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4 Irish Doodle Modern Haircuts (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

irish doodle puppy dog lying down on the floor

Irish doodles will probably need haircuts, though some may need them more often than others. As a mixed breed, these dogs vary a lot. Some may have a more poodle-like coat, for instance.

The exact coat your canine has will determine their grooming needs and the haircuts they can get. We recommend working closely with a breeder to figure out what works well for your dog. With that said, here are some of the haircuts that may be suitable for your dog.

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The 4 Irish Doodle Haircuts

1. Puppy Cut

irish doodle puppy dog outdoors
Photo Credit: Joca de Jong, Shutterstock

With a puppy cut, your dog will be trimmed to about an even length all along their bodies. Usually, this is around 1 inch, though you can adjust the exact length. If your dog is very matted, you may have to go with an even shorter cut.

As the name suggests, this cut is often seen in puppies. It’s how their fur is naturally for their first few months of life, and it’s how many owners decide to keep it as they grow. It does make these dogs look fluffy and adorable.

Plus, it’s also easier to stay on top of grooming with this cut. With their fur kept short, these dogs are less prone to matting and are eager to brush.

2. Grown Out

Irish doodle puppy
Photo Credit: Joca de Jong, Shutterstock

Some owners may decide to let their dog’s fur grow naturally. How long their fur will get and how long it takes it to reach this length will vary. Because these dogs are a mixed breed, you never quite know what their fur will end up like!

That said, this style often requires more daily grooming. Longer fur increases the risk of mats and tangles. Therefore, it’s vital that you’re up to the extra grooming, or your dog may end up looking a mess more than anything!

Of course, if you decide not to get your dog professionally trimmed, it does cut down on the money you spend on professional haircuts.

3. Face Trim

Irish doodle dog playing on the beach
Photo Credit: Joca de Jong, Shutterstock

Even if you do decide to let your dog’s fur grow out, you may decide to get key parts of their body trimmed, like their face. This way, the dog can see a bit better. Plus, the fur on their face tends to get dirty and can be harder to keep clean, so this eliminates the need for quite as much grooming, too.

Some people may also decide to get other parts of their dog trimmed, too. For instance, they may decide to trim up their belly (or shave it completely). In the end, the parts you decide to trim up are completely up to you.

4. Teddy Bear Cut

Irish doodle puppy
Image Credit: Joca de Jong, Shutterstock

This cut is very similar to the puppy cut. However, the fur is kept a bit longer, and the dog may be cut a bit more “rounded.” In the end, this makes them look fairly similar to a teddy bear, hence the name of this cut. If you want your dog cute and fluffy and don’t mind some extra maintenance, this cut is a great option.

Of course, with longer fur comes a higher chance of matting. Furthermore, their fur will need to be trimmed pretty often, so you have two types of maintenance to deal with!

Many people find this to be one of the cutest cuts, which is likely why it is so popular.



Irish Doodles don’t have many cuts available, but that is largely because they aren’t seen in dog shows. They are a mixed breed, which means that they aren’t allowed in dog shows run by most kennel clubs. Therefore, this breed doesn’t have a “show cut” or anything of that sort. Most of their haircuts are either pretty natural or designed to be low maintenance. They’re practical cuts—not cuts designed for the show ring.

When picking a haircut for your Irish Doodle, we highly recommend that you consider exactly how much time you have to groom your canine each day, as well as your climate. Your specific dog may also have certain coat traits that make specific cuts more or less practical.

Featured Image Credit: Joca de Jong, Shutterstock

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