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The AKC Museum of Dog Makes Long-Awaited Return to New York

Quincy Miller

By Quincy Miller

Museum of Dog

The American Kennel Club’s “Museum of the Dog,” a celebrated collection of canine-related art and exhibits, has recently returned to New York City, the place in which it began nearly 40 years ago.

Featuring pieces celebrating famous dogs, a tribute to the canine’s contributions to science, and virtual tours and other interactive exhibits, the AKC’s Museum of the Dog is a must-see for any animal lover. With over 1,700 unique pieces in constant rotation, the museum constantly offers something new and exciting for first-timers and repeat visitors alike.

Back to New York

The Museum of Dog was founded on Madison Avenue in 1982, but after a few short years it was moved to St. Louis, MO. While there, it enjoyed great success and enduring popularity, but the AKC recently decided to bring the museum closer to its New York headquarters.

The move makes the museum more accessible to a larger audience, given New York’s 8.5 million citizens and steady stream of tourists. This allows the AKC to generate more revenue, which can then be used to fund their animal welfare efforts.

New Collections

The new collection features art from famed painters such as Sir Edwin Landseer, Maud Earl, and Arthur Wardle, but it contains much more than oil and canvas. Visitors will also experience an array of busts and bronzes neatly arranged on a stunning, two-story glass vitrine.

The museum is designed to appeal to 21st-century visitors as well as traditionalists. Of particular note is the “Find Your Match” kiosk which takes a person’s picture and aligns them with the AKC-registered breed that best matches their appearance.

There is also an interactive “Meet the Breeds” touchscreen table that allows the curious to learn more about their favorite dogs, including their history, temperament, health, and more. The organization even developed an app to guide children through the exhibits, ensuring little ones understand and appreciate the art around them.

An Ode to Man’s Best Friend

“This museum is a beautiful ode to man’s best friend and we are thrilled to bring these pieces and exhibitions to new audiences,” said Alan Fausel, the museum’s executive director.

While the original museum was born on Madison Avenue, the reimagined facility will live at the Kalikow Building on 101 Park Ave. — right next to the AKC’s New York headquarters.

The Museum of the Dog is sure to unite both animal and art lovers, and it boasts enough information and innovation to keep visitors enthralled on multiple visits. You’re sure to come away with a better appreciation of man’s best friend — not to mention a better appreciation of our efforts to celebrate them throughout our shared history.

Quincy Miller

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