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Medium hair cats: 9 most exciting breeds

For those in love with fluffy felines but unwilling to brush them every day or spend hours vacuuming pet hair, a medium hair cat can become a great four-legged friend. Medium hair cats require grooming, but weekly hair maintenance is enough for them to feel good.

To help you choose a friend to bring home, we’ve gathered the most popular medium hair cats breeds in this article. All they are great companions and de-stressors. Ready to get the affection going?

9 absolutely adorable medium hair cat breeds

1. Birman cat

The Birman is a domestic medium hair feline with undeniable charisma! A coat of luxurious colors and mesmerizing blue eyes give this breed a distinguished appearance. Medium to large, the Birman has a gentle yet playful temperament. They are patient with children, which makes them perfect companions and pets.

This breed is long-lived, healthy, and moderate-shedding. Birman cats don’t have undercoats, so they require only weekly brushing with a stainless steel comb. These cats are proud of their long tails and silky coats. Their predecessors were sacred cats of Burma, the companions of priests in temples.

2. Abyssinian cat

The Abyssinian is a semi-long-haired cat, small to medium in size, intelligent, active, and inquisitive. They have broad ears, muscular yet slim bodies, and gold or green eyes. Weekly grooming is enough for this breed to support coats, but more frequent brushing may come in handy during their shedding seasons.

These cats are playful, love puzzle toys and feline running wheels, and appreciate the attention from their human parents. With an independent character, Abyssinians still get along well with other cats and cat-friendly dogs. Some believe they were the sacred cats of Egyptian Pharaohs.

3. Domestic Medium Hair cat

This medium-length hair cat has a double coat, which may require a little more maintenance from owners. Robot vacuums for pet hair, properly chosen cat food (the Domestic Medium Hair is prone to developing hairballs), and regular grooming will help here.

The Domestic Medium Hair is a mix of short-haired and long-haired breeds, muscular and playful. These cats can be of different coat colors, their fur is soft and pleasant to cuddle, and they appreciate the attention from owners. Since they come from mixed breeding, the temperament of these medium hair cats may vary. But they are generally easy-going and open to communication with other pets.

4. Havana Brown cat

The Havana Brown is a medium hair cat with a smooth and lustrous coat of (you wouldn’t believe!) brown color. Named for the similarity of her coat color to that of Havana cigars, this cat is proud of her glossy fur that’s easy to maintain. She’s medium in size, with bright, gold eyes and a slim body.

Havana Brown cats are devoted to their human parents, following them everywhere. They are intelligent and easy to train. Outgoing, curious, and playful, these cats don’t like spending too much time alone.

5. LaPerm cat

The LaPerm is a medium hair cat with a curly coat, which is the result of their rare genetic mutation. These felines come in different colors, but the most common are ginger, tabby, and tortoiseshell. They are friendly and affectionate, with a docile and easy-going nature. LaPerms are perfect companions for active owners, families with children, and households with other pets.

This cat is gentle, intelligent, hypoallergenic, and quiet: To catch your interest, she’ll more likely jump on a laptop or rub against your leg than meowing at you. This breed is active, ready to spend hours playing with owners or other pets. LaPerms are long-living, and they respond well to training activities.

6. Turkish Van cat

The Turkish Van cat is a large, beautiful, domestic medium hair cat. She has a muscular yet elegant white body with a differently colored tail and head. Her coat is long and soft, with no undercoat. A distinctive feature of this cat breed is eyes: amber or blue, they are often one of each color.

The Turkish Van is an active cat, outgoing, and playful. The ideal environment for her well-being would be some outdoor space like an outdoor catio where she could climb and simulate hunting. This breed is intelligent, enjoys playing with owners and other cats, and has a soft voice.

7. Munchkin cat

The Munchkin is a medium-length hair cat with short legs, a thick body, and along the spine. She doesn’t have the grace of her longer-legged fellows, as her movements remind those of a ferret, but this fact doesn’t make her less adorable. Munchkin Cats can be of different coat colors and patterns, and they require everyday grooming.

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This cat breed is playful and curious. Although Munchkins are indoor, quiet felines, they are friendly and outgoing. You can train them to play fetch and listen to voice commands. Also, these cats run fast and are active, despite their short legs. Due to their physiology, Munchkins are prone to bone and spinal problems.

8. Bengal cat

The Bengal belongs to large, semi longhair cat breeds. They have a muscular, athletic appearance with unique coat color making them look graceful and wild: Most of them are bright orange to light brown, with dark, marbling patterns. No other cat breed can boast such a glitter effect on coats.

Bengals are extremely energetic, intelligent, and active. They need some outdoor space to play, climb, and simulate hunting. Read about the best sturdy cat trees and pick one — this will be the best present for a Bengal cat you can imagine. More than that, Bengal cats are very talkative; their owners should be ready for an advanced vocabulary, especially when a cat appears in an unfamiliar situation. As for grooming, Bengals require low maintenance: Efficient self-groomers, they’ll “ask” you to brush them once a week.

9. Tiffanie cat

The Tiffanie is a semi long-haired cat that requires everyday grooming, so the best vacuum for pet hair will come in handy if you decide to adopt this breed. Playful and curious, Tiffanies are talkative cats, well-socialized and dependent. They have a short-shaped head, medium to large ears, and long tails. The Tiffanie’s body is muscular, and they aren’t prone to any breed-specific health conditions.

The breed is friendly but may require some familiarisation before living with kids or other pets. Tiffanie cats love attention, want to be a part of the family, and are demanding. Also, they are sensitive to their human parents’ feelings, which makes them great companions.

Orange medium hair cat breeds

While all domestic medium hair cat breeds look adorable, many owners prefer those with orange coat color. No wonder: orange is about warmth, excitement, and enthusiasm. Abyssinians, LaPerms, and Domestic Medium Hair will be your best orange companions.

Black medium hair cat breeds

A medium hair black cat is about mystery, elegance, and sophistication. Pet owners choosing black cats see them as independent, strong, and proud creatures. If thinking of adopting black medium hair cats, consider Tiffanie and Domestic Medium Hair.

Grey medium hair cat breeds

Abyssinian, Domestic Medium Hair, or Munchkin can become your lovely grey medium hair cat. Grey color is about balance and compromise; it represents tons of shades between black and white, and a cat coat of any of these combinations looks stunning.

White medium hair cat breeds

Think of medium hair kittens of white color to join your household? Consider Birmans, Munchkins, and Turkish Van cats. White color is a symbol of a new beginning, and your furry friend with a white coat may inspire you to that.

Did you know?

There’s a myth that you can save your cat from shedding by shaving her. Actually, it’s not true. Please, read our opinion about cat shaving here.

In a word

Now that you know the most exciting domestic medium hair cat breeds, which one would you adopt to join your household? Or, maybe you already have a medium hair cat? If so, please share the breed and her personality traits in the comments. Also please, read our cat maintenance tips to understand what it takes to take care of a cat beyond grooming her fur.

 Also, you are welcome to check out our articles with short-hair cats and long-hair cat breeds.

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