ships
  • Calico cats are a color – not a breed
  • 40% of all pure-bred cats registered are Persians
  • Munchkin cats are a spontaneous mutation

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